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Get inspired and start planning your party today. Our blog is designed around the trendiest themes for all holidays and seasons. Check out some fiesta flare for Cinco de Mayo and the classiest ideas that you need to host a New Year's Eve party. It does not matter if you are celebrating Mardi Gras, Easter, The 4th of July, Oktoberfest, or New Years, you will find all of the ideas that you need to host a one of a kind party right here at the Party Express Blog.
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What Makes New Year’s Eve Romantic?

by | Friday, June 21, 2019 | 0 comment(s)

How Make New Year's Eve Romantic and Special Starting a New Year is more than just a kiss! With all the glitz and Glam, streamers and Confetti. New Year’s Eve can be a romantic evening. And a night you will never forget. It is about having that special someone beside you, breaking open that bottle of wine or champagne you have been saving. Making new traditions, and breaking bad habits. Do not forget to take lots of pictures for memories and let’s not forget the New Year’s Eve...

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The Best New Year's Eve Colors - The Meaning of Your Color Choice for New Year's Eve

by | Thursday, May 2, 2019 | 0 comment(s)

The Best Colors for New Year’s Eve Gold - Magical, Glamorous & WiseSilver - Modern, Energetic & FuturisticBlue – Calm, Relaxing & HappyWhite - Pure, New & PerfectRed - Energetic, Ambitious & LuckBright and Assorted Colors - Happy, Fun & VibrantNeon - Retro, Vibrant & ExcitingPurple - Powerful, Luxurious & CompassionateGreen - Positive, Renewing & NaturalPink - Love, Understanding & Calming Colors are a huge part of planning for a New Year’s Eve Party. To make your job a little easier, here are...

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A Midnight Madness Masquerade - Black Tie New Year's Eve Ball

by | Monday, January 7, 2019 | 0 comment(s)
Midnight Madness Masquerade Ball

Masked with divine secrecy and draped in opulence, a masquerade New Year’s is certainly a step out of the ordinary and into the world of decadence and luxury. Imagine a night of a dimly lit ambiance filled with drippings of silver, glitz, and lace. Dapper dressed men, and sophisticated cloaked women all mingle and converse with an air of mystery surrounding their true identity and what’s just beneath that jet black lace or hauntingly white mask. If you are looking for a different and unique...

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