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Save on dozens of different foil and helium rated latex balloons.  We have many different balloon sizes and shapes available.  In addition to balloons, shop all of the accessories that you will need to inflate, tie, and weigh down your balloons at your party.

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clearance balloon sale 200 balloons for $20
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Item #: P299-ASST -

200 Assorted Balloons sizes 9-14" all styles and colors.

6oz Metallic Wrapped Balloon Weights (Pack of 12) metallic, wrapped, balloon, weights, pack, party, table, decoration, centerpiece, favor, celebration, event, bar, restaurant, hotel, casino, favor, decoration, new years eve, christmas, valentines day, halloween, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50804 -

The 6 oz Metallic Wrapped Balloon Weights are a great way to keep your balloons from floating out of reach. Use these wholesale balloon weights as centerpieces or table cloth weights. Sold in a pack of assorted colors or in packs of one color.  You're sure to find a color that matches your party theme or color scheme. Sold bulk in packs of 12.  Great for any holiday event such as New Year's Eve, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day and so much more!  Add our fantastic balloons...

Metallic Curling Ribbon Metallic, Curling, Ribbon, Balloons, Variety of colors, Assorted Colors, Crystal Balloons, Metallic Balloons, Latex Balloons, Centerpieces, Bundles of balloons, Decor, Decorations, Party Supplies, Inexpensive party supplies, Low cost, Budget, Cheap, New Years Eve, Birthday
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 206 -

Metallic curling ribbon is the perfect finishing touch for your balloons. Each roll provides 500 yards of ribbon. Tie the ribbon to your inflated balloons and let the ribbon dangle from the ceiling for a decorative look. The balloons will also look wonderful bundled as centerpieces for your tables. Once you have decided between crystal, metallic, or tuf-tex balloons, choose a variety of colors that will match your decor and party favors. Don't be afraid to use different colors of curling...

Standard Curling Ribbon Curling ribbon, Standard ribbon, Decorative Ribbon, Balloon ribbon, Assorted Colors, Balloons, Decorations, Decor, Party Supplies, Wholesale party goods, Inexpensive party decor, New Years Eve
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 207 -

Standard curling ribbon is an inexpensive tool to dress up the balloons for your special event.  Choose from our selection of latex and Mylar balloons for the perfect balloons for your event.  We have a variety of styles of latex balloons to choose from as well!  The crystal, metallic, and tuf-tex all have unique finishes. Once you have chosen the perfect balloons, choose from our wide selection of colored ribbons to attach to the balloons.  The decorative ribbon looks...

Assorted latex balloons
Availability: In Stock
Item #: P250-X -

Balloons are a great addition to any event. Each pack of Standard Assorted Balloons includes one hundred 11" balloons. The balloons come in an assortment of yellow, white, orange, pink, red, blue and green. The uses for standard party balloons are endless. Add excitement to the next birthday party at the bowling alley by having enough bundles of balloons so that all of the guests could take one home. Decorate your tables for your next dinner at the club with bundles of balloons anchored by...

White Balloon
Availability: In Stock
Item #: P250-W -

Balloons are a great addition to any event. Each pack of White Balloons includes one hundred 11" balloons. The balloons come in a brilliant white. The uses for standard party balloons are endless. Add excitement to the next birthday party at the bowling alley by having enough bundles of balloons so that all of the guests could take one home. Decorate your tables for your next dinner at the club with bundles of balloons anchored by balloon weights. Fill balloon drops with the colorful...

black crystal latex balloon
Availability: In Stock
Item #: P260-BK -

Balloons are a timeless decoration for every event. Crystal balloons are unique because unlike regular balloons, they are finished in such a way that you can almost see through them. They are sleek and sheen. Crystal balloons are always an elegant choice. The Black Crystal Balloon would look great at a casino themed event or an awards night. Black balloons are also great for a Halloween party!  Each pack includes 100 balloons. ...

Happy New Year Balloons
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 405-X -

Planning a classic New Year's party but looking for some fun decorations? Every New Year's party needs balloons! The Happy New Year Burst Balloons could be exactly what you are looking for. These latex balloons are available in black & gold or black & silver.  Each balloons is imprinted with a decorative firework like imprint and "Happy New Year!"  We also have a great selection of regular wholesale balloons. Be sure to check out our selection of balloon supplies to make...

11" Metallic Gold Balloons (Pack of 100) Metallic Balloons, Latex Balloons, Bulk Balloons, Gold, New Years Eve, St. Patricks Day, Wholesale party favors, Hanging Decor, Black and Gold, Ceiling Decor, Inexpensive Party Decorations
Availability: In Stock
Item #: P270-GD -

Balloons are an inexpensive decoration that is ideal for every event. The metallic gold balloons create a stunning atmosphere no matter if you are dressing up the restaurant or the club. All of our metallic balloons have a gorgeous shimmering finish. The gold looks great for a glamorous New Year's Eve party. Consider decorating with latex balloons and other black & gold New Year's decor. Gold balloons also look great for St. Patrick's day. The options are truly endless, so be...

11" Metallic Silver Balloons (Pack of 100) Metallic Balloons, Latex Balloons, Silver, Black and Silver, Balloons, Hanging Decor, Ceiling Decor, New Years Eve, Oktoberfest, Inexpensive Party Decor, Wholesale, Bulk packs, Party Supplies
Availability: In Stock
Item #: P270-S -

Planning an upscale New Year's Eve event? Black and Silver is a gorgeous color scheme. Hang metallic garland, dangle shiny whirls, and sprinkle your tables with fanci-fetti. Add balloons to your decor to dress up the party! Silver balloons will take the look to the next level. The metallic shimmer of the latex finish will add a glorious gleam to your venue. Our wholesale packaging makes it easy get all of your party decor in one place at a great price! ...

LED Balloons (Pack of 20)
Availability: In Stock
Item #: P745 -

LED Balloons (Pack of 20)

Rapid latex balloon inflator
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 356 -

New Year's Eve is a holiday filled with balloons. Why spend all day blowing up balloons? The Zip! Inflator will inflate your balloons in seconds. We have everything you need to make your balloons an effortless process. Pick up a Zip! Inflator and some a refillable Quickie Clipper, and you will be good to go! We have a great selection of wholesale balloons to choose from. Filling your balloon bag has never been easier! ...

Bulk Packs of Balloons for New Year's Eve

The top selling holiday for balloons is by far New Year's Eve.  These are inexpensive decorations that look great as centerpieces on tables, or bundled at doorways.  We even offer a balloon arch for your balloons that you can put over main entrances to let everyone know where the party is going to be held.  Our bulk packs of both latex rubber balloons and foil mylar balloons are deeply discounted to save you money on your special event decorations.  All of our balloons are helium rated, but helium is not required to inflate your balloons.  We have hand inflators and electric balloon inflators to make blowing up your balloons simple and affordable.

Wholesale Latex Rubber and Foil Mylar Balloons

Nothing is worse then having to run to a department and over spend for balloons when you need several hundred to fill an event space.  That is why we offer our balloons in wholesale bulk packs that are around 50% off of the cost of those department store balloons.  The options are limitless when you order a bag of 100 rubber balloons to scatter around your event space.  The balloons are so inexpensive that you can fill one of our huge balloon drops and drop hundreds of balloons from the ceiling.  If you would like to see a crowd go crazy, drop 500 balloons on top of them while the DJ is heating up the dance floor.