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Give your guests something to wear around their necks and bracelets or wristbands on their wrist. New Year's Eve is all about the accessories so take a look at our huge selection of wholesale Hawaiian Party Leis that are perfect for New Year's Eve. We also have a huge selection of bulk wristbands for your party.

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bright colored hawaiian party leis
Price: $38.75
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50418-50 -

Inspire your guests to have a beautiful floral leis. Your next luau is sure to be a hit with these vibrant floral leis. Pick up some hula skirts and coconut bikini tops to go with them. Your guests are sure to have a great time! Leis are a terrific party favor for so many different types of events as well. Turn your New Year's Eve party into a fun tropical event. Choose a bright party kit like the Caribbean Swing and then add in leis with your guests favors. No matter how you decide to use...

Choose your color, soft- twist luau leis.
Price: $11.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 66355-X -

Poly Leis are an inexpensive favor that is great for any event. At Party Express, we have a wide variety of pack sizes and colors that are sure to have you covered. The colorful leis measure 1½" x 36". Consider picking up several packs for New Year's Eve, Birthday parties, or any of your special events. Plus they are the classic inexpensive party favor for any type of island themed event! Mix and match from our wide variety of bulk party favors to create the perfect event for your theme. Don't...

Colorful petaled wristlet or anklet.
Price: $7.29
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: 57416 -

Dress like a traditional hula dancer with plenty of flowers and floral arrangements! Luau parties call for lots of color, cheerful designs, and of course, the ambiance of being on a warm sandy beach. Stocking your party full of colorful party leis is the best way to achieve this feeling. The S 'N P Big Island Wristlet or Anklet is a great alternative to wearing just the traditional floral lei alone. This costume wearable can be use based on the wearers preference. They can be worn on one leg...

Cosmic Magnetic Clasp LED Bracelets (select a color)
Price: $40.92
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA12358-MLT -

Have a blast with your guests, this LED Cosmic Magnetic Clasp Bracelet is sure to light up a company party or meeting. The LED Cosmic Magnetic Clasp Bracelet is comfortable and lightweight, your guest will love! One size fits most and dimension 8” x 1” with Band: 3” x 0.65” for your guests to light up a dark room. Comes in a pack of 12 and a variety of colors. Be sure to view our full selection of Bracelets ...

White Diamond Ring Party Favors
Price: $20.10
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 66141 -

Proudly show off your bling and its blinding shine! Nothing stands out at a party quite like the jewelry that is dawned by its regal guests of the hour. New Years Eve marks the end of the old year and the star of the New Year. Welcome it in with some glistening party wearables. The Diamond Ring Party Favors is a one size fits most item and is made entirely out of a hard plastic material. This big and bad gem is sure to stop most in their tracks and gives any outfit or costume a high roller...

Assorted Color Fashion LED Bracelets. These Fashion LED Bracelets are the little piece of flare that your party outfit is missing.
Price: $22.51
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA11315 -

Choose between nine different colors or the assorted color option to get the perfect colored Fashion LED Bracelets for your party. This party favor is perfect for different events throughout the year. Add to a St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve, or Halloween party. Give these wonderful bracelets out to your guests or staff to enjoy. Each inexpensive piece comes with replaceable batteries for this party favor to be used for multiple events throughout the year. Comes packaged in wholesale packs...

Assorted Color Flash LED Tube Bracelets. These Flash LED Tube Bracelets are perfect for glow in the dark parties.
Price: $21.76
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA11840 -

Make your guest happy and flashy. The LED Assorted Flash Tube Bracelets are a great gift for everyone at any party or event. Planning a girl’s night of fun? So if you want to light up the dance floor, the LED Assorted Flash Tube Bracelets are just the ticket. Comes in a pack of 12 with the dimensions of one size fits most that is adjustable, flexible and comfortable to wear all night long. This bracelet includes 3 NON-replaceable batteries. Once you made your selection, you can continue to...

Boxed multi-colored floral luau leis.
Price: $14.25
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50418-16L -

A Luau is just not complete without some colorful leis! Get the Floral Leis With Printed Retail Carton to add in a small way of brining the beach to just about any location. The leis all come in multi-colored silk petals. This item comes in a pack of 1 with 16 leis per box. Easily drape these leis over each party guests head or use them as decorations to bring the feel of the tropics to your celebrations. Make sure to get your hula skirts in bulk as well to have you guests dancing all night...

Rainbow colored flower lei with LED lights.
Price: $27.16
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA12085 -

Bring the sunshine and warm weather to the atmosphere of your party. Add the LED Rainbow Flower Lei Party Necklaces to your party supplies. This inexpensive piece is overflowing with bright flower petals of colors. Perfect for any luau themed party for summertime or New Year’s Eve. Each individual piece measures thirty-one inches in size for a one size fits most. Simply activate by pressing the button on the battery house to choose from two different light functions of flashing and steady...

Light Up Hawaiian Leis  (Pack of 12)  LED Light Up Hawaiian Leis, Light up Leis, Lulu Themed Party, Light up items
Price: $25.11
Availability: In Stock
Alight Promos Item #: PA10627-AST -

Having a fun Beach or Lula Party? Let’s get the party started right, The LED Light up Hawaiian Leis will make your guests look fabulous in bathing suits and light up Hawaiian Leis. Illuminate your luau with the large assorted LED light up Hawaiian leis. Comes in a pack of 12 with 2 light functions: flash and steady light. Be sure to view of full selection of Luau Themed party supplies or Necklaces for you next Themed party. ...

Colorful Maui Floral Lei for a Luau
Price: $12.54
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 66285 -

Don’t you wish you were in the Tropics? So maybe you planned a Luau, or a beach themed party. These Maui Floral Leis are the perfect party favors for all you guests to be greeted at the door. Their bright Multi-color will look gorgeous around everyone’s necks. The Maui Floral Lei is the perfect length for Luau themed party to have fun and dance the night away. Continue to view all our Luau decorations from bulk Luau hats and headwear to table decorations to complete the look of the beach or...

Waterproof American flag printed wristbands that fits most adults.
Price: $9.75
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60007 -

Wristbands a great way to control the crowd at your events. The Patriotic Tyvek Wristbands are a terrific accessory for any summer event. Red, White, and Blue wristbands are perfect for a summer concert, event admission, or to verify drinking age at any party. The tyvek wristbands are numbered sequentially to help you control the crowd as well! Each wristband measures ¾" x 10". As always, the Tyvek is waterproof and tamper-resistant. This inexpensive party accessory proves to be a beneficial...

Bulk New Year's Eve Wristbands

We have a wide selection of wristbands that can be geared to any event you are having or any theme. Party Express offers light up wristbands, New Year's Eve wristbands, and standard Tyvek wristbands. We have many colors to choose from. Identifying and organizing your guests has never been easier. Most wristbands are individually numbered so you can keep track of everyone coming in and going out of your establishment on New Year's Eve.

Wholesale Hawaiian Party Leis

In addition to wristbands you will find a wide selection of party leis. Leis are no longer just for a Luau Party. Leis are now worn for almost any themed party, especially a New Year's Eve Party. carries hundreds of diiferent Party Leis that include Silk 'N Petal Leis and your traditional Plastic Poly Leis. We have hundreds of different party leis in all colors including bright tropical colors, neon leis, floral leis and much more. Put these Leis around your neck and become an instant Limbo Guru. They are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of the attendees at your Party.