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If you are looking for a large quantity of New Year's Eve Party Hats, Tiaras, and Noisemakers, then look no further than the 100 person party kits that you will find right here.

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glow in the dark new years eve party kit for 100 people with glow necklaces, sticks, and earrings
Price: $117.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88166-100 -

Light up the night with this Glow in the Dark New Year's Eve Party Kit for 100 people. Each party kit comes with enough hats, tiaras, horns, and glow accessories to host a huge New Year's Eve party. For less than $1 per person you can let your guests party the night away with this fun party pack. The neon colors will brighten up any event space and set the energy level for the big midnight celebration. If you are looking for even more light up and glow in the dark items take a look at our Glow...

The Chairman Assortment for 100
Price: $125.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88940-100 -

The Chairman Assortment for 100 is a kit with class and style for your New Year's Eve party. Great for any black tie, 1920's or gangster themed event. This kit comes with 50 velour chairman hats with a foil band. It's sleek and clean look will bring elegance to your event. This wholesale assortment also includes 35 glittered fringed tiaras and 15 glittered plumed tiaras. With such a wonderful assortment of tiaras your sure to see diversity around the room. Each guest up to 100 will be covered...

Roaring 20"s New Years Party Kit
Price: $115.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88579-100 -

Planning a classy black and white New Year's Eve party? The Roaring 20's Assortment includes a stunning assortment of hats, tiaras, and horns. Perfect for a gangster or 1920's themed NYE event, your guests will look incredible in these party favors. This inexpensive party assortment is packed for 100 guests. Each guest will enjoy a hat or tiara and a horn. Consider picking up a couple bulk packs of beads to add to the excitement for the evening. We also have a wide variety of black and white...

Silver Gold Deluxe - New Years Party Kit for 100 Wholesale, Factory Direct, New Year's Eve Party Kits
Price: $110.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88938-100 -

Running out of party supplies and favors is never a goof look on New Years Eve. Make sure you have enough to go around with the Silver Gold Super Deluxe Assortment! This kit holds enough items to cover 100 people. You will get an assortment of hats, tiaras, balloons, and horns all dressed in either classic gold or shinning silver. The kit comes in a pack of 1. All hats and tiaras are one size fits most. Give the ladies the tiaras while the men look dapper in the hats. Order your New Years Eve...

Centurion - New Years Party Kit for 100 Kit, New, Years, Eve, Assortment, 100, party, favors, wholesale, inexpensive, hats, tiaras, leis, noisemakers, balloon
Price: $110.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88474-100 -

Each person has a style that's all their own. Let your guests show the their style with this Centurion Assortment for 100 at your New Year's Eve party. With an array of assorted colors and designed hats this kit is sure to decorate your event. The ladies will enjoy the different colors of tiaras available. Keeping at wholesale price while including Deluxe Noisemakers, Soft-Twisted Poly Leis, Serpentine Throws, Assorted Balloons AND a Happy New Year Banner! Your guests will be sure to thank you...

an assortment of black and gold nye party hats, tiaras, and horns
Price: $105.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88906BKGD100 -

Celebrate your New Year's Eve with the stars! This Gold Gem-Star New Year's Assortment for 100 is a great wholesale kit that includes some of the most popular party favors for your guests. This kit includes 50 printed foil hi-hats for the gents. Printed with back stars and lettering on a gold hat bring sophistication and class to your event. The ladies will enjoyt he traditional of the 50 glittered tiaras with fringe. Each guest is also covered for the stroke of midnight with a party horn for...

black and gold nye party kit with a lot of different party favors for 100 people
Price: $110.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88905BKGD100 -

Get your party started off on the right foot with a great New years Eve kit. The Golden Bonanza has everything you need to make your party this year one to go down in history. For such a low price the item payoff is great! This kit offers a large array of items that can keep the party going all night long. There are hats, tiaras, horns, noisemakers, balloons, leis, and so much more! All the items in this kit are one size fits most. This kit does cone in a pack of 1. Get your party items and...

assorted colored party kit for 100 people with stars on the hats
Price: $105.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88906-100 -

Bring vibrant colors and fun excitement to your New Year’s Eve celebration with the multi-colored Gem-Star Deluxe Assortment kit for 100. The multi-colored Gem-Star Deluxe Assortment is an easy way to ensure that 100 of your guests have all of the party supplies needed to make New Years Eve a night to remember. The items in this kit are all one size fits most. The colors included in this kit are red, blue, yellow, green, and purple and are present in approximately equal quantities. Get your...

bright colored NYE party kit with top hats, derby hats, fringed tiaras, horns, leis, and beads
Price: $105.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88679-100 -

Let’s get this show on the road with the Multi-Colored Showtime Assortment for 100! This classic assortment is a perfect addition to any large New Year’s party and will make your event unforgettable. This wholesale kit includes 25 plastic toppers and 25 plastic derbies with printed foil bands. The tiaras are glitter fringed and loaded with fun! With 100 foil horns and a mixture of party beads and leis your event is sure to rock it's way into the New Year. These party favors all come assorted...

black and silver top hats, tiaras, noisemakers, and wearables all in one party kit
Price: $105.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88679BKS100 -

New Year's Eve is Showtime! This is your guests time to enjoy the moment and dream big for the next year. Fun party accessories are sure to make them feel like they are ready for everything this next year is going to give them! The Showtime Assortment is an inexpensive party kit that is packed for 100 guests. Party Express proves year after year that party favors don't have to be expensive to be stunning. This shiny kit includes 50 hats, 50 tiaras, 100 horns, 25 leis, and 25 beads. There will...

black and gold nye party kit that show a lot of plastic party hats, tiaras, horns, leis, and beads
Price: $105.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88679BKGD100 -

When the clock is about to strike midnight, it's Showtime! As you plan and prepare for your event you will want to be sure you pick up plenty of bulk party supplies to throw an event that everyone will remember fondly for a long time to come. The Showtime Gold Assortment includes a terrific assortment of hats, tiaras, noisemakers, and beads. This kit has enough party packed in it to provide a great evening for 100 of your guests. Complement this beautiful black and gold party kit with stunning...

Silver Bonanza Assortment for 50
Price: $110.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88905BKS100 -

Give your guests an iconic kit that has both style and class this year for New Years Eve. The Silver Bonanza kit is perfect for hosting 100 people at your party. There is such a large assortment of items in this kit making this one hard to pass up! All the items in this kit are one size fits most making them great for anyone to wear. The kit comes with hats for the men and tiaras for the ladies as well as horns and noisemakers for making some noise when the clock strikes midnight. Get your...

New Year's Eve Party Kits for 100 People

New Year's Eve Party Kits for 100 guests includes enough hats, tiaras, and noise makers for up to 100 people. Each party kit always comes with 50 hats, and 50 tiaras. That way you always have enough for 50 couples. Choose your color scheme from bright colors or black, gold, and silver. Then you can select your style. Are you looking for top hats, foil hats, fedoras, or a mix all of three. Then let your guests make some noise with the horns and noisemakers that you will find in the party kits. When you are throwing a New Year's Eve Party look no further than Party Express to dress up your guests and set the mood for this year's event. You will find everything that you need to have one serious NYE bash!

A New Year party kit is like purchasing a party in a box. All that you have to do is order enough kits for all of the people on your guest list. Then when the boxes arrive simply hand out the beautiful hats, glittered tiaras, and shiny horns out at the door. An even better solution is to place one of each item at every place setting. This will save you time and frustration if you have all of your favors laid out before the doors open.

Choosing The Right New Year's Eve Favors

We make choosing the right New Year's Eve Favors a blast. All of our items are coordinated by color. So once you select the right party kit head on over to our Shop by Color section and pick on the additional party favors and decorations that you need to throw the perfect New Year's Eve Bash! Here you will find the classic black and gold favors along with traditional silver decorations. You will also come across bright and multi-color decorations that will add a splash of color to any room. If you look hard enough you will even find vibrant neon colors that will highlight the evening.

If you are looking for a deal, then buy in bulk. When you order your New Year's Eve Favors in large volumes, you will always save more at These 100 person New Year kits will put you on the right track. Let your guests get dressed up in our stylish hats and tiaras. Then when the clock strikes midnight your guests will be making some noise with the bright colored and shiny foil horns that you will receive in all of your New Year's Eve Party kits.