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It's time for a Fiesta Party, so it must be Cinco de Mayo! Hang up those chili pepper decorations and put on some hot pepper eyglasses and start the party! You can hand out Margarita glass beads and toss out some red, green, and yellow bulk beads to all of your guests. Everyone will need a siesta after this Fiesta Party!

Wholesale Cinco de Mayo Party Favors & Decorations

May the Fifth, known as Cinco de Mayo is celebrated throughout the United States as a time for many Americans celebrate the Mexican culture and heritage found accross the country. The best way to celebrate a Cinco De Mayo party is to toss on a sombrero and take a look through our Margarita Eyeglasses. Take a look at our fiesta banners, table centerpieces, chili pepper party bead necklaces, noisy maracas, and much more festive Cinco de Mayo party supplies. We have many fiesta party decorations and costume accessories to choose from.

Hang some chili pepper and fiesta whirls from you ceiling and you will have everyone at your party looking up! We have everything that you need to make you bar or restaurant look like a hacienda in Mexico. Don't forget to order some Margarita Shot Glasses to give you guests a taste of Mexico City. They will not be leaving you establishment anytime soon with all of the fun that they will be having on Cinco De Mayo! Regardless of your party needs, we've got exactly what you’re looking for at!