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Your accessory is just as important as your outfit. You wouldn’t go without your jewelry or sunglasses on a normal day. So why go without them at a party? Keep your style and share with your staff or guests to make your evening one of a kind. Everyone will appreciate the thought you gave to your party supplies.

Costume Accessories in Bulk Packs for Everyone

Fire up your outfit for the ultimate parties throughout the year. We’ve got you covered with leis, necklaces and party eyeglasses for any holiday and various themed events. Each party favor is packed in bulk packs for convenience of ordering quantities large enough for your party guests. Stick to traditional designs or step out of the comfort zone and find something more outgoing. However, you choose to accessorize your outfit, our bulk packs of party favors will give the special touch you’re looking for.

Party Favor Accessories

Beads are one of the most traditional party favors your guests will recognize. Whether you’re looking for the round party beads or something with additional flare, we’re sure to find something special for your event. Leis are popular among everyone who is dreaming of a warmer climate. Add these to a luau party or find the perfect color match for another event such as New Year’s Eve. Don’t stop there with your party favors! Add some party eyeglasses to top off the accessory look. Choose from light up, glow and even characteristic. Once you have these party accessories you’ll be ready to party all night long!