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It is time to celebrate our German Heritage with this huge selection of Oktoberfest Party Supplies and decorations. Oktoberfest is a time to throw on those Alpine hats and hope in some Lederhosen all while drinking a large Bier. So get your party started by decorating with all of the bulk Oktoberfest party supplies available from Party Express.

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Alpine Hair Clip
Price: $24.30
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60289 -

When Oktoberfest rolls around you better be ready! With a folk festival as large as Oktoberfest there better be plenty of food, drinks, and of course the party favors! The Alpine Hair Clip is a perfect addition to your Oktoberfest celebration. Sometimes people want to feel apart of the celebration but not wear something large and over the top. The hair clips are a perfect combination between festive and reserved! The clips work best with longer hair. The hat itself is 4 inches wide and 2.75...

Bavarian Flag
Price: $35.10
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53332 -

Make sure your completely ready for your Oktoberfest. The Bavarian Flag will help to make the party supplies come together in celebration. This festive flag is decorated with traditional Oktoberfest images and colors. Each inexpensive piece includes two grommets for hanging. Your guests will truly feel the holiday with this decoration. Each flag measures 3 feet by 5 feet. Check out all the other great Oktoberfest themed items for your party. ...

Suspenders for any Oktoberfest with a Bavarian look.
Price: $48.55
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60660 -

Jump on the Oktoberfest train by dressing for the holiday. Add the Bavarian Suspenders to your party supplies for your servers, bartenders, bouncers and more. These amazing suspenders make a great party favor for your staff to wear throughout the night to truly feel like a Bavarian. Each inexpensive piece is one size fits most by adjusting from forty-three inches to fifty-two inches in size. Straps measure one and a half inches in width. Comes packaged wholesale in a pack of twelve individual...

Beads with Beer Stein Medallion for Oktoberfest
Price: $12.91
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: 54654 -

Give your guests a fun party favor that they are sure to enjoy long after your event has ended. The Beads with Beer Stein Medallion are a great choice. These inexpensive beads are a terrific item to hand out for your guests to enjoy during Oktoberfest. Not only are they perfect for Oktoberfest, bulk party beads are also a great choice for any German themed event. Each strand of beads measures 36" and comes in a pack of 12. Mix and match from all of our Oktoberfest themed items to create the...

Small plastic round bead necklace with mug attached displaying an Oktoberfest design.
Price: $12.91
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50798 -

Have plenty of party favors on hand for your Oktoberfest party. The Beads with Oktoberfest Mug will be loved by all of your guests. This party favor is made from blue beads and a plastic mini mug. Each stand of beads is 33 inches and the plastic mug is 2.5 inches. This inexpensive item is perfect to hand out at the door or throughout your event. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 12 pieces. Check out all the other great Oktoberfest party favors. ...

Beer garden banner that has an Oktoberfest print of blue and white diamonds.
Price: $32.13
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57663 -

Guide all of your guests to the beverage of choice. Add the Beer Garden Sign Banner to your party supplies. Perfect addition to any Oktoberfest party. With the traditional blue and white colors it's sure to match the rest of your decorations. Includes four metal grommets in each corner for easy hanging. Each inexpensive piece measures five feet by 21 inches. Made of all-weather plastic material. ...

Beer Mug on a Springy Black Headband
Price: $36.67
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60592 -

Have a party favor at your celebration or party that will be enjoyed by all. The Beer Mug Boppers are great for your male and female guests. This party favor is great for your next St. Patrick's Day or Oktoberfest party. Each inexpensive piece is made out of felt material. Comes with foam mugs attached to a black fabric covered headband. Comfortable wear as a one size fits most full head sizes. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of twelve pieces. Check out all the other great items for your...

Beer Mug Centerpieces has a card stock bottom with a printed beer mug including a gold cascade at the top.
Price: $26.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57358 -

Get the drinks and the good times flowing. Order your Beer Mug Centerpiece! This centerpiece is great for a Oktoberfest or German celebration. You could also use this to decorate tables at a 21st birthday bash. This product comes in a pack of 12. It stands 15 inches high. It is designed to look like there is a mug of beer spewing its froth all over the table with the metallic, frayed, topper. Order your centerpieces in bulk along with the rest of your party day supplies! ...

Beer Mug Super Hi-Hat
Price: $22.09
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: 66018-12 -

You can never have too much beer at any party. Add the Beer Mug Super Hi-Hat to your next event. Whether it's St. Patrick's Day or Oktoberfest, this beer mug super hi-hat will go well with the drinking feast. This party favor is a one size fits most. Each inexpensive hat stands 10 inches tall. It's unique design includes a pop-out handle. Check out all the other great items for your Oktoberfest.

Beer mug printed suspenders with adjustable straps.
Price: $48.55
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60814 -

Suspenders are a great costume accessory for just about anyone to adorn. Get the Beer Mug Suspenders! These suspenders are great for a Oktoberfest celebration as well as a St. Patrick's Day event. This item comes in a pack of 12. The suspenders are adjustable allowing them to be a one size fits most item. These can be handed out to make a great uniform for your staff or awarded to a handful of great customers! Order your suspenders in bulk along with the rest of your party day supplies! ...

Beer Stein Centerpiece for Oktoberfest
Price: $28.03
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: 54832 -

There is no better way of celebrating Oktoberfest than with a great table centerpiece that matches the festivities and the drinking that is known to be associated with the holiday. Get the 3-D Jointed Beer Stein Centerpiece! There is some assembly required for this centerpiece. It is made out of a durable cardstock material and comes with 2 brass fasteners. The centerpiece measures 11¾ inches tall by 6 inches Wide. The Beer Stein is a traditional piece to the celebration of Oktoberfest. This...

Beer Stein Cutouts wall decoration
Price: $26.95
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: 55514 -

Oktoberfest is not complete without the iconic and traditional beer stein. Get the Beer Stein Cutouts for your Oktoberfest party! These cutouts are artistically made to looks like historic ceramic beer steins that many see as a essential party or Oktoberfest. These cutouts are made of a cardstock material and are 18 inches long. Each cutouts is printed on two sides making them great to hang from the ceiling, on the wall, or on a door. This item comes in a pack of 12. Order your beer steins in...

Discounted Oktoberfest Party Supplies & Decorations

It's time to head over to the Bier Garten and start celebrating Oktoberfest. So grab your Oktoberfest Hats and costume accessories and be the star of the party! When you finally get your beverage of choice be sure to sit down at a fully decorated table that utilized our beer stein centerpieces and blue and white checkered Oktoberfest Table covers.

It's time to enjoy some Bratwurst, Schnitzel, and Sauerbraten on our Oktoberfest paper plates and napkins. Most of our Oktoberfest decorations are the iconic blue and white checkered designs. However, if you would like to be more traditional this German holiday, then you can select from a large selection of Black, Red, and gold German party supplies.

Whether you are hold a beer tasting event or hosting a yodeling contest you will be able to find all of the deeply discounted bulk Oktoberfest party supplies that you need for your event right here at