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Garland is one of those decorations that are multi-purpose and can be used almost anywhere. It looks great draped over entrance ways, or wrapped around handrails. Decorating with garland is a simple and fun way to brighten up a New Year's Eve party or holiday event.

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Metallic festooning garland used for decoration.
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Item #: 50281 -

Looking for that perfect piece of décor that can be used year round and for just about any event? Then the 6-Ply FR Metallic Festooning Garland is a perfect choice for you! The garland is 4 inches wide by 15 feet long and is made entirely out of frayed metallic material. The frayed metallic gives off a glamorous shine and bounce light off its surface anywhere its placed. This item comes in a bulk pack of 12 to ensure there is enough no matter how you choose to use it. This item can be used...

Tissue garland available in different color options.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55035 -

The Arcade Garland is the perfect finishing touch to any party space. No matter if you are having a New Years Eve celebration, a luau, patriotic party, or a general occasion, these brightly color garlands are great for adding to your party space. The whole garland is made completely out of a tissue paper material allowing it to be light and airy to hang just about anywhere. The garland is 5.5 inches tall by 12 feet long. This item comes in a bulk pack of 12 to keep your party on the colorful...

Black metallic fringe garland with gold stars.
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Item #: 50303-BKGD -

Glitz, glamour, and shine are everything you need to throw a star studded event. Garland is an easy decoration for a New Year's Eve Gala or an Awards Night Party. Black and Gold Metallic Star Garland is an inexpensive hanging decoration that will transform your venue. Drape the garland across the doorways or hang it from the ceiling. No matter how you use it, stars will be in the air. Metallic garland will look fabulous mixed in with the star garland to add emphasis to the stars. We also have...

Black metallic fringe garland with silver metallic stars.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50303-BKS -

Get your event to that fabulosity level. The Metallic Star Garland will definitely help to get you there. Add this to your New Year's Eve or any other event and watch as your guests admire the uniqueness of this decoration. This wholesale item measures 12 feet long. It is wonderful to hang from ceilings, walls and tables. Comes bulk in a pack of 12 pieces. Check out all the other black and silver decor for your New Year's Eve. ...

Festive Crepe Streamer of various different color options.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55336-X -

Having a birthday party?  Want something simple to drape across the ceiling.  This Festive Crepe Streamer comes in a verity of different colors and pack of 12, measuring at 1-3/4 inches wide x 85 feet long.  Maybe you want to use more then one color.  These flame retardant streamers are perfect for any party or event.  Be sure to view our full selection of Wholesale party supplies. ...

(select a color) Gleam N Streamer Metallized Streamer
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55365-X -

These flashy Gleam 'N Streamer Metallized streamer is great for any themed party or event.  Makes decorating easy and fun when your on a time crunch.  Each streamer is made of a flame retardant material that comes in  a pack of 12 measuring 2 inches wide by 200 feet long.  Be sure to view other quick placement Wholesale table decorations or Wholesale party supplies for a throw together party.   ...

tinsel garland
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55281 -

Decorate your event with some sparkle and color this year for New Years Eve. The Gleam 'N Tinsel Garland is a great way of adding in both some style and something extra special to your event. Top off your walls, windows, door frames, or even table tops with the this one of a kind garland. The garland is 4 inches tall and 100 feet long. The garland can be cut and sized to your liking. This item does come in a pack of 1. Simply choose the color of your liking for a special flare in your...

Streamer with attached gold metallic tassels.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59927-GD -

The Gold Metallic Tassel Garland can be used for multiple types of events. Add this decoration to your Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day or New Year's Eve party. Simply hang this item along your walls, table edges and so much more. Each inexpensive piece includes gold metallic foil tassels. Measures 9.75 inches by 8 feet. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 12 pieces. Check out all the other New Year's Eve décor. ...

Iridescent Garland for New Years Eve Hanging Decoration
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53421 -

Make the waves of light have an inference to create a beautiful scene. Add the Iridescent Garland to your decorations! This beautiful garland is made of poly plastic material that makes it iridescent. Each area of the garland will change colors as your move around the room for different light structures to hit different areas. This inexpensive piece is great to hang all over your venue. Perfect for any New Year's Eve or Winter themed party. Measures approximately five inches by twelve feet....

Tissue material garland available in different color options.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55627 -

If you are looking for a great way of adding in some color and style to your New Years Eve celebration this item is for you! The Leaf Garland is made entirely out of a tissue paper material that is lightweight and easy to hang. The garland is perfect for hanging above a door, along a wall, or even from the ceiling. When expanded the garland is 4.5 inches tall by 12 feet long. This item comes in a pack of 24. With so many colors to choose from these garlands are a great fit for any celebration....

Garland with metallic and tissue assorted color tassels attached.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59928-MC -

This unique and fun Metallic & Tissue Tassel Garland is great for any birthday, graduation, New Years Eve party you have planned.  The garland comes in a pack of 12 measuring at 9-3/4 inches by 8 feet to be strung across a doorway or stairway.  Don't forget to decorate the tables as well with some confetti.  Be sure to view our full selection of Wholesale party supplies for the perfect party you have been planning for and dreaming of. ...

metallic garland
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50509 -

Hang a shimmering garland this year for your New Years Eve celebration to add a spark of shine and a dash of color. The Metallic Garland is perfect for making your party really stand out from the rest of them. This choose your own color item can fit into your Halloween, Luau, or even patriotic party! The whole garland is made out of a metallic material that has a light reflective quality to it that bounces light off its surface. The garland is 8 inches tall by 9 feet long. This item can easily...

Metallic Foil Garland Decorations

Garland is one of the most versatile decorations that you can purchase. The good news is that you can never have too much garland, because you can always find another use for it at your party. Metallic garland looks great around Christmas Trees, banisters, and draped around doorways. If you go for a tissue garland they are perfect for hanging from the ceiling. You can either hang them straight down, or drape theme across a ceiling. They make a boring room look like a party room in no time at all!

Bulk Decorative Garland

If you are decorating a large event space, then you are going to need a lot of garland. Our garland is sold in bulk packs up to 100 feet in length. But don't worry these large amounts of decorative garland will not break the budget. Most of our garland is made by us in the USA and sold to you at deeply discounted factory direct prices.