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Black and White New Year's Eve party kits are perfect for a 1920's themed gangster and flapper party. Save big by purchasing packs of black and white new year's eve kits that include party hats, happy new year tiaras, noisemakers, and beads.

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black and white new years eve party kit
Price: $92.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88939-BK50 -

Keep your party guest looking and feeling classy on the night of New Years Eve with the Chairman Assortment. This kit holds enough items for a party of 50 people. Each kit comes in a pack of 1. The kit offers up a 1920's styled hat for the men and tiaras for the women. All the hats are made out of molded plastic and are coated in a soft touch velour that give the hats and ultra elegant feel. Serve your guest up with some great party favors and you'll have them coming back year after year. ...

Chairman White Assortment for 50
Price: $92.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88939-W50 -

Nothing compares to an all white assortment for New Years Eve. The Chairman White Assortment is in a class all its own. With enough pieces for 50 people, this kit has everything you are going to need to pull together and ultra elegant affair. Each piece in this kit is black light reactive. The hats are made out of molded plastic and are coated in a soft touch velour coating that really hones in on elegance. The kits has and array of hats for the men and tiaras for the ladies as well as horns...

New Year Masquerade - New Year Party Kit for 50 New,Year, Masquerade, New Years Eve, masks, hats, toppers, horns, feathers
Price: $95.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88167-50 -

Mimic the mystery of what the New Year has to bring with the New Year Masquerade Assortment! Instead of featuring the traditional hats and tiaras, this kit gives you an assortment of toppers and masks for a over the top style this year for New Years Eve. Each year at the stroke of midnight what the new year will hold is a total mystery. Keeps things a little secretive at your party this year with an assortment of phantom masks, lace masks, plume metallic half masks, and velour toppers....

The Chairman Assortment for 100
Price: $125.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88940-100 -

The Chairman Assortment for 100 is a kit with class and style for your New Year's Eve party. Great for any black tie, 1920's or gangster themed event. This kit comes with 50 velour chairman hats with a foil band. It's sleek and clean look will bring elegance to your event. This wholesale assortment also includes 35 glittered fringed tiaras and 15 glittered plumed tiaras. With such a wonderful assortment of tiaras your sure to see diversity around the room. Each guest up to 100 will be covered...

Chicago Swing Assortment for 50
Price: $97.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88856-50 -

Taking your New Year's Eve back to the 1920's? This assortment of our Chicago Swing items is just what you need to party. Coming with Velour Fedoras and Plumed Tiaras as head wear your guests will truly feel like you took them back a few decades. The added wholesale party favors of Horns and Party Beads are also sure to be a hit. One kit is an assortment for 50 people. Remember as you party, it dont mean a thing if you aint got that swing! Need some decororations? Check out the Black & White...

Roaring 20"s New Years Party Kit
Price: $115.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88579-100 -

Planning a classy black and white New Year's Eve party? The Roaring 20's Assortment includes a stunning assortment of hats, tiaras, and horns. Perfect for a gangster or 1920's themed NYE event, your guests will look incredible in these party favors. This inexpensive party assortment is packed for 100 guests. Each guest will enjoy a hat or tiara and a horn. Consider picking up a couple bulk packs of beads to add to the excitement for the evening. We also have a wide variety of black and white...

1920s themed new years eve party kit with fedoras and feathered tiaras
Price: $91.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88855-50 -

Give you guests something to talk about with the Chicago Assortment. This party kit is the perfect party favor assortment for a New Year's Eve event of a 20's themed party. Your party goers will love the velour fedoras and gorgeous plumed tiaras. Each kit comes with party beads and horns as well. The Feather Boas also complement any flapper themed party well. Add on a few wholesale packs of the boas or check out the inexpensive Light-up Cigars. No matter which party accessories you choose,...

black and white new years eve party pack with plastic top hats, fringed tiaras, and noisemakers
Price: $66.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88592-50 -

Celebrate the New Year in style with our Black & White Legacy Assortment for 50. Bringing class and elegance to your party favors at an inexpensive cost. This wholesale kit is mixed with Plastic Toppers, Tiaras, Horns, Leis, Noisemakers, and Party Beads! Bulk packaging for 50 people allows you to bring as many people as you'd like to your event at wholesale cost! Need some decorations to match your assortment? Check out our White and Black section. This kit is also available in Black and...

party kit with bowler hats with a new year band, happy new year tiaras with a feather, black and white horns
Price: $92.50
Availability: Closeout Item
Item #: 86172-50 -

Everyone is all dressed up for New Year's, so it's only fitting that you give them somewhere fancy to go. Decorate the club in all black and white for an elegant NYE party. The Black Velvet Assortment is the perfect match for a classy and upscale New Year's Eve event. Our wholesale assortment includes 25 hat, 25 plumed tiaras, 50 horns, and 180 total serpentine throws. Each hat is a gorgeous black velour derby with a printed black band and the tiaras have a stunning plume on each one. The...

black and white top hat new years eve party kit with tiaras, horns, and beads
Price: $92.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88859-50 -

Having a Black and White New Year's Eve party? Puttin' On The Ritz is the perfect kit to go with your event! Your guests will love the classy velour top hats. This kit also includes stunning plumed tiaras that will be the icing on the cake that transforms your event. Your guests will never guess that this was an inexpensive wholesale party kit! In addition to the hats and tiaras, each kit also includes party beads and horns for added excitement as your guests dance their way into the New Year....

black and white new years assortment that includes wearable items and noisemakers
Price: $95.00
Availability: Closeout Item
Item #: 88574-50 -

The Top Hats & Tails Assortment for 50 is an elegant kit for your New Year's Eve party. This black and white kit is clean looking and offer your guests a posh feeling while your staying within budget with wholesale prices. The gentlemans foil hi-hat is black with a white band and white lettering. While the ladies tiara is black with a white plume feather. Each party goer will be able to enjoy a tasseled foiled horn party favor. There is also 25 assorted black and white party beads included in...

New Year Tux Assortment - New Years Eve Party Kit for 50
Price: $66.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 80372-50 -

This New Year Tux Assortment for 50 may be just what you're looking for when planning your New Year's Eve event!  If you are looking for something new, something a little different but not too far from tradition, then this New Year Tux party kit is it!  With the stunning contrast of the black and white design, this New Year Tux accessory assortment will top any outfit.

Black & White New Year's Eve Party Hats, Tiaras, Beads, & Noisemakers

What type of New Year's Eve party will you host this year? Will it be a sophisticated ball gown party, or will you have a live band in a relaxed ballroom or bar? Hosting either type of New Year's party is easy with these collections of Black & White New Year's Party Supplies. The black & white party kits manufactured by Party Express will ensure that you have everything you need to throw a New Year's Eve party your party goers will never forget.

Who doesn't like to show off their New Year's Eve Swag? Event goers of all ages love to put on that glittered hat or tiara, and make some noise with those shiny noisemakers! You decided to throw the party and now you have a big decision to make. Will you be providing your guests with the elegant yet simple velour top hats, or will it be more relaxed this year with our printed Happy New Year Foil hats. And do not forget about the ladies in the group. They will enjoy wearing the glittered Happy New Year Tiaras that you hand out at the door, or that they will find at their place settings. The glittered and fringed tiaras that say happy new year are great to hand out in bulk, but if you are going for a higher end look take a look at the party kits that include a plume feather happy new year tiara. The tiaras are great headbands for the ladies of the party to wear as they are waiting for the clock to strike midnight.

When the ball starts to drop at midnight, it's time to whip out the noise makers and horns. No matter how large or small of a party you're hosting, we have the New Year's party kit for you.

We have a huge selection of Black & White Happy New Year Party Supplies to make you start out the new year right! You will find that throwing the perfect new year's party is simple when you select one of our ready to go party kits. They are a party in a box and enough for at least 50 ladies and gents. So relax this year and let the work to the professionals at Party Express!

Black & White New Year's Eve Party Theme Ideas

Are you having a 1920's Era New Year's Eve Party, or are you just looking to add some class to your event. If either is true we have the Black and White New Year's Eve Party Kit Assortment for you. Look like you are walking straight out of Hollywood with our Black and White New Year's Eve Party Kits. Can you hear the cash register in the smokey bar of those old 1920's movie clips? If not then you must not be wearing our Black and White New Year's Eve Fedora Hats. Her ball gown is not complete without a Plume Feather Happy New Year Tiara on her head. Your guest will be toasting at midnight with our Inexpensive Champagne Flutes and wearing the Black and White New Year's Eve Party Favors found right here at You simply pick the theme of your New Year's Eve Event, and let us do the rest of the work for you. Call one of our helpful Event Planners today at 1-800-455-7280. We are alway ready to provide you with ideas and suggestions to make your New Year's Eve Party extra special this year. Our Black & White New Year's Eve Party Kits are Sold to You at Wholesale Factory Direct Pricing, so you are always getting More Party For Your Dollar.