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Masquerades are fun for people of all ages to enjoy. However, when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, that is when the fun begins for the adults of the party. Have the most beautiful masquerade ever by selecting unique masks and favors that fit the colors of your choosing. Black and white masks are always a great choice for that formal affair. Masquerades are not just about the masks, be sure to decorate with ceiling decor, table centerpieces and much much more!

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bulk round party beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50570K -

Beads are an essential for a great party!  Bulk party bead packs make it easy to pick up enough for the crowd without breaking the budget. Your guests will love having beads to throw from the Mardi Gras float. It will become a competition to see who can get the most Mardi Gras beads!  We have a wide variety of colors for all of your events. Grab some beads for New Year's Eve as well! We also have a fun assortment of additional shapes and designs of beads so that you can have a great...

cheap bulk party beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50570-Master -

A party is not complete with out Party Beads!  Add the Round Beads to your list of party favors for your event.  Perfect for a New Year's Eve party along with so many others.  This wholesale item comes one size fits most.  Sit these on a table, hand out at the door, or throw into a crowd.  Comes bulk in a pack of 144 pieces.  Available in other colors. ...

black and white masquerade themed new years eve party kit with phantom masks and top hats
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 88167-50 -

Mimic the mystery of what the New Year has to bring with the New Year Masquerade Assortment! Instead of featuring the traditional hats and tiaras, this kit gives you an assortment of toppers and masks for a over the top style this year for New Years Eve. Each year at the stroke of midnight what the new year will hold is a total mystery. Keeps things a little secretive at your party this year with an assortment of phantom masks, lace masks, plume metallic half masks, and velour toppers....

mardi gras themed party kit with party hats and masks
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 66602-50 -

Add the Mardi Gras Assortment to your shindig. Perfect of your next Mardi Gras themed party. Each piece of this kit is overflowing with the traditional colors of green, gold and purple. Comes with printed hi-hats and plumed metallic masks for guests to wear. Enjoy the inexpensive horns for all. The ladies will also appreciate the party beads. Each kit covers up to 50 of your guests. ...

Black and white feathered mask on black stick.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57067-BKW -

Mardi Gras demands to be a holiday filled with excitement. Get the party started with balloons throughout your venue and beads all around. Your guests will get an extra thrill when they receive a Feathered Mask with a Stick as their party favor. This inexpensive Masquerade Masks makes a great give-a-way and is an easy way to take your event to the next level. The occasion will be even more elaborate through their eyes as they peer at the crowd through these masks. Masks are great for a Mardi...

black plastic masquerade mask with an elastic strap attached
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50145 -

Masquerades as well as Mardi Gras are secretive and mysterious. Keep things under wraps with the Black Half Mask! The masks are a one size fits most item. Each mask is made out of a thin plastic material with and elastic band attached. The band is great fro securing the mask to the wearers head. This item comes in a bulk pack of 24. Keep the mystery alive this year with some masks as dark as the secrets it hiding! ...

Red and purple intricate styled Mardi Gras mask.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60332 -

There are sights and sounds coming from all angels. Vibrant, brilliant colors swirl around you as you make your way through the crowds. There is nothing small about Mardi Gras. Be sure to fit in with the crowd and dawn your colorful beads and of course a show stopping mask! The burnt orange and purple Costume Mask offers up just what you need to make Mardi Gras a memorable event. The mask is made out of a pliable plastic and comes with a felt liner on the inside to help keep the mask...

Butterfly shaped multi-colored mask with elastic attached.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60333 -

Get the party started right with some favors that are sure to raise the energy in the room and get people moving. Mardi Gras is famous for having plenty of masks and beads to go around for each and every person. Get a mask that stands out from the rest of them with the butterfly shaped, multi-colored, Costume Mask! This mask is made out of a pliable plastic and comes with a felt liner attached to make resting against the wearers face comfortable. The mask also comes with an included piece of...

Red and black pointed mask with red jaggared design around the eyes.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60335 -

Costume Masks are a fun way to keep the Mardi Gras tradition flowing at your event. Let your guests hide some of their identity with this beautiful mask. The red, black and silver design give this party favor a sleek and classy look. Each inexpensive mask includes an attached elastic for a one size fits most wear. This mask includes a felt lining for added comfort. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 12 pieces. This mask is also great for any New Year's Eve or Masquerade party. ...

feather masks in red, purple, and blue
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 52182 -

The Feather Masks are a beautiful item for your event. Add this to your Mardi Gras party and it's sure to bring a mystical feel. Hand these out to your guests as they enter your event as a party favor and your sure to receive much appreciation. You can also use these as decoration around your event. Use with centerpieces, hang around your event or any other way you can think of for decor. Each piece is one size fits most with an elastic attached to the mask. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 28...

mardi gras mask with gold glitter and feathers
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57066 -

Looking for a wow item yet inexpensive? Add the Feathered Mask with Stick to your party supplies. This fun party favor is great to hand to your guests as they enter the venue. Everyone is sure to love this item. You can also use this as decoration. Made of beads and feathers for the ultimate unique look. Check out all the other great Mardi Gras items. ...

Black and white feathered mask with gold accents around the eyes attached to a black stick.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57067 -

Want an easy way to make your party the talk of the town? Use Feathered Masks with Stick to give it a masquerade Mardi Gras feel! The masks come in black and white or green, gold, and purple or the multi-color look! One of these magical masks are bound to tickle your fancy for your amazing party!  Give to your guests as a party favor or decorate your event with this inexpensive item.  Comes wholesale packaged with 12 pieces.  We offer many other great Mardi Gras items for your...

Masquerade Party Ideas

Host a masquerade ball for New Year’s Eve and watch your guests alter egos express themselves. A masquerade party allows your guests be whomever they wish, just one night per year. To aid in this alter ego takeover select an assortment of masks to let the glitz and glamour of the night shine. Not everyone will wish to hide behind a mask, so be sure to select some party hats and tiaras for your guests to enjoy. Decorating for a masquerade new year's eve party is a must! Transport your guests to a different time with the beautiful party decorations that you will find at Be sure to select some festive banners, celebratory sign cutouts, and decorative table centerpieces to set the scene for your Masquerade Party.

Masquerade New Year's Eve

Have some masquerade madness with the glitz and glamour that you have come to expect for ringing in the New Year! This party theme party is all about bright colored masks, elaborate costumes, and flavorful decorations. So select everything that you will need to ring in the new year, right here at

Party Express has everything you need to host the perfect masquerade party. You have selected masquerade as your theme for this year's event, now select the color scheme and let your imagination run wild. Masquerade parties do not have to be the traditional Mardi Gras colors of green, gold and purple. Masquerades can be any assortment of colors. So if you are throwing a black and gold or silver event, Party Express has you covered with the perfect selection of New Year's Eve party favors to choose from. To make party planning a little easier, you can choose from our party kits that include all the masquerade ball supplies you need. These New Year's Eve Party kits include all of the hats, horns, noisemakers, tiaras, and beads that you need to have a wonderful masquerade New Year!