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Plan your 1980's retro party today with our selection of bright neon colors and 8-bit vintage video game party supplies. Your guests will remember their childhood when you decorate with our colorful 1980's party supplies and favors. You will find a large selection of hanging decor, centerpieces, tableware, and costume accessories. All of these party favors are designed to take your guests through a time portal back to the totally rad 1980's.

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Rock The New Year Party Kit for 50 Rock and Roll, new years eve, new year, music, rock, party, hats, horns, tiaras, beads, noisemakers, nye, countdown, ball drop
Price: $95.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88168-50 -

Take on the New Year with a rock and roll attitude this year for New Year's Eve! Counting down to the stroke of midnight has never looked so good with the Rock The New Year Assortment for 50 people! This brightly colored and festive kit will radiate the same soulful, yet electric feeling you get when those old time beats comes through the speakers. The kit comes with 25 Hi-Hats and 25 plumed tiaras perfect for a party of 50. There is also an assortment of 50 horns included in the kit as well...

1980s NYE Party Kit for 50
Price: $77.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 86813-50 -

Step by step way back to the 80's! Make sure your party makes it back to it's funky rockin' decade. The Totally 80's Assortment for 50 will not only give you a retro look for your party favors but it will also take your guests back to a time of high tops and acid washed jeans. This wholesale new year kit is filled with shine and neon fun. It comes packaged with printed foil hats for the gentlemen and glittered fringed tiaras for the ladies. The kit also includes horns and beads for everyone....

glow in the dark new years eve party kit for 100 people with glow necklaces, sticks, and earrings
Price: $117.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88166-100 -

Light up the night with this Glow in the Dark New Year's Eve Party Kit for 100 people. Each party kit comes with enough hats, tiaras, horns, and glow accessories to host a huge New Year's Eve party. For less than $1 per person you can let your guests party the night away with this fun party pack. The neon colors will brighten up any event space and set the energy level for the big midnight celebration. If you are looking for even more light up and glow in the dark items take a look at our Glow...

Neon Legacy - New Years Party Kit for 50 Neon Legacy Asst for 50, black light, new years eve, party favors, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Price: $66.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88780N50 -

The Neon Legacy kit is filled with bright beautiful colors. Put this kit under a black light and watch the colors really pop. Mixed with colors of pink, orange, blue and green. The plastic top hat is decorated with a foil band and the script of "Happy New Year". This assorted colored tiaras is trimmed with glittered fringe. This inexpensive assortment for 50 also includes horns and beads as party favors. This wholesale kit will bring all the traditional party favors to your New Year's Eve...

Neon Lights New Years Party Kit for 50
Price: $77.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88941-50 -

Neon 1980s themed New years eve party kit with top hats and tiaras
Price: $51.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88089-50 -

Looking for an inexpensive party kit for New Year's Eve? The Neon Party Assortment is a bright and fun kit that your guests will love! Each kit includes 25 hats, 25 tiaras, 25 beads, and 50 horns. This kit would look great for an 80's themed New Year's Eve party. Decorate your tables with 80's cascade centerpieces and 8-bit table covers. Mix in some neon glow necklaces and bracelets to add extra excitement to the party! ...

Neon Happy New Year party kit with fedoras, feathered tiaras, neon horns, and party beads
Price: $99.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88711-50 -

Bright, Exciting, and Fun... everything a New Year's party should be. No one will be disappointed with the level of energy this party kit will add to the club. The Neon Swing is a brilliant collection of some of the happiest colors you can find. Your guests will have a hard time deciding between the bright orange, yellow, green, and purple that adorn each hat, tiara, and horn. Each Neon Swing Party Kit includes 25 black fedoras with printed bands, 25 plumed tiaras, 25 party beads, and 50...

1980s style beads with pac-man characters around the necklace
Price: $28.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57263 -

Video games started to really take popularity on in the 80’s which was pictured in 8-bit. Celebrate the activity that is still loved today with the 80's Beads. All the children today still enjoy playing video games and we should thank the 80’s for all the fun we had sitting in front of the television for hours. This fun party favor is great to add to your party supplies at any 80’s themed party such as New Year’s Eve. Each piece is colored either pink, lime green or turquoise with round and...

centerpiece with a 1980s theme with retro icons
Price: $35.94
Availability: Closeout Item
Item #: 54607 -

Grab the 80's Mini Cascade Centerpiece for your party. Great for any 80's themed New Year's Eve or Halloween party. This inexpensive item is great for your table tops or bar tops. Each decoration piece is made from metallic and board stock material. Measures 7.5 inches tall. Comes packaged wholesale in a pack of 12 pieces. Check out all the other great 80's themed items. ...

1980s buttons that say I love the 80s, gnarly, rad, relax
Price: $41.94
Availability: Closeout Item
Item #: 60474 -

Grab the 80's Party Buttons for your party. Your guests will love these party favors. These inexpensive buttons read some of the most popular 80's slang. Each button that measures just over 1 inch states "Awesome", "Gnarly", "Relax" or "Rad". The larger button that measures just over 2 inches reads I Heart The 80's. Hand these out to your guests at the door or throughout your New Year's Eve 80's event. Check out all the other great 80's themed party items. ...

retro street sign decorations from the 1980s that have sayings from that era
Price: $35.94
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54160 -

Eighties slang is something that wasn’t left behind. We brought them here to give you the 80's Street Sign Cutouts.These fun street signs bring back the words punk, rad, and tubular. Each inexpensive piece is printed with bright neon colors that were popular in the 80’s. Simply hang around your venue on walls, tables and so much more for everyone to see. Every piece measures four inches by twenty-four inches. Printed on both sides of durable card stock material. Your next 80’s New Year’s Eve...

retro hanging whirl decoration that has 1980s style arcade game characters hanging from the whirls
Price: $22.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57573 -

Take your shot at an old time video game with blocky 8-bit characters all lit up with their very own color. The 1980's was known as a time where gaming took place in the arcade instead of your living room. Bring these times back with the 80's Whirls! These whirls are brightly colored and come with an attached cardstock icon on each end. The whirls are made out of a metallic material that has a high shinning surface when light bounces off the item. When hanging, this item is 3 feet long by 4...


The 80's were a time like no other. Technology was booming and so were the speakers on that giant boombox radio. Our selection of 1980's themed party favors is full of the nostalgia that you would expect when walking into an old arcade, or watching a retro movie.

The 1980's was defined by loud music, extreme colors, and big hair. You will want to bring as many of these ideas together as possible as you are planning you 1980's themed New Year's Eve Party. The good news is that the Party Supplies and Decorations that you will find right here at will embody everything that was the 1980's. So lets get started planning your totally rad and every memorable 1980's themed party today.


Getting your guests to dress the party has never been more simple! Party Express has designed multiple party kits for the new year that completely embody what it meant to live in the 1980's. Simply select one of our 1980's themed party kits that include hats, horns, tiaras, and beads. Some of them even include glow accessories, which was huge in the 1980's. If you are more of a design your own party type of person, then we have dozen of different costume accessories that you can mix and match to create the perfect assortment of party favors for your event.

Some great items that will fit your 1980's party theme perfectly would include shutter shades, video game beads, retro button, and the instant nerd kit. No matter how small the freebie, your guests will be chomping at the bit to get whatever it is that you will be handing out on the New Year. So dress your nerds and your jocks how you think they should look with the great party favors and discounted costume accessories available from


Let's set the mood for the party with some retro 1980's party decoration. Make your guests step back a couple of decades in time when they walk into your event space. You can create different sections, usually in each corner of the room. Here are some ideas for each section.

Gamer Section

Create a gamer section of your event space with some of our 8-bit retro game style party favors. Hang some decorations from the ceiling with decorations that resemble the age old arcade games of the eighties. You could even set up an old tube TV and gaming console to let your guests enjoy the nostalgia that they had lived decades ago. They will be leveling up your party as they play through the old games that they had enjoyed in their childhood.

80's Rock Music Decorations

This is a good section to set up around the DJ booth. With this you can get some of our 1980's signs and inflatable boomboxes to set around the DJ. Not only will your guests be enjoying the sounds of the 1980's but they will also be enjoying the familiar sights of what was 1980's rock & roll. This is a great place to incorporate some of our graffiti props and cassette tape decorations. So get out that old 80's mix tape and start to ROCK!

Retro Movie Section

The 80's were a time for some of the most memorable movies every created. So take a trip Back to The 1980's and relive the magic with some of our movie inspired party decorations. This would be a great area to play some of those flicks on an old tube TV. So hang some 80's signs and turn on that blurry tube TV. The nostalgia will be too much for your guests and they will have a great time at your 1980's themed NYE Party!