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Shimmer and Shine, that is the story behind hanging metallic curtains, chandeliers, columns, and stringers for your New Year's Eve party decorions. The metallic chandeliers are perfect for hanging over the dance floor because when the lights hit them they begin to twinkle and shine.

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metallic shimmering chandelier
Price: $50.25
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57510 -

Create a elegant shimmer with the 3- tier shimmering chandelier for your New Years Eve celebration! This chandelier can easily become a main focal point for your celebration or be used as an accent point. The metallic shine of these chandeliers are perfect for giving off a light reflective sheen that glimmers in the lighting. The chandeliers come in a bulk pack of 6. When hanging the chandelier is 4 feet long. These can be hung at an entrance, along a wall, or in a corner to create a one of a...

1-Ply Black and Gold Gleam N Curtain (Pack of 6) gold, black, star, metallic, curtain, new years eve, back drop, inexpensive, decoration, wholesale, bulk
Price: $50.97
Availability: Back Order
Item #: 80340-BKGD -

The Black and Gold Gleam 'N Curtain is a beautiful decoration.  Add this item to your Hollywood or New Year's Eve party.  Either event it's sure to catch your guests attention.  Made from a metallic material it's easy to hang and take down.  Measuring 8 feet by 3 feet, this wholesale item is great to use at doorways, on walls or even back drops for photos.  Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 6 pieces.  Check out all the other gold and black NYE decor. ...

Silver metallic material curtain with various sized black stars attached.
Price: $50.97
Availability: Back Order
Item #: 80340-BKS -

Let the 1-Ply Gleam N Curtain set the stage for your New Year's Eve party. Include this wholesale metallic curtain to your decor for a night fit for the stars! The 1-Ply Gleam N Curtain will look fabulous in doorways or on the walls.  This will be a party decoration that everyone will be asking about afterwards. The Gleam N Curtain is printed on both sides with black printed stars on top of silver metallic curtain, and measures 8 feet by 3 feet.  Comes bulk in a pack of 6 pieces....

1-Ply Gleam N Curtain (Pack of 6) 1-Ply Gleam N Curtain, party supplies, hanging decorations, decorations
Price: $37.50
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 55410-W -

This shiny 1-Ply Gleam 'N Curtain will catch all your guests attention.  You can use this curtain for any wall, doorway or even from a ceiling.  Comes in different colors for any themed party from a casino, birthday, wedding, baby shower or graduations.  The possibilities are endless with this gleaming curtain!  Be sure to view our full selection of Wholesale party supplies. ...

Metallic strands of fringe drape.
Price: $31.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55039 -

With an endless amount of uses, you cant go wrong with the Packaged 1-Ply FR Metallic Fringe Drape! These shimmering metallic drapes are perfect for just about any event your are celebrating. New Years Eve, Halloween, a luau, and more can be decorated and put together with this shining drape! Simply use the drape to frame a table, other decorations, or use alone to give your party space the ultimate touch of color and shine. This drape is 15 inches high by 10 feet long. This item comes in a...

Doorway curtain made of metallic opalescent strands.
Price: $68.97
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 55410-OP -

The Opalescent 1-Ply Gleam 'N Curtain is a great addition to any event.  Perfect for a New Year's Eve or Nautical event.  This decoration is great hung on your walls or at your doorways.  Each curtain measures 8 feet by 3 feet.  Comes bulk in a pack of 6 pieces.  Looking for a back drop for your mysrtical nautical photo booth?  Add this curatin as your back drop.  Add some cutouts and see the life from under the sea come to life.   ...

2-Ply Metallic Fringe Drape (select a color)
Price: $38.25
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55860 -

Want to add color and shine to the edge of you guest tables, gift or cake table.  The 2-Ply Metallic Fringe Drape is just the item you may be looking for to dazzle your party.  This metallic fringe drape comes in a pack of 6 measuring at 15 inches by 10 feet and flame retardant.  All you need to is select the color you need for a New Years Eve party, birthday, or Christmas and so many more holiday's or events.  How about adding some shine to the tops of the...

Tissue material drapery for tables available in various color options.
Price: $59.94
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55285 -

Get creative with your celebration space this year for New Years Eve with the 6-Ply Tissue Fringe Drape! These colorful party pieces are great for hanging alone and adding to other decorations to make your space pop. These can easily be hung along a wall, over a doorframe, or along a table top. The frape runs 15 inches tall by 10 feet long. This item comes in a bulk pack of 12. These are great for adding some color to your luau, New Years Eve, patriotic, or general occasion party! Simple...

metallic fringed hanging columns
Price: $47.25
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50515 -

The Gleam 'N Curtain to a great addition to any party!  Add it to your next New Year's Eve, Mardi Gras, Patriotic or any other event.  This wholesale curtain hangs approximately 8 feet long once hung.  Available in solid colors or multiple.  This decoration will glimmer all through your event.  Your guests will be sure to compliment you on such a beautiful item.  Pair with the Gleam 'N Curatin for the perfect match. ...

Gold glittered dot vertical hanging stringer
Price: $33.30
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53307-GD -

Grab the Glittered Dot Stringers for your next event. This decoration will match any gold color schemed party. Whether it's New Year's Eve or any other party add this to your party supplies. Each stringer is six feet long and comes with decorative glitter dots. The dots range in size from three centimeters to 5 centimeters. Simply hang this decoration from your ceiling and enjoy your event. Make sure your venue is ready for your extravagant New Year's Eve party. ...

Silver glittered dot vertical hanging stringers
Price: $33.30
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53307-S -

It's never out of style to have lots of dots! The Glittered Dot Stringers will definitely bring the dots to the party. Hang this decoration from your ceiling and enjoy your party. Hang this decoration from the top of your doorways with tape for a dramatic look. This stringer is silver in color and comes six feet long once hung. Each dot ranges in size from three to five centimeters in a patterned layout. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of seventy-two pieces. Use this decoration at your next New...

Cascade hanging column made from black and gold metallic material with top hat and Happy New Year icons.
Price: $15.60
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 80525-BKGD -

Are you looking for an elaborate hanging decoration for your New Year's Eve party?  The New Year Cascade Hanging Column is the perfect choice!  Each black and gold column hangs an extravagant 3 feet.  This cascade has the look of a firework bursting in the sky.  As the column bursts at the top, it seperates into seveal sections that have decorative metallic designs.  Complement the columns by draping metallic and star garland from the ceiling.  Your party decor is...

Shiny Hanging Decorations

Shinny and shimmering is most certainly the hottest trend when it comes to party decorations. Hanging decorations like chandeliers, curtains, and columns are right at the center of this trend. The hanging chandeliers are huge and make a fantastic impact when you incorporate them into your New Year's Eve decorations. Hanging decorations are easy to set up because all that you have to do is take them out of the packaging and hang them from the ceiling.

Metallic Foil New Year Decorations

Metallic foil New Year's Eve decorations are highly reflective to light, so they are perfect if you are going to have a disco ball, or some other form of light source at your party. They will almost start to change colors as the lights hit them at different angles. It is easy to incorporate these decorations into your party because they come in so many color options. The New Year's Eve standard is gold and silver, but do not be afraid to be original with bright and assorted colored New Year's Eve hanging decorations.