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The best way to save money on your Mardi Gras party decorations is to buy them in bulk. That is why we offer all of our Mardi Gras decorating kits, Green Gold and purple decorations, jester decorations, and Mardi Gras bead themed decor in wholesale packs.

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Purple, Green and Gold (Mardi Gras) Doorway Curtain made of metallic strands
Price: $45.75
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55410-GGP -

Easily mask and hide pieces of the party space that you would prefer to keep under wraps and out of the view point of guests with the 1-Ply FR Gleam 'N Curtain. This gold, green, and purple curtain can certainly make a statement on Mardi Gras! This curtain also offers a perfect area for guest to take pictures at. The curtain is 8 feet tall by 3 feet wide. This item comes in a bulk pack of 6.Get you curtains in bulk to always have enough! ...

2-Ply Diamond Metallic Fringe Drape for Mardi Gras
Price: $38.25
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50308-GGP -

You can never have too many decorations for your Mardi Gras party. Grab the Diamond Metallic Fringe Drapes for your event. This decoration is perfect to add to your tables for flare and glam. Add the drapes to your buffet table for everyone to know where the delicious food is. Measures 12 inches by 17 inches. Made of metallic material. Check out all the other great Mardi Gras items. ...

3-D Crawfish in a Silver Pot Centerpiece
Price: $33.90
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53487 -

Get ready for the delicious foods that await at your party. Add the 3-D Crawfish Centerpiece to your party supplies. This decoration is perfect to use at any luau themed party or Mardi Gras celebrations. Simply assemble each decorative piece and place on your tables as centerpieces for your guests to enjoy. Each inexpensive piece measures eleven and a half inches tall. Printed on both sides of card stock material of a crawfish starting to boil inside a pot of water. Comes packaged wholesale in...

The 3-Tier Shimmering Chandelier is made of metallic gold, green and purple material.
Price: $50.25
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57510-GGP -

Set the mood for your outrageously extravagant Mardi Gras party with this 3-Tier Shimmering Chandelier! This dazzling hanging piece of décor can easily be the main even or just an accent piece in your party space. The whole chandelier is made out of a metallic material that catches light and bounces it off its surface for a blinding glow. When hanging, the chandelier is a total of 4 feet long. This item comes in a bulk pack of 6. Simply hang anywhere of your choice for a blinding, colorful,...

Gold, green and purple mixed metallic festooning garland used for decoration.
Price: $82.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50281-GGP -

Get ready for a Mardi Gras party that wont soon be forgotten! The 6-Ply FR Metallic Festooning Garland is a perfect way of bringing your celebration to life. The garland is composed of the colors gold, green, and purple making it an easy choice for any Mardi Gras celebration. The whole garland is made out of a metallic material that shimmers and shines when the light catches on its surface. This item runs 4 inches wide by 15 feet long. This can be used all in one piece or cut to your...

Green, Purple and Yellow Comedy & Tragedy Faces Fabric Bunting
Price: $65.97
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54678 -

Go above and beyond for your customers and overflow your venue in Mardi Gras colors. Add the Comedy & Tragedy Faces Fabric Bunting to your party supplies. Hang this decoration along your walls, tables, ceilings and much more. Each inexpensive piece is layered in colors of purple, gold and green with comedy and tragedy faces. Measures 70 inches long with drawstrings for bunting. Check out all the other great Mardi Gras items. ...

This banner shouts "Crawfish Boil" with a crawfish on the left with cooking supplies.
Price: $94.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54837 -

Make sure all of your guests know about the seafood coming there way. Add the Crawfish Boil Banner to your decorations. This party supply is designed with the words "Crawfish Boil" and a cartoon like crawfish. You're guests will feel relaxed when they see this spunky banner. Each inexpensive piece measures 5 feet by 12 inches. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 12 pieces. Check out all the other great Mardi Gras items. ...

Red Lettering Crawfish Boil Pennant Banner
Price: $25.14
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54435 -

Get your stomachs ready for a great big feats! The Crawfish Boil Pennant Banner is a great way of showing your Mardi Gras guests where the real food is at! Get people ready to dig in and get their hands dirty at your boil full of crawfish, corn, and of course the potatoes. This bright red and white banner is made out of an all weather material allowing it to be hung indoors as well as outdoor. The banner is 11 inches wide and stretches an outstanding length of 12 feet. The banner comes in a...

Crawfish Boil Yard Sign including the words "Crawfish Boil" with a crawfish including chef supplies and a white personalize area to include the date and time.
Price: $13.47
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54910 -

Get your guests ready for the fun ahead before they enter the door. Add the Crawfish Boil Yard Sign to your party supplies. Simply add these to a grassy area outside your venue. Perfect for your next Mardi Gras party. You can personalize this sign with any party information you would like. Each inexpensive sign measures 10.5 inches by 14 inches and includes a 24 inch tall stake. Check out all the other great Mardi Gras items. ...

Crawfish Cascade Centerpiece with crawfish icons attached to red metallic material.
Price: $22.77
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54237 -

Make sure your Mardi Gras has all the decorations it needs. Add the Crawfish Cascade Centerpiece to your party supplies. This centerpiece will look great among your tables for all to see. You can also add this decoration to your bar tops and other areas of your venue. Measures 12 inches by 18 inches. Made from red metallic fringe with printed crawfish. Check out all the other great Mardi Gras items. ...

Crawfish Confetti (Pack of 6) Crawfish Confetti, confetti, crawfish, mardi gras, decoration, party favor, centerpiece, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Price: $8.97
Availability: In Stock
Item #: CN305 -

Every Mardi Gras party calls for crawfish. Add the Crawfish Confetti to your party supplies. This decoration is great anywhere around your party. Scatter among your tables or gently place around your centerpieces. Add to balloons as an accent or inside party favor boxes. Each pack includes half an ounce of confetti. Made of plastic metallic material.

Red Crawfish Garland Hanging Decoration
Price: $44.10
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53451 -

You can’t celebrate Mardi Gras without giving crawfish a thought. So make sure you add some crawfish to your decorations by adding the Crawfish Garland to your party supplies. The garland is cut to look as though there is crawfish lined up and attached to each other. This decoration is light weight and easy to use. Made of tissue material that measures nine inches by fourteen feet long. Attach this inexpensive decoration to your tables, walls, doors, ceilings and so much more. Comes packaged...

Decorating for Mardi Gras

It is almost Fat Tuesday! So it is time to stock up on our Mardi Gras Decorations and Party supplies. Create your very own Bourbon Street this year with our large selection of Mardi Gras Decorations. Put a Mardi Gras Parade on your table with our Mardi Gras Float Centerpiece. If you are decorating a real float this year you will find our Mardi Gras Festooning or Mardi Gras Crepe Streamer/Paper your go to for decorating this year. The Bulk Green, Gold, and Purple Decor that you will find at is everything that you need to have a successful Mardi Gras Party. No Matter how big or small your Mardi Gras Event is this year Party Express is here to help. Be sure to take a look at all of our Bulk Party Favors for all of your Event Planning Needs.

Inexpensive Table Decorating Tips for Mardi Gras

The best way to decorate a table for a Mardi Gras party is to start from the ground up. What that means is select your table cover first. The best color to use as a table cover out of the traditional green, gold, ad purple colors is purple. Purple is the darkest color of the three and that allows for anything that you place on your table to stand out more. Next move to the centerpieces. We suggest a taller centerpiece in the middle like the Mardi Gras Cascade Centerpiece, and then smaller center pieces on the sides. Keep each side balanced. Depending on how long your table is one or two additional centerpieces should work. The next step is to place you Mardi Gras plates, cups, and napkins. You can either use solid colors, or themed tableware for this. To add the finishing touch, sprinkle Mardi Gras Confetti around the decorations and tableware.