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Neon Glow Chairman Asst for 50 Neon Glow Chairman Asst for 50, new years eve, glow, party favors, kit assortment, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
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Item #: 88774-50 -

Neon Glow Chairman Assortments will make your event glow! This assortment is unlike any other. Filled with many party favors, your guests will be surprised with the effort you put forth. This kit includes velour chairman hats with printed foil bands for the gentlemen. The ladies will enjoy the assortment of glittered fringed tiaras. With this assortment of 50 it will include 50 neon horns for all. The glow items that are included in this kit is: 8 eye glasses, 8 glow earrings, 16 glow...

1980s NYE Party Kit for 50
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Item #: 86813-50 -

Step by step way back to the 80's! Make sure your party makes it back to it's funky rockin' decade. The Totally 80's Assortment for 50 will not only take your party favors back but also your guests. This wholesale kit is filled with shine and neon fun. Comes packaged with printed foil hats for the gentlemen and glittered fringed tiaras for the ladies. Also includes horns and beads for everyone. Check out all the other great items for you New Year's Eve party. ...

Havana Asst for 50 Havana, Assortment for 50, new years eve, 1920s, 20s, party favors, wholesale, assorted kit, inexpensive, bulk
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Item #: 88775-50 -

The Havana Assortment for 50 is a perfect kit for your 1920's New Year's Eve party. Add this kit full of party favors to the top of your New Year's Eve party supplies. Each wholesale kit comes packed with white velour hats with a black band. The ladies will enjoy the assortment of colors and design of the tiaras. This kit also includes assorted colors of party beads. Keep the 20's feel flowing with the cigar look of the horns. Your guests will love there party favors and how well you brought...

Neon Legacy Asst for 50 Neon Legacy Asst for 50, black light, new years eve, party favors, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
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Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88780N50 -

The Neon Legacy kit is filled with bright beautiful colors. Put this kit under a black light and watch the colors really pop. Mixed with colors of pink, orange, blue and green. The plastic top hat is decorated with a foil band and the script of "Happy New Year". This assorted colored tiaras is trimmed with glittered fringe. This inexpensive assortment for 50 also includes horns and beads as party favors. This wholesale kit will bring all the traditional party favors to your New Year's Eve...

Fire & Ice Assortment for 50  Fire and Ice, Red and Blue, New Years Eve, Party Supplies, Decorations, Party Kits, NYE Assortments, Velour fedoras, Plumed tiaras, Inexpensive Decor, Bulk Party Supplies
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Item #: 88571-50 -

Plan an elegant evening of fire and ice for your New Year's Eve guests. A blue and red party will have so much style and class, while being colorful and fun. The fire and ice New Year's Eve assortment includes fancy velour fedoras and sparkling tiaras. Each kit also includes red and blue beads and horns. Your guests will love the rush that the mix of colors will provide to the atmosphere. Decorate your venue in an extravagant array of red and blue hanging decor to accent your guests attire. We...

Arctic Blue Assortment for 50 Blue and White, Party Assortments, NYE Party, New Years Eve, Decorations, Party Supplies, Inexpensive, Bulk, Wholesale, Nautical, Diamond and Sapphire, Economical Party Supplies
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Item #: 86179-50 -

The Arctic Blue Assortment will have your guests dancing into the New Year with their head in the clouds. The Blue and White Party Theme is terrific for a Nautical Themed NYE party or an upscale event with a diamond and sapphire look. Each of these stunning wholesale party favor assortments includes 25 hats, 25 tiaras, 25 beads, and 50 horns. The hats are a sleek white velour topper with a shiny blue printed band. They are accented by the sharp matching tiaras with gorgeous white plumes. Add a...

Blue Ice Asst for 50  New, Years, Eve, Blue, Silver, Party, Favors, Inexpensive, Wholesale, Bulk, Kit, Hats, Tiara, Horns
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Item #: 88259-B50 -

It's okay to be a little blue on New Year's Eve. This Blue Ice Assortment for 50 is themed around a blue and silver color scheme for your New Year's Eve party. The kit brings elegance and simplicity to your event at an inexpensive cost. Coming with Hi-Hats, Tiaras, and Horns the wholesale kit covers up to 50 guests. Under the Sea, Nautical, or Winter are a few New Year's party ideas for this kit. Need some beads to add to your party favors? We have plenty of bead options for you!This kit...

JACKPOT New Year Assortment for 50 party, favor, hat, tiara, pop outs, beads, horns, new years eve, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
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Availability: In Stock
Item #: 86777-50 -

Hit the jackpot with the JACKPOT New Year Assortment for 50. The printed hi-hats are covered in design. From the slot machine of lucky 7's to the coines on the brim of the hat. The hats are also one of a kind that have a POP OUTS! The tiaras are a classic clean look that includes a strand of bead per tiara. This wholesale kit also includes a party horn for each of your 50 guests. Add these party favors to your event for added casino fun! Don't forget all those casino decorations you'll...

Neon Party Assortment for 50  Party Kit, Inexpensive Party Favors, Hats, Horns, Tiaras, Beads, New Years Eve, NYE, Party Assortment, Wholesale Party Goods, Neon, 1980s, 80s theme
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Item #: 88089-50 -

Looking for an inexpensive party kit for New Year's Eve? The Neon Party Assortment is a bright and fun kit that your guests will love! Each kit includes 25 hats, 25 tiaras, 25 beads, and 50 horns. This kit would look great for an 80's themed New Year's Eve party. Decorate your tables with 80's cascade centerpieces and 8-bit table covers. Mix in some neon glow necklaces and bracelets to add extra excitement to the party! ...

New Years Eve Classic Assortment for 50 Hats, Tiaras, horns, party, favor, nye, wholesale, inexpensive assortment
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Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88098-50 -

The New Year's Eve Classic kit is one to be remembered. This unique design will be adored by your guests. This inexpensive kit comes with enough party favors to cover 50 guests. Comes with Hats, Tiaras, and horns. Perfect kit for a Alice in Wonderland theme or Circus. Add some Assorted Small Round Beads to finish off your party favors.This kit includes:25 EA. Cellophane Hats25 EA. Glittered Fringed Tiaras50 EA. 9 Assorted Tasseled Horns ...

Peacock Assortment for 50  peacock, assortment, party favors, party kit, wholesale, bulk, inexpensive, hat, tiara, fedora, feather, horn, party beads
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Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88269-50 -

A peacock is known for their beauty and flashy feather colors. Make your guests know just how special they are to you on New Year's Eve with a kit that screams beauty, uniqueness, and personality. The gentleman will receive a slight abondance of peacock colors with their black velour fedoras. The black fedoras include a band with white "Happy New Year" letting accented with the peacock colors looming in the background. The ladies will enjoy an array of tiaras in assorted colors matched with a...

Red Onyx Assortment for 50 red, yellow, black, velour, topper, tiara, horns, beads, party, favor, new years eve, inexpensive, wholesale, bulk
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Availability: In Stock
Item #: 86198-50 -

This New Year's Eve kit makes a statement! The Red Onyx Assortment for 50 is bold and elegant at the same time. It's classy look of the velour topper with the red band and yellow print gives this kit an upscale feel. The ladies will adore the glittered plumed tiaras and the mix of gold and red party beads! This wholesale kit also includes horns that will spread out to each of your 50 guests per kit. Your party goers will be delighted with these party favors. Don't forget your champagne glasses...

Selecting the Right New Year's Eve Party Theme

Selecting the right theme for your New Year's Eve Party is imperative to having a successful and fun filled evening. New Year's Eve is a time for you guests to forget about last year and to start looking forward and setting resolutions for next year. Your theme should be incorporated throughout the entire evening from the party favors to the food you serve, and even the music that you play. It does not matter if you are throwing a formal event in your ballroom, or a casual event in the bar. The ideas and party favors that you will find at Party Express will make planning your event a breeze.

New Year’s Eve Party Checklist

Save time and money while you plan for your New Year's Eve Party by following these simple steps that are listed below. The Party Express team wants to make your party planning as simple as possible so we have given you some basic guidelines while you are planning your next event.

  • Be sure to choose a New Year’s Eve party theme that excites you and that you can get into. Make sure that you do not have any doubts about the theme that you chose. You are the one having the party and in order to get everyone else excited you have to be there first. If you like the theme that you chose it will make planning the rest of the party that much more fun.

  • Figure out how large or small that you want you New Year's Eve Event to be. Once you decide on the amount of people make sure your event space matches the group size. If the room is too big or too small it can drastically impact the quality of your New Year's Eve Party.
  • Now it's time to pick out your party invitations. Party Express is proud to offer low costs custom printed party invitations. You will be able to select the party invitation that best matches your theme. We have done our best to design invites that go well with a large variety of themes and colors. Once you have selected the invitations we recommend that you send them three to four weeks in advance. This will give your guest plenty of time to RSVP before New Year's Eve.

  • Now that you know how many people you are going to invite you can begin to budget for your event. Luckily when you get your items from Party Express we can stretch your budget even further. If you are having a champagne toast, order our bulk plastic champagne flutes to save you even more money.

  • It is finally time to select the party favors that goes with your theme. If you selected one of our 15 top themes head on over and take a look at all of the decorations and party favors that are matched specifically for your theme. Or you can stay right here and select a New Year's Eve Party Kit that best matches your idea and begin shopping from there.

That's it, you're done! You have your guest list, venue, invitations and party favors. Now it is time to enjoy the evening. Make sure your staff is prepped for the evening and you are there to make sure everything goes off with out a hitch. But most of all make sure that you have fun. You worked for it!

Ideas for the Perfect New Year's Eve Theme

Did you select the perfect theme for your New Year's Eve Party? Well if you did, then we have the Perfect New Year's Eve Party Favors to fit your theme. Whether you are have a Casino, Western, or even Masquerade Themed New Year's Eve Party, we have the Party Favors for you. If you look closely enough you might even find a Peacock Feather on the tiaras in one of our New Year's Eve Party Kits. Our Panama Collection New Year's Eve Kit is Perfect for a 1950's Themed New Year's Eve Party. Load up the soda jerks and pass the sundaes because this Party Kit is going to put you right back in time. And after you select your party kit to match you theme be sure to jump right over to our Party Theme Section and let your creative juices flow. We have all of the Party Favors and Decorations that you will need to turn any New Year's Eve Event into an event of a lifetime! No Matter what you are looking for Has the Right New Year's Eve Party Favors for you.

Our Themed New Year's Eve Party Kits are Sold to You at Wholesale Factory Direct Pricing, so you are always getting More Party For Your Dollar.