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Take a trip around the world this New Year's Eve by selecting party favors from countries like China, France, Australia, England and more. You can start your journey by selecting generic around the world table cards, plates, and napkins to begin your trip of a lifetime. You guests will enjoy the culturally diverse party that you through for them. It will be a night of learning, fun, and adventure.

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place setting cards in the theme of a world traveler
Price: $25.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59986 -

Quickly take your party guests anywhere they may wish to go by transforming your party venue into an international delight. The Around The World Table Cards are great for a vacation themed party as well as a jungle themed party. Give each table its very own card to incorporate similarity and cohesiveness but also individual uniqueness to your venue. Each card is 5 inches tall and comes in a pack of 12. The cards are made out of a cardstock material. Order your table cards in bulk along with...

table runner with globes on it in the theme of a world traveler
Price: $35.94
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59980 -

Take your guests on a trip around the world. Add the Printed Around The World Table Runner to your decorations. Perfect to add to your table tops for all to see. Each inexpensive piece measures 11 inches by six feet with a black tassel on the ends. Made of card stock material. Check out all the other great New Year's Eve party themes. ...

money envelopes for the chinese new year in red with chinese characters on them
Price: $29.94
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 57345 -

The Red Pocket Money Envelope is a time honored tradition for the Chinese New Year. Use these envelopes to giveaway free play or other fun Party Favors. Each envelope given is hopefully passing on a year of blessings and good fortune. The English translation to the artwork on the envelope is "Congratulations". Made of card stock material for durable use. Measures 3.5 inches by 6.5 inches. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 96. ...

Chinese centerpiece in red with gold Chinese characters on the red squares
Price: $29.97
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50748 -

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in style. Grab the Asian Cascade Centerpieces. This fun decoration will look amazing on your tables or bars. Each centerpiece measures 18 inches tall for all to see. Made of metallic material with a plastic base. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of six. Check out all the other great Chinese New Year items. ...

Chinese garland with red squares hanging off of the banner with Chinese characters written on the red squares
Price: $33.00
Availability: Closeout Item
Item #: 50749 -

The Chinese New Year is coming and you should get ready to Party. Celebrate this great event with our wholesale Party Supplies. What is an Asian party without the Asian decorations? This Asian Garland is one way to decorate for this Asian party. You can place this all along the wall or on the ceiling and have it drape down. Each inexpensive piece measures 5.5 inches by 6 feet. Printed on both sides of card stock material. ...

gold coins with a square hole in the middle with Chinese writing on them
Price: $51.00
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 57856 -

Hand out a bit of luck this year at your Chinese New Year party with the Chinese Good Luck Coins. These coins look like authentic Chinese good luck coins, your guests might even think they are real. According to Feng Shui, if someone were to tie three red coins onto a red ribbon and gave it to someone, they were sharing wealth and luck. The Chinese Good Luck Coins represent ancient Chinese currency that is no longer in use and if you had money of these you were prosperous, which everyone...

backdrop with white columns in front of a dark blue sky with stars
Price: $74.97
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 52101 -

Transform your venue from a space with plain walls into an extravagant setting. The Columns Backdrop displays a gorgeous blue night sky with bold columns. This would be a terrific setting for any upscale event. The night sky with columns background would be great for an elegant New Year's Eve event. Think of how wonderful your guests will look gliding across the dance floor wearing stunning party favors with this perfect scene in the background. Use balloons to add additional hanging decor to...

red fabric lantern that has Chinese markings all over it
Price: $77.94
Availability: Closeout Item
Item #: 59995 -

Ring in the Chinese New Year with some class and attention to detail! Get the Felt Chinese Palace Lantern! This intricately designed lantern is made out of a felt material making it soft to the touch and light enough to hang just about anywhere chosen. There is some small assembly required to get this one of a kind lantern in place. This product comes in a pack of 12 and is 18 inches long. Perfect for an international party as well as celebrating the New Year! Order your Chinese lanterns in...

Red 12" Good Luck Lantern with Tassel
Price: $77.94
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50678-12 -

Spread some cheer and good luck to the new year. Get the Good Luck Lantern With Tassel! This ruby red lantern is embellished with gold accents and has a gold tassel hanging from the bottom of it. When hanging, this item is 12 inches long. The lanterns come in a pack of 12. Perfect to bring in the Chinese New Year or to adorn your international party with. These lantern can be hung from the ceiling, from table tops, or even door frames. Order your lantern ins bulk along with the rest of your...

Red 16" Good Luck Lantern with Tassel
Price: $50.97
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50678-16 -

There can never be too much luck to spread around. Get the Good Luck Lantern With Tassel! These lanterns are a whopping 16 inches long when hanging. This item comes in a pack of 12. Each lantern is adorn with a golden, dangling, tassel. This item will help you celebrate the Chinese New Year in style. Order your lanterns in bulk along with the rest of your party day supplies! ...

3-D Double Decker Bus Centerpiece printed in great detail of a red bus and people riding.
Price: $35.94
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54122 -

With the bustling streets, the sweet smells of pastries in the air, and large, red, double decker buses moving about, you cant help but feel like the slightest bit of royalty! Your around the world party cant go without the 3-D Double Decker Bus Centerpiece! These centerpieces are great for making guests feel like they are sightseeing on top of the large red buses in the heart of Great Britain. There is some assembly required to get the centerpieces into their 3-D position. Once assembled, the...

3-D Foil Lamp Centerpieces in the color gold and made of card stock material.
Price: $47.94
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53583 -

Travel around the world and bring some Arabian culture to your party. Add the 3-D Foil Lamp Centerpieces to your party supplies. These centerpieces will give your venue a well-known cultured look. Each inexpensive piece is printed on foil material that will give a unique look of shading from different angles. With a size of 14.75 inches by 7.75 inches, this centerpiece will make the perfect statement. Traveling around the world with this decoration for New Year’s Eve will bring your travels to...

A Diverse New Year's Eve Celebration

Diversity and acceptance, it is a serious topic that is a source of tension in the modern day. However, you can do your part in relieving this tension in the most simple and basic way. It may seem strange, but hosting a culturally diverse New Year's Eve party that is equipped with New Year's Eve Party Supplies from around the globe can spark a conversation. A party is a relaxed environment that promotes social interaction. This type of environment is the perfect place to share knowledge of different cultures from across the globe. So host an, "Around the World" themed New Year's Eve party and watch cultures come together as one big melting pot to enjoy an evening of social interaction, celebration, and acceptance.

Travel the World This New Year's Eve

How do you travel around the world on just one night of the year without taking a plane or renting a jet pack? Think about each country that you want to visit and set up different party of your restaurant, resort, or business to resemble those types of events. At each location you should serve the food and drinks that is authentic to those countries. Here are a few examples of the types of countries that you can create in your very own establishment this New Year's Eve.


China actually holds its very own New Year's Eve Celebration call the Chinese New Year. This celebration is typically in early February and is based on the lunar calendar. However, there is no reason why you cannot incorporate authentic Chinese cuisine and party favors into your celebration. Red is the primary color that is recognized as China, so the Simply Red Assortment is the perfect party kit for this type of event. It might also be nice if you hand out some Chinese Money Envelopes at this part of the event filled with vouchers or well wishes for your guests.


The English celebrate New Year's Eve at the same time as those in the United States. The celebrations are very similar. However, you can highlight the English Culture by selecting items like bobby hats for your servers, or even better, your bouncers to wear. Decorate your event space with British flag decorations. You can even serve Toad in the Hole, a sausage dish traditionally served in Yorkshire pudding batter to all of your guests.


When I think about Australia I think of Kangaroos and boomerangs, but Australia has a lot more heritage that just those icons. Check out these amazing facts about Australia to get your brain thinking about how you can bring the heart of Australia into your venue. So make sure your mates have a G'day by selecting the right Australian Party Favors, foods, and drinks that are perfect for your New Year's Eve events.

Even More Great Countries and Cultures:

We have detailed just three great countries to host at your New Year's Eve party, but there are so many different options available. Here you will find party supplies from Mexico that will remind you of a fiesta, and French party favors that detail the Eiffel tower and other great iconic places in France. There is also Italy with the fine wines and foods. So start decorating and make this New Year's Eve a unique cultural experience for your guests.