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Step right up to the black jack table and start planning for your casino themed party. Here you will find all of the card suit decorations and dealer costume accessories that you will need to make your event space look like it belongs in a casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

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card suit tiaras in black clubs, spades, and red diamonds and hearts with a feather attached
Price: $60.53
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60009-50 -

Grab some party favors for your casino themed party. The Card Suit Tiaras are a unique and fun party favor for your guests. Hand these out at the door or throughout the evening. Each tiara is designed like a headband. The inexpensive tiaras are assorted with the card stock medallions with a feather. Your guests will definitely be chattering up how great these designs are. So when your planning your casino themed party for your New Year's Eve make sure you grab plenty of these. ...

beads with playing cards on the bottom as a medallion
Price: $29.70
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50568 -

Everyone will love the Card Suit Beads with Royal Flush Medals. This party favor is great for a casino themed New Year's Eve party. Add these to your casino themed party supplies and spread some texas holder luck with the royal flush medal. Each inexpensive strand has red and black beads with card suit symbols. Measures 36 inches and will fit most guests. Comes packaged wholesale in a pack of 12 pieces. Check out all the other casino themed items. ...

large fabric hat with playing card suit designs
Price: $64.75
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60311 -

Make a statement and stand out from the crowd with the Card "Suit" Fabric Hat! This hat is splashed with the colors of red and black along with different card suit symbols. The crimson red against the deep black give the hat a mysterious trait that can easily be matched with a casino night celebration or even and Alice In Wonderland birthday party. The hat is a one size fits most item and is made entirely out of a fabric material. Since the hat is made out of fabric, it is comfortable to wear...

large decorating kit for casino themed party that comes with casino banners, dollar signs, and playing card decorations
Price: $40.05
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55148 -

Transform your party venue into a casino quickly and easily with the Casino Decorating Kit. With 24 pieces of casino themed decoration, you'll have no problem making your venue look like it's straight out of Las Vegas! This kit is over flowing with garlands, cutouts, and tissue fans. Simply find a place for each piece and hang. Every inexpensive piece is light weight and easy to hang. Perfect for your casino themed New Year's Eve event. ...

party hat with playing cards, poker chips, and dice printed on it in the theme of a casino party
Price: $35.89
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 66614-25 -

There is no better feeling than knowing some luck might just be on your side for the night. The Casino Night Hi-Hat is a perfect way of kick starting a casino night celebration. This hat is a one size fits most item. The whole hat is made out of a cardstock material allowing it to be light and breathable for the whole night. No matter if you are rolling the dice, shuffling the cards, or taking the chips, this hat is a great way of getting all party guests involved and interacting with the...

tiaras with playing cards and poker chips on them with a real ostrich plume attached in the design of a casino night party theme
Price: $60.53
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 66865-50 -

Casino Night Tiaras will add special flare to your casino themed New Year's Eve party. Grab a one of a kind party favor for your guest. These tiaras will match any casino themed party. The card stock material is printed with poker chips, dice and two cards to equal out blackjack. The plume feather is added as a beautiful accent to this piece. Comes wholesale assorted in colors of black and red. Check out all the other great casino themed items for your party. ...

assortment of party beads that have dollar signs around the necklace in many colors
Price: $21.55
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50249 -

Party favors make any event more exciting. Beads are an inexpensive party favor that are perfect for any event. The Dollar Sign Beads are sure to be a hit. Everyone loves money, so wearing $'s is sure to feel great! A casino themed event is perfect for a birthday party, New Year's Eve, or fundraising gala. Each bulk pack of beads includes 72 strands of beads in an assortment of colors. Choose from all of our casino themed decorations and party favors to create the perfect atmosphere for your...

king of hearts playing card centerpiece decoration
Price: $17.23
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54924 -

Decorate for your next casino themed event with plenty of wholesale party supplies. The 3-D Playing Card Centerpieces are sure to be a hit! Each of these jumbo playing cards measures a foot tall. These cards will look lovely decorating your tables as centerpieces. Mix and match from all of our casino themed decor. With the right decorations, a regular night at the bar can become an exciting reason to party. Create the perfect holiday for your crowd with all of our inexpensive party decor! ...

plastic bead necklace in red and black with hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades
Price: $19.39
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 52173 -

Card Suit Beads are a festive party favor to add to your event. Great for any casino themed event such as New Year's Eve. This party favor comes in the traditional suit colors of red and black and include the suites of diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs. Your guests will feel lucky in their gin game with this hanging around their necks. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 36 pieces. One size fits most. Check out all the other awesome casino items for your event. ...

red and black hanging decoration with hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades
Price: $59.35
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50756 -

Casino Cascade is a great centerpiece or decoration for the tables at your next casino night. This cascade features the traditional red and black colors of a deck of cards as well as the four suits of cards that make up the deck. This cascade stands at 24 inches and comes with a plastic base included. The Casino Cascade is sold in a bulk pack of 12 so make sure to get enough for the tables at your next casino themed party! ...

casino themed centerpiece in red and black with card suit decor hanging off of it
Price: $14.18
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57756 -

There is no better feeling than knowing you just won big on casino night! The Casino Cascade Centerpiece is a great addition to your celebration. Simply set up on any flat surface for added shine and color. With the traditional black and red colors and the four suits from a deck of cards, this cascade works perfectly for your celebration. The centerpiece is 18 inches tall when standing. This item is made out of a metallic material that shimmers and shines as the light bounces off its surface....

green plastic dealer visor
Price: $21.01
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60313-G -

If you plan on holding a casino night, don't make the fatal flaw of not having enough dealers visors. The Clear Green Plastic Dealer's Visor is a great way of keeping the eyes well rested and ready to roll the dice all night long. No matter how intense the game is or how long the night gets, this visor is ready to keep the pesky light out of your eyes and on the cards. This is a one size fits most item. The hats come in a bulk pack of 12. There is no better way of kicking off the night with...

Poker Party Supplies, Casino Party Theme, Casino Night Decorations

Deal a winning hand with the bulk casino night decorations and party supplies that are available from Party Express. A casino themed party is the perfect event for any type of party. It works best when the guests are adults, since they will have a better understanding of the casino theme. The casino theme is easy to achieve with the hundred of wholesale decorations that you will find here. Select some playing card centerpieces, and hand some playing card whirls from the ceiling to let your guests know that you plan on dealing them a great time. Then you can hand out some favors to all of your guests. Some great casino themed ideas include card suit boppers, realistic playing card favors, dice beads, or casino themed party hats.

You also have to think about your servers as well. Turn your waitresses into casino cocktail servers and your bartenders into casino dealers. This can be achieved by giving your staff items like dealer visors, or dealer arm bands to wear for the evening. Have you servers dress in all black to resemble cocktail waitresses.

Your guests will have a great time gambling with our fake money and $100 bills that they will think that they hit the jackpot. Give out prizes to those guests that win the most that evening. You can either have fun prizes, or high end prizes to give away. Either way your guests will have a great time partying the night away at your very own casino night.