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When a celebration happens, noise must be made. Give your guests the best ways to make noise all around your party. With our noisemakers you can make all the noise you want without getting a sore throat from yelling. Get the biggest celebration started with these party favors.

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bright colored New Years Eve party horns
Price: $33.25
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88610-100 -

Party horns are fun. Tasseled party horns are fantastic!  Our foil horns with tassel come in a vibrant pack of colors. Each bulk pack of tasseled horns includes an assortment of red, purple, green, pink, and blue. Tasseled horns are a great add on to our party kits. Plus it is always a great idea to pick up some extra packs of party horns for your New Year's Eve party. These horns will also look terrific as part of your centerpieces. Mix in some colorful decor throughout your venue to...

party horn noisemakers with a zebra print design
Price: $18.53
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88282-100 -

Get a little wild with your New Year's Eve party. Get the party favors that's sure to not leave any spots around. Grab the Zebra Print Horns. These horns are great for guests of all ages. Each inexpensive piece has a mouth tip to be used. Simply blow in the mouth piece to make this noisemaker sound like a horn. The artwork completed on the foil card stock is printed to replicate the strips of a zebra. Your jungle will go to a whole new level with these horns. ...

black horns with assorted colored polka dots
Price: $23.28
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88366-100 -

Its time to say cheers to the New Year! When the clock strike midnight on New years Eve, its time to make some noise and welcome in the new and leave the old in the past. The Cheers To The New Year Horns are great at making this happen! These can easily be handed out as guests show up to the party or be passed around right before the stroke of midnight. The horns are 9 inches long and come in assorted colors. The colors include blue, pink, purple, and green. The horns come in a bulk pack of...

Rio Horns (Pack of 100) Rio Horns (Pack of 100), New Years Eve Party supplies, Horns
Price: $23.75
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 80040-100 -

Having a New Years Eve Party?  Want to celebrate by making noise with these New Year Horns.    Be sure to view all of all fun New Years Eve Party Supplies and favors.

rock and roll themed new year party horns that read rock the new year
Price: $23.28
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88169-100 -

When the clock strikes midnight on New years Eve, you better be ready to make lots of noise and welcome in the New Year right! The Rock The New Year Horns brings together the iconic style of old time Rock N' Roll and vibrant colors to party the night away with. The horns are 9" inches long and come in assorted colors. The colors include blue, green, pink, and orange. Each horn comes adorned with a black mouthpiece that matches the black ombre effect of the horns coloring. This item comes in a...

noisemaker horns with gold and silver polka dots
Price: $23.28
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88386-100 -

You cant have a New Years Eve celebration without some noise! The Silver & Gold Cheers To The NY Horns are a perfect way to welcome in the stroke of midnight and all that it carries for the upcoming New Year. With their classic colors of gold and silver, these horns are a perfect traditional touch to the celebration. The horns are all 9 inches in length. This item comes in an assortment of black horns with gold dots or black horns with silver dots. All horns are topped off with a black...

Choose your color colapsable stadium horns.
Price: $21.55
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60133 -

Get loud and proud at your next event with the Stadium Horns! Whether you are planning out a sporting event or you are eagerly waiting for the clock to strike midnight on New Years Eve, these horns are ready to make some noise! When fully expanded the horns are 28.5 inches long. They do collaps to 15 inches long when not in use. The horns are made out of a plastic material and come in a bulk pack of 12. Choose from the colors black, blue, green, purple, red, white, yellow, and assorted. Get...

Gold beads with a fun horn attached filled with multi-colored confetting.
Price: $24.45
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60138-GD -

Surprise your guests with the ultimate gift. The Beads with Confetti Horn is a party favor that's overflowing with creativity. Each inexpensive piece is based off of a set of a 36 inch strand of beads. Attached is a horn that's sure to make more than just noise at midnight on New Year's Eve. This horn will shoot out confetti when your guests start to blow in celebration. Stay a step above everyone else with your noisemakers and make sure to have these on hand for your guests. ...

Silver beads with a fun horn attached filled with multi-colored confetting.
Price: $24.45
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60138-S -

Beads w/Confetti Horn (Pack of 12)

Beads with Happy New Year Horns that say "Happy new year"
Price: $17.04
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 80135-MC -

Everyone loves to have a horn on New Year's Eve.  This year instead of having everyone scrambiling around trying to find their noisemaker at midnight, get horns on beads!  This way your guests will be able to wear their horn around the dance floor for whenever the moment strikes them.  Each beaded horn wishes your guests a "Happy New Year" and includes a fun fringe.  Select bright hats and tiaras for your guests to wear as well.  Be sure to pick up some multi-color...

Black foil party horns with white plastic mouth piece.
Price: $21.38
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88645-100 -

If you are looking for something to match just about any party décor or color scheme, these Black Foil Horns are exactly what you need. The classic color of black gives you a versatile look and style this year for New Years Eve. The horns are all completed with a white tip and black foil. Each horn is 9 inches long. This item comes in a bulk pack of 100. When the clock strikes midnight these horns are ready to welcome in the new and shut out the old! ...

Black foil party horns with gold metallic tassels and white mouth piece.
Price: $33.25
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88646-BKGD100 -

Let your guests make some noise at your party! The Black Foil Horns with Gold Tassel are a fun addition to any event.  Horns are always a popular party favor for New Year's Eve.  Plus these noisemakers are a great addition to our black and gold party kits.  Your guests will love the way the fringe moves in the air.  Tassel Horns also make a great addition to your centerpiece.  Add these to a mixture of other Black and Gold decor and everyone will be ready to party! ...

Bulk Party Horns

Get your lungs ready to release some air! The party horns are one of our more popular noisemakers for every event. These factory direct party favors are each unique designed for various themed parties throughout the year. Stick with a color scheme that will perfectly match your party or look for a specially printed horn. The Cigar Horns are outstanding for any Great Gatsby or 1920’s themed party. Show some pride with the Pride Horns that is printed with a shimmering look of rainbow colors. Whether you’re look for a horn with a special print, tassel, or a beaded necklace attached, we can get your noise started at your party for you.

Unique Noisemakers at Wholesale Prices

Noisemakers come in anything you can find. Ever gone to a wedding to see guests cling on a glass? Well we bring you multiple different options for events throughout the year. The Light Up Maracas are perfect for any fiesta themed party such as Cinco de Mayo. Cheer on your favorite sports teams while attending the bar with the Light Up Team Spirit Pom Poms. Take your guests back to when they were kids with Plastic Metallic Noisemakers. There are so many different options to keep the celebration going all night long.