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Are you looking for the class and elegance that is expected with a New Year's Eve party, but still want a fun party atmosphere? Look no further than the black and silver New Year's Eve decorations at Select for stylish metallic centerpiece to glittered Happy New Year Banners. Create an atmosphere like no other this New Year's Eve.

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black velour happy new year 1920s party hat with a silver happy new year foil band
Price: $45.00
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 88106-S25 -

Fun party favors are almost a prerequisite for a good time for New Year's Eve.  Each year your guests expect the restaurant to be dazzling in party decor and balloons.  As the balloons drop at midnight, every wants to be wearing a party hat or tiara so that they feel like an integral part of the celebration.  Noisemakers and beads add to all of that enjoyment as well!  The Chairman Hat is a fun twist on a classic favorite.  This velour hat resembles an old fashioned...

Black Happy New Year streamer with silver glittered lettering.
Price: $4.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 80120BKS -

Make sure your décor is top notch and sure to turn heads. The Glittered Happy New Year Streamer is one of a kind. This decoration is great hanging on your walls or tables. Each inexpensive piece will sparkle in the light with the glittered finish. Measures 8.5 inches by 8 feet. The traditional silver and black color will match the rest of your New Year's Eve items. ...

Black and silver celebration confetti poppers.
Price: $119.94
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59640-BKS -

Glitter, sparkles, and anything shinny instantly gives off the look of feel of a grand celebration. That why New Years Eve should be dripping in shimmer and covered in a classy color scheme of silver and black. The Push Up Confetti Poppers give you the best of both worlds for your party! This item comes in a pack of 12. Not only are these great for New Years Eve, they also go hand in hand with an awards night, graduation, and more! Once the item is popped, it can not be reused. Order your...

Black and gold confetti celebration poppers.
Price: $119.94
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59640-BKGD -

Celebrate the New Year with a fun and exciting party favor. The Push Up Confetti Poppers will take your celebration to the next level. Each piece includes 1/2 ounce of confetti in a plastic canister, Simply point each inexpensive popper away from the face and people and push. This specific party favor is overflowing in black and gold. Hand this out to your staff and surround your guests with these for some fun. ...

Multi-colored push up confetti celebration poppers
Price: $119.94
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59640-MC -

Silver metallic material curtain with various sized black stars attached.
Price: $50.97
Availability: Back Order
Item #: 80340-BKS -

Let the 1-Ply Gleam N Curtain set the stage for your New Year's Eve party. Include this wholesale metallic curtain to your decor for a night fit for the stars! The 1-Ply Gleam N Curtain will look fabulous in doorways or on the walls.  This will be a party decoration that everyone will be asking about afterwards. The Gleam N Curtain is printed on both sides with black printed stars on top of silver metallic curtain, and measures 8 feet by 3 feet.  Comes bulk in a pack of 6 pieces....

Black Doorway Curtain made of metallic strands
Price: $37.50
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 55410-BK -

Black 1-Ply FR Gleam 'N Curtains are a versatile item.  These can be used for multiple types of events such as New Year's Eve, Black Tie, Birthday Party and much more. These curtains are a great back drop for a photo booth as well as a entry to a door.  Bulk ordering of 6 pieces helps to decorate your event in detail.  The curtains are 8 feet long by 3 feet wide.  Need some more inexpensive decorations? Check out more of our metallic decorations. ...

Silver Doorway Curtain made of metallic strands
Price: $37.50
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 55410-S -

Get your party in tip top shape with some shimmer and shine! The 1-Ply FR Gleam 'N Curtain in silver is perfect for just about any celebration. The classic color of silver helps to give your New Years Eve party a step up from the rest of them. The curtain is made entirely our of a metallic material that has a light reflective quality to it. Each curtain is 8 feet by 3 feet. This item comes in a bulk pack of 6. Great for using as a photo backdrop or tp easily cover a portion of a wall! ...

1-Ply Silver Metallic Fringe Drape made with shiny material.
Price: $31.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55039-S -

Some shimmer and some shine is all that you need to put the final touches on a New Years Eve celebration. No matter where or how you are celebrating, include the Packaged 1-Ply Silver Metallic Fringe Drape. This drape is made entirely out of a silver metallic material that bounces light off its surface. Each drape is 15 inches wide by 10 feet long. This can easily be used to hang from a table top or along a wall. Not only can the drapes discreetly hide items under a table, they can also be...

3-D Foil Diamonds (Pack of 72) 3-D Foil Diamonds, silver, decoration, diamond, prom, New Years Eve, bachelorette, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk, winter,
Price: $53.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53735-S -

So many parties are decorated with the color silver. Fill your venue with this beautiful color with the 3-D Foil Diamonds. Simply assemble the diamonds and hang from your ceilings with the included cords. Printed on foil material for a beautiful shine. Great for any event such as prom or New Year’s Eve event. Measures various sizes of four and a half inches, six and a half inches and nine inches. Comes packaged wholesale in a pack of seventy-two individual pieces. ...

3-D silver foil star table centerpiece in small, medium, and large.
Price: $20.70
Availability: Back Order
Item #: 52148-S -

3-D Foil Star Centerpieces allows your guests to see stars everywhere. This decoration is easy to put together and decorate with. This inexpensive piece can be used on your tables as centerpieces. You can also use these as decorations around your venue. Comes with assorted sizes ranging from 3 inches to 8 inches tall. Great for your list of New Year's Eve party supplies. Make sure your event is filled with New Year's Eve supplies to make your event perfect. ...

The 3-Tier Shimmering Chandelier is made of metallic black and silver material.
Price: $50.25
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57510-BKS -

New Year's Eve is a night to shine. Adorn your event space with sparkling, extravagant, inexpensive decor for an evening that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Black and Silver Themed New Year's Eve parties are classic and trendy. Elegance is often found in the details, and hanging decor is always sure way to add sparkle to your room. The 3-Tier Shimmering Chandelier looks stunning in a ballroom or a space with a tall ceiling. Each chandelier has a three-tier 4 foot drop. Add...

Bulk Black and Silver New Year's Eve Decorations

Party Express makes it easy to decorate your space. Just select a Black and Silver Decor and take a look at all of the New Year's Eve Decorations available to you in this category. Black & Silver New Year's Eve Decorations are the tried and true color scheme for any New Year's Eve Party. It is elegant and recognized as the definition of a New Year's Eve Party. Be sure to take a look at our wide selection of New Year's Eve Banners that are sure to dazzle your guests. Are you looking for something to place on your tables? Look no further than our selection of New Year's Eve Centerpieces. No Matter how you would like to decorate your space for New Year's Eve. Party Express is your source for top quality and excellent priced Black and Silver New Year's Eve Party Decorations.

Wholesale Black & Silver New Year Centerpieces, Banners, & Confetti

Here you will find black and silver New Year's Eve decorations for your entire event space. Start by selecting a glittered and shiny New Year's Eve banner. The next step is to select the right centerpieces for your tables. We have metallic star centerpieces, 3-D foil centerpieces, and a large selection of wholesale paper centerpieces. The final step is to add a little glamour to your tables by sprinkling New Year's Eve confetti all over the tables. When all of these element match your Black and Silver theme, then your event space will look spectacular!