What Makes New Year’s Eve Romantic?

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How Make New Year's Eve Romantic and Special

Starting a New Year is more than just a kiss! With all the glitz and Glam, streamers and Confetti. New Year’s Eve can be a romantic evening. And a night you will never forget. It is about having that special someone beside you, breaking open that bottle of wine or champagne you have been saving. Making new traditions, and breaking bad habits. Do not forget to take lots of pictures for memories and let’s not forget the New Year’s Eve decorations to make your night complete!

Everyone Kisses at Midnight

couples feet together standing in the snow, you can tell they are kissing but can only see up to their knees

The number one tradition on New Year’s Eve is to give that special some a KISS at Midnight. It has been known to mean more LOVE! So pucker up before the clock strikes 12. Have your guests bring in the New Year with the Simply Red Kit (Hats, Horns, and Tiaras) everyone around will feel the LOVE to bring the New Year!

Eat for Good Luck!

big dish of pork, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes

When the New Year comes around we think of Traditions some people plan a meal like Pork and Sauerkraut because it symbolizes prosperity and “good Luck”. In Spain, they eat 12 grapes at midnight to bring prosperity for the New Year. If you want more luck your way you could break plates for “good luck” people are known to do this Denmark. Maybe you just want to start your own traditions for your family. Create a small New Year’s Eve party with family and friends. Dress your guests with Midnight Magic Topper and dress the ladies with Gold Coast Tiaras. String a Metallic Happy New Year Banner with glittered letters above the hors d’oeuvres table. Bring in the New Year with some good luck, cheer, and prosperity.

Talk About Resolutions

Represents New Years Eve Resolutions with a scale, measuring tape, and an apple

Did you make a New Year’s Eve Resolution?  Maybe it was to eat healthier, exercise more, become more active, quit smoking, get more sleep or just reduce your stress! Then you just may want to have a relaxing New Year’s Eve evening. Sit down with a few friends and watch the ball fall on TV at Times Square in New York City. Grab a few Colorful Foil Horns to make a little noise at midnight, and some Happy New Year Beads-of-Expression or Disco Ball Necklace for your guests to keep and remember this night.

Make a Time Capsule

hands hold a box wrapped in brown paper with simple twine holding it together

Make a time capsule with family and friends or that special someone. Have a New Year’s Balloon Selfie Frame. Take lots of pictures to capture the moment and make memories. Put together a New Year’s Eve party so grand with decorations and a theme. Want to choose a color and theme? Here is an idea, Make it a shimmery night with Gold and Silver. Have a swinging good time with the Swingin’ Gold and Swingin' Silver Kits, with party hats, tiaras, horns, and party beads. Go all out and decorate your guest’s tables with Happy New Year Confetti, in Black & Gold or Black & Silver. Hang a few 3-Tier Shimmering Chandeliers, in Black, Gold, and Silver. Your guests will think this is a party fit for a king and queen. This will be one New Year’s Party you will wish you could repeat every night.

Create A Romantic Evening

Romantic setting of a bed with wine and deserts sitting in front of it

This New Year’s Eve, maybe you just want to recreate the magic with you and your loved one. Recreate your first date. Give her a Royal Rhinestone Tiara make her feel like the princess she is. Share some wine or champagne in a LED Champagne Glass to relive that magic you still share. Bring in that New Year with more love then you could imagine.

It doesn't matter if it’s a New Year’s Eve Trend, Tradition or Resolution. If you have the perfect decorations for your venue. From the lighting, to the color and theme. You will have yourself a grand New Year’s Eve Party. Guests will love walking into a New Year with their New Love! Just make the event a romantic and unforgettable night.

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