Back to the 80’s - A Totally Retro New Year’s Eve Celebration

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Dude!! We have something for you this year! If you are still thinking about what to do for a New Year’s Eve party, I suggests going for a back to the 80’s themed celebration. These throwback parties are all the rage nowadays making it easy to take a step into the past and make your party one to go down in style with. All you need are some totally radical and oh so righteous party decor and favors!

The 80’s was a time known for its bold popping colors, wild styles, permed hair, and of course the music rolling out of the boom box being carried on someone’s shoulder. This all may be a part of days gone by, but the memories of this one of a kind time still lives on.


1980's Backdrop

To create the overall theme of the party you are going to want to start with a themed backdrop and dress it up to your liking. Our brick wall backdrop is a great foundation to start with. Simply place this backdrop along a wall and secure with your choice of tape or thumbtacks. Street art and graffiti was a common trait for any brick wall in the 80’s. Dress your brick wall up with the 80’s graffiti props! These bold and colorful props are perfect for adding right on top of the backdrop in any location or position desired.

The 80’s graffiti props pair nicely with our awesome 80’s cutouts, back to the 80’s sign, and of course the 80’s hair band silhouettes! Try intermixing props, cutouts, and silhouettes for a bold and wild style that matches the era of the 80’s. The more color and funky shapes you can bring to the party the better! In the front of your backdrop hang the 80’s stringer. To get a wholesome effect, hang more than just one of these banners but be sure to space them out enough to still see the backdrop you decorated.


1980's Table decorations

The backdrop and stringers that were used make a great transition into the seating for you event. Keep with the same theme of bright colors for this. Start by laying down the lime green table cover for a bold baseline to the table décor. Down the center of the table cover, use the printed party shapes table runner to break up some of the bright green but keep with the wild style we are reaching for.

Since boom boxes and music were such an important party of the 80’s, this party would not be justified without the boom box being represented loud and proud! Place the boom box centerpieces down the center of the table keeping enough space in between each one for some favor boxes. Guest love being able to leave for the night with a bit of the party to take with them. The Boom box favor boxes are great for adding sweet treats to for guests munch on before the party starts or on their way home from the party. Be sure to have enough favor boxes for everyone sitting at the table but keep them towards the center and away from the plates and silverware to prevent crowding.

Set your table with the totally 80’s plates, napkins, beverage cups. This tableware will give your space a hip and radical arcade and 8-Bit vibe. In front of your plates, for an added touch and appeal, place the shutter shades for guest to wear through the night. These shades will pair nicely with party hats and tiaras!


1980's New Year's Eve Party Hats

The main event of the night however will of course be the stroke of midnight when it’s out with the old and in with the new! A simple champagne toast will not be enough to celebrate an event of this scale. Make sure you have plenty of party hats, tiaras, beads, and of course horns to get the energy level up and ready to go all night long!

There would be nothing better than our totally 80’s assortment for this type of party. The kit was designed and created for taking party guests back in time. To grab guests attention and draw them in, get creative with how you display your party favors. We chose to go for a pyramid shaped display with tiaras, horns, and beads intermixing. These hi-shinning, silver, metallic, hi-hats practically jump out at you and instantly give off a high energy vibe to get people in the mood to make some noise and count down to the stroke of midnight.


1980's party wardrobe choices

To top off your 80’s look you will want to reach for a few iconic wardrobe pieces to have a totally tubular outfit that matches with the hats and tiaras. For the ladies, go for a colored body suit of your choice. This can be paired with light washed, high waist jeans and a neon pair of high heels.If jeans aren’t you things, pair the body suit with a bright and bold pair of workout leggings, a colorful pair of leg warmers and an iconic and classic pair of chunky white sneakers. Finnish you outfits with plenty of chunky jewelry such as bangles and over-sized belts!

For the men, if you are looking to go with a laid back and comfortable look then a tracksuit is perfect for you! Try to find one with plenty of color and shapes for an over the top style. If you prefer to go for a more dressed up and formal look try adorning a pair of acid wash jeans and matching it with a stark white t-shirt and a light wash jean jacket. Top this style of with a white pair of sneakers. If jeans still are not your style, a pair of light brown, high waist khakis and an over the top dress shirt with lots of color and funky shapes is the way to go.


With some great party décor, outfits, and accessories, all your 80’s themed party needs is an iconic playlist, some funky up lighting, and of course some great eats inspired by the time era. Anyone not in attendance this year will end up being stuck at a majorly lame party having to book it on over to yours!

1980's Decorations

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