A Winter Wonderland New Year’s Eve - An Ice Crystal Paradise

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New Years’ Eve falls right around the time of year that the outdoor temperatures hit their lowest and the presence of snow is usually seen. Capture the whimsical qualities of snow and ice crystals for New Year’s Eve this year with a winter wonderland celebration. If you have ever been lucky enough to catch the rays of the warm sun bounce off the surface of a freshly fallen snow, you know how magical this force of nature can be. No matter what climate you are in or where you plan on celebrating New Year’s Eve this year, that freshly fallen snow feel can be created anywhere with the right touch and perfect décor!

A Winter Wonderland

For this type of event you want your guests walking through the door to find themselves stepping into a crystal encrusted oasis that Jack Frost himself would be envious of. While the theme of the night is ice and snow, you want to keep things heated up and white hot in the décor department. Start with the seating for the guests. Use an all white table cover to give your party space a blank slate to dress up and add to. For this type of seating, stay away from using sharp angled, rectangular tables and instead opt for round tables. Our plastic round tablecover in white would be perfect for this! Along the edge of the table, add in some metallic table skirting in silver to help mask the legs of the tables and give them a finished look. In the center of these tables, with a light hand, sprinkle some faux sparkling snow. The faux snowflakes against the white tablecover will give your table tops the look of a freshly fallen snow. On top of that, add the 3-D prismatic snowflake centerpiece to the center of your table. The silver in the table skirting and the silver in the centerpiece will complement one another and tie the look together.

To craft an overall snowy theme for the party and transform the space you are in, make use of some themed backdrops. Piece together the snowscape backdrop and the winter sky backdrop. On a flat wall, lay the snowscape backdrop on the bottom portion of the wall and blend in the winter sky backdrop on top of the snowscape backdrop. These two backdrops together instantly bring the feeling of freshly fallen snow to your party space. To really send the illusion of falling snow over the top, use the snowflake party panels to hang from the ceiling in front of the backdrops. If you would like to add in an extra touch to this display and get a little crafty, cover dark blue, white, and light blue, paper lanterns in some glitter of your choice. These can be hung in between the snowflake party panels or placed on the floor around the bottom of the backdrops for a personal touch to your décor.


glittered lanterns

What you will need:

  • Craft glue
  • Glitter color of your choice
  • Krylon crystal clear sealing spray
  • Trash bags or old newspaper

How to make:

Start by prepping your work space by laying down old newspaper or trash bags to keep messes contained and cleanup easy. Coat or spray one side of the lanterns with glue and lightly sprinkle glitter onto lantern directly after glue application. How much glitter you add is a personal choice. Let the glittered side of the lantern completely dry before repeating on the second side. Once the whole lantern is glittered, use sealing spray to lock in the glitter and keep it from falling off during use.

Having great décor alone won’t make your party memorable enough to keep people coming back year after year. For a night like New Year’s Eve, having some memorable party favors is a must. Party favors are a great way of getting each and every guests involved in the party atmosphere and leaves them with a tiny piece of the celebration to take home at the end of the night. Make your party favor table the focal point of the room. This will help draw people in and start the celebration off with an abundance of energy. Since the rest of the room is decked out with round tables, its best to use a rectangular table for the favors. The larger table helps to keep things clean and organized while being able to display enough supplies for everyone at the party.

To set this up, use our rectangular tablecover in white to cover your table and trim the edges with the metallic and tissue tassel garland. Behind your table hang a Gleam ‘N curtain in white to create a shimmering backdrop. To really capture the look of glimmering snow, this is where you want to add in plenty of shine. Get yourself some clear craft string. Use the clear string to hang the metallic winter snowflakes in varying colors of blue, opalescent, and silver. It would be a great idea to add in the 2-toned metallic snowflakes in light blue and mint green as well to create some color and design contrast. Hang these snowflakes from the ceiling at varying lengths in front of the white curtain.By layering these different colored snowflakes at different lengths, you are giving your display the look of dimension with a pop of color.

White snowflakesTo bring the overall party space together opt for using the white tissue snowflakes in varying sizes to place throughout the venue space and along the edges of your metallic curtain. Mix the white snowflakes in with the dip-dyed snowflakes for a pop of soft blue coloring. On the top of your table you can opt to use some more of the faux sparkling snow that was used earlier if desired. The Artic Blue New Year’s Eve kit would fit perfectly into this themed event. Lay out the toppers, tiaras, horns, and beads for guests to take their pick from. If you are looking to add something a little extra special to the favors then opt for including the Glittered Snowflake Glasses.

Since the favor table is going to be the main focal point of the room, it can then be flipped to the toasting station later in the night. As the night grows older and the midnight hour draws closer, clean off what’s left of the party favors and set up the champagne for toasting to the to the New Year. Try to keep this table close to the dance floor for easy access to favors at the beginning of the night and a quick grab of champing at the end of the night. Along with champagne, guests may like a small refreshment such as sugar cookies or ginger snaps to snack on. After all, there is nothing better than coming inside from a snow day to freshly baked, and toasty warm cookies!

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