What to Wear on New Year’s Eve Party

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New Year’s Eve is no ordinary night. It is a time of thrills, excitement, and sparks in the air! Since this is a special night, there needs to be a special wardrobe prepared for all party goers. So gather around ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let us find you the perfect outfit of the night!

New Year's Eve DressLadies

So let’s be realistic. New Year’s falls on December 31st, and for most of the population its way to cold out to opt for the teeny tiny mini skirt or skin tight pencil dress. A lot of the way you decide to dress is also going to depend on the type of party you will be attending. If this is a formal and elegant party, you will want something more graceful and luxurious. If you are attending a more relaxed party, don’t be afraid to grab those comfortable pair of boldly colored denim pants you have in your closet. No matter what kind of party you attend, everyone wants to make a statement with their outfit choice.

The most popular wardrobe color choice for ladies on New Year’s Eve tends to be black and gold. Especially gold sequins. Sequined outfits are great for adding that ambiance of excitement to the air and perfectly matches the glitz and the glam of twinkling fireworks. However, not everyone can, or wants to pull off wearing a dress of nothing but sequins. Plus, as the night progresses, a sequined dress is going to quickly become uncomfortable. This is a big night, let’s look great and be comfortable while doing it. Other colors that are a hit for New Year’s Eve clothing are Champaign pink, emerald green, plum purple, and brooding red.

If you truly wish to wear a dress or a skirt to your celebration there are a few things you can look for in your clothing to cut back on the chill factor. If you are wearing a dress, try to find one with sleeves or one that can be matched with a classy cardigan sweater. You could also look for a shawl that gracefully drapes over the shoulders and arms of the wearer. Invest in some matching nylon stockings to wear on your legs as well. If you opt for wearing a skirt, try to get one in a longer length or match it with a pair of leggings or nylon stockings. Pair your skirt with a nice sweater or long sleeved shirt. If having your legs exposed is not your cup of tea, opt for a pair of pants in a bold and daring color or maybe a pair that have a metallic sheen to them. If in doubt, you can always go with the classic color of black. You really can’t go wrong with a bold and daring outfit on New Year’s Eve. Unless of course, you show up in your sweatpants and oversized sweatshirt.

The jewel of accessories for New Year’s Eve for ladies has to be the party tiaras and party beads. These pieces are the one wardrobe attire that truly screams and shouts NEW YEAR’S EVE! No New Year’s Eve party is complete without adorning your neck with a string of shimmering beads and delicately topping your head with a glittered feathered tiara. The most iconic color for these pieces are gold and silver, or black and white. They also come in assorted colors as well. There are many styles of tiaras to choose from. The wholesome look of a spread feather tiarais great for those elegant get-togethers. Make yourself look regal with a plume feather tiara. If feathers are not your thing however, opt for a metallic fringed tiara! Whichever style of tiara is chosen, you are sure to make a grand statement entering the party room. Party beads are a great touch to any outfits as well. The tiara gives each lady the feel of being a princess for the night while the beads add class and dimension to an outfit. Beads match with just about any wardrobe choice. Wear a strand alone for a simple look or layer them for a more in depth appeal!


New Year's Eve Dress Code for Men

Ok men, it’s time to talk fashion! If you are taking a great looking lady out for New Year’s Eve, you know she is going to dress her best. You need to be dressed to match! If you are attending an elegant party opt for something you don’t normally reach for on a daily basis. Maybe splurge and get yourself looking sleek in a tuxedo! The most common colors for men to wear on New Year’s Eve is dark navy, burgundy, and of course black. Piece together a nice pair of navy trouser and a crisp white shirt. Add a navy blazer to rev up the look and add a glamorous touch. Men, you could also try going for a bolder look and adorning yourself with a velvet blazer. The velvet brings out an elegance that is reserved for the most special of events. Adding a tie or bowtie to the outfit will certainly give you a polished look but is solely left up to the decision of the wearer. If you choose to wear a suit, remember to tuck your shirt in and match your belt to the outfit. Wearing a belt pulls together the final touches of an outfit so going without is not an option when the shirt is going to be tucked in.

If you are heading out for a more relaxed party get creative with denim! Don’t be afraid to pull out those dark washed jeans and pair it with a dark sweater or a nice leather jacket. It has also become increasingly popular for men to opt for colored denim jeans as well. Look for a pair of khaki or maybe maroon colored jeans. Pair any outfit with a brown or black loafer or oxford shoe to complete your look.

Most men don’t wear too many accessories on a daily basis but on New Year’s Eve they do! Ladies get the tiaras and men get the hats. New Years Eve hats come in so many styles and colors. The most stylish hats are the velour chairman and fedora. If you are looking for something to make a statement with, these are the hats for you! The velour gives an elegant, high roller, feel that truly makes any outfit pop and stand out. If velour is not your thing, try opting for a Hi-Hat or a topper. Hi-Hats are a lightweight styled hat that usually have a metallic sheen to them in just about any color, with a multitude of printed on designs available. Toppers are hats that portray a high-class style and sits snuggly on the tiptop part of the wearers head. Hats are the perfect way to bring in the New Year. The options for finding your desired hat style and theme are endless.

Along with partygoers getting at least a hat or a tiara and beads, a complete outfit includes horns or noisemakers as well! These pieces are not wearable but pair nicely with the hats and tiaras. Imagine having an outfit completed with the best accessories around and not having anything to make some noise with as the clock strikes midnight! The horns usually come in multiple colors and have a metallic sheen to them. Horns for the most part, match with your tiara and hat to create a tied together and wholesome look. Finding the right outfit for your New Year’s Eve style is important but incorporating the correct accessories with the outfit is just as important. Don’t make the mistake of celebrating New Year’s Eve without your tiara or hat. You will certainly be in the minority if you do! Wear the proper shoes on New Year's Eve

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