Top New Year's Eve Party Ideas For 2018

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Top New Year's Eve Party Ideas for 2018

Are you looking for the top themes for a New Year's party this year? Well look no further than We have selected the top 15 themes with the best items to go with them. This should make your new year planning a breeze. Simply select one of the top themes and select the best product that has been pre-selected for you! So think about your event space with new year's eve decorations. Think about your guest with new year's eve hats and accessories. Think about saving money by purchasing your party favors from! We are the best and cheapest supplier of new year's eve party supplies on the web. So do all of your planning here, you won't be disappointed!

So what is the best theme for your new year's eve party? That is up to you! The era themed new year's eve party are always a big hit. So throw a gnarly 1980's party, or let the flappers run free with a 1920's party. If you want to throw a party that is a little more unique, think about throwing a Alice in Wonderland party and hand out our "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" tableware and decorations. Light up the night with the Glow in the Dark favors that you will find at Party Express. Or let your guests be someone else this December 31st by hosting a masquerade party. No matter what theme you select this new year, we are sure you will find all of the party supplies that you need right here at Party Express! Simply click the image of your favorite theme and start planning today.

1920's Party

1920's New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

The first thing that you need to do when planning a New Year’s Eve party is to select the right party idea or theme. Your party idea will be a party of the food, drinks, costumes, and decorations, so be sure to choose an idea that fits your party style and that you will enjoy planning. These party ideas will make your New Year Party planning a breeze. You will be able to find all of the perfect party supplies for your ideas right here at

1920's Theme Ideas

Here are some of the top ideas for a 1920's Themed New Year's Eve Party

Gangster Party Ideas: The 1920's were a time when notorious gangster ruled the streets. Take your guests back to the time of organized crime. Select some gangster hats and fedoras and put the women in black and white head dresses. Stick some peel and place bullets holes on the doors and windows to make it look like gang was just there. You could even turn a 1920's gangster party into a murder mystery.

Flapper Party Ideas: The 1920's was not all about the gangsters ruling the street. There was also a lot of glitz and glamour. When you think of a 1920's woman dressed up for a night on the town you can not help but think about the flapper girls. Select some flapper headbands for the ladies and maybe some pearl white beads or feather boas. The men will look great in one of the multiple styles of top hats available at all different price points.

Music Party Ideas: The 1920's were a time of big bands and leading performers. We have developed an entire hat style just to fit the big band style. Take a look at our Chairman New Year's Eve Party Kits for your next big band themed new year's eve party. You will also find music note decorations that will fit this idea perfectly.

Sherlock Holmes Party Ideas: If a gangster came to visit and a flapper girl went missing while the big band was playing, then you need someone to solve the crime. Have a 1920's murder mystery party featuring Sherlock Holmes as your leading detective. Grab Sherlock's Bowler hat and some white spats and let the investigating begin! You can also head on over to our Halloween Section and set the scene of the crime.

Speakeasy Party Ideas: The 1920's Speakeasy theme is the perfect idea for New Year's Eve. It incorporates drinks with partying which is what New Year's Eve is all about! Create some specialty cocktails that are reminiscent of a old time speak easy and grab some high class black and white party decorations that fit the theme perfectly. Your bartender will be slinging vintage drinks to a group of people right out of the history books.

Cigar Room Party Ideas: In the 1920's cigars and cigarettes were just a way of life. They were symbolic of the upper class. When you look back at old photographs you will see men and women smoking in their finest attire. We actually offer an New Year's Eve Party Kit that includes horns that look like cigars. Take a look at our Havana Assortment for 50 to see some of the nicest looking horns and hats that you will find. You can also select from fake cigars and cigarettes that look like they are actually lit.

1950's Party

1950's Theme Ideas

Plan Your Next 1950's Era Party

Jump back in time to the 1950's. When Soda Jerks served you pop at the local dinner and you took your main squeeze to the drive ins for a movie. Toss on a poodle skirt and style a pompadour for your next 1950's party. Party Express is your one stop shop when it comes to creating the perfect environment for your 1950's Party.

If you are looking for some great ideas for hosting a 1950's themed party, then you have come to the right place. has over 100 different items to fit your theme perfectly. A 1950's themed party is the perfect theme for a New Year's Eve Party. So select some pink and blue new year's eve party kits and then start to decorate and accessorize with the many different options and styles that are available from Party Express.

Ideas for Planning a 1950's Party

If you are looking to turn your event space into a sock hop, soda shop, or drive in let Party Express be your guide to creating the perfect 1950's Party theme.

First comes the decorations. Grab some glittered banners and jukebox centerpieces to turn a your venue into an old soda shop. Then you can serve dessert with our tissue banana splits. They are perfect to set around the dessert table of buffet. There are tons of cutouts available to place on the walls like pink Cadillacs, 1950's sign cutouts, and musical notes and records. Your guests will have a blast remembering the gold old days and the simpler times of the 1950's.

But wait, you are not done yet. What will your guests be wearing at this beautifully decorated party? Take a look around, there are dozens of different party favor giveaways for your party. Maybe some inexpensive music note beads, or a greaser comb to keeps that pompadour in shape. If that is not your style, then certainly some record beads or horn rimmed glasses will do the trick. Your servers will look amazing in our pink poodle skirt costume accessory and chiffon scarf. You name it, we have the perfect party supplies and ideas for your 1950's Rock & Roll New Year's Eve party.

1960's Party

1960's Ideas

Ideas For a 1960's Theme Party

It's time to get groovy and start planning for your 1960's themed party. Let your hippie side show and dig deep for that old tie dyed T-Shirt. If you don't have all of those goodies left from the 1960's do not fear, Party Express has you covered!

Let the party supplies and costume accessories that are offered at be your guide to planning a 1960's themed party. You will find all kinds of peace sign favors, tie-dyed decorations, and hippie costume accessories. Party Express has everything that you need to turn your event space into a psychedelic dream. You can start out by hanging tie-dyed banners over every entrance way. This will let your guests know that they are about to walk through a time warp to the 1960's. Once inside they will see peace sign whirls hanging from the ceiling and maybe even some hippie bus centerpieces on the table full of little snacks and goodies.

Look The Part in Tie-Dyed Hippie Costume Accessories

Your guests have to look the part when they are dancing the night away at your special event. So hand out some groovy costume accessories to them as they walk in the door. Some great ideas include peace sign beads, tie-dyed bandanas, or mod tops. You could go really crazy and turn all of your guests into hippies with our hippie costume kit. Your hippies will have everything they need to look and dress the party for this one of a kind party.

Make peace not war this New Year's Eve and throw an 1960's party that your guests will never forget. The 1960's might be a blur to them now, but your party is sure to stay fresh in their minds. They will be getting their groove on all night light as they are sporting tie-dyed colors and peace signs. So do not hesitate. Start planning your 1960's themed new year's eve party today!

1970's Party

1970's new year's eve party theme ideas image

Create Custom Invitations

Create a custom invitation that matches the colors and theme of your 1970's Party. Party Express will customize our invitations to meet your event's needs. Invitations are the best way to let your prospective guests know that you are having a party and to fill the event space on December 31st. So intrigue your guests with one of our professionally designed custom new year's eve invitation.

Disco Decorations

The decorations are the specialty for Party Express. We have hundreds of different 1970's themed new year's eve decorations. Whether you are looking for graffiti buses to put on the table as centerpieces or large 1970's paper cutouts to place on the walls you are sure to be able to turn your event space into a disco party that no one will ever forget! If you are serving food at your party we have the perfect disco ball tableware to serve all of those fancy little finger foods.

The 1970's were an era of bright colors, disco balls, and dance floors. has all of those great designs and more to decorate your bar or ballroom. Your guests will be filled with enthusiasm when they walk in and see all of the hard work that you did, that really was not all that difficult at all. Simply take your items out of the package and hang them up!

1970's Costume Accessories and Party Favors

It would not be a party unless you were handing out hats, tiaras, and other celebratory aides to your guests. Party Express has developed some of the best and inexpensive Party Favors for you guests to utilize throughout the night. You will find New Year's Eve Party Kits in the theme of disco, along with hats, tiaras, horns, and beads that all compliment the design.

Give your bartenders an instant Afro with our Afro wig. This is one of the best quality and largest Afro wigs on the market and it will bring joy and laughter to all of your guests. You can even choose to give your guests some fancy 1970's era eyeglasses, or maybe even a disco ball bead.

Dress your guests this year in the theme of your 1970's disco party and watch the personalities shine!

1980's Party

1980's era new year's eve party favors ideas image


The 80's were a time like no other. Technology was booming and so were the speakers on that giant boombox radio. Our selection of 1980's themed party favors is full of the nostalgia that you would expect when walking into an old arcade, or watching a retro movie.

The 1980's was defined by loud music, extreme colors, and big hair. You will want to bring as many of these ideas together as possible as you are planning you 1980's themed New Year's Eve Party. The good news is that the Party Supplies and Decorations that you will find right here at will embody everything that was the 1980's. So lets get started planning your totally rad and every memorable 1980's themed party today.

Get Your Guests to Dress Funky

Getting your guests to dress the party has never been more simple! Party Express has designed multiple party kits for the new year that completely embody what it meant to live in the 1980's. Simply select one of our 1980's themed party kits that include hats, horns, tiaras, and beads. Some of them even include glow accessories, which was huge in the 1980's. If you are more of a design your own party type of person, then we have dozen of different costume accessories that you can mix and match to create the perfect assortment of party favors for your event.

Some great items that will fit your 1980's party theme perfectly would include shutter shades, video game beads, retro button, and the instant nerd kit. No matter how small the freebie, your guests will be chomping at the bit to get whatever it is that you will be handing out on the New Year. So dress your nerds and your jocks how you think they should look with the great party favors and discounted costume accessories available from


Let's set the mood for the party with some retro 1980's party decoration. Make your guests step back a couple of decades in time when they walk into your event space. You can create different sections, usually in each corner of the room. Here are some ideas for each section.

Gamer Section

Create a gamer section of your event space with some of our 8-bit retro game style party favors. Hang some decorations from the ceiling with decorations that resemble the age old arcade games of the eighties. You could even set up an old tube TV and gaming console to let your guests enjoy the nostalgia that they had lived decades ago. They will be leveling up your party as they play through the old games that they had enjoyed in their childhood.

80's Rock Music Decorations

This is a good section to set up around the DJ booth. With this you can get some of our 1980's signs and inflatable boomboxes to set around the DJ. Not only will your guests be enjoying the sounds of the 1980's but they will also be enjoying the familiar sights of what was 1980's rock & roll. This is a great place to incorporate some of our graffiti props and cassette tape decorations. So get out that old 80's mix tape and start to ROCK!

Retro Movie Section

The 80's were a time for some of the most memorable movies every created. So take a trip Back to The 1980's and relive the magic with some of our movie inspired party decorations. This would be a great area to play some of those flicks on an old tube TV. So hang some 80's signs and turn on that blurry tube TV. The nostalgia will be too much for your guests and they will have a great time at your 1980's themed NYE Party!


casino themed new years eve party image

Casino Night Party Supplies and Decorations

Casino theme parties are a great way to make your guests think that they are high rollers on The Vegas Strip. Take out the play money and let your gets start rolling the dice with our casino themed decorations, hats, tiaras, and beads.

Casino themed parties not only create a fun atmosphere, but they also give your guests exciting happenings throughout the evening that will fill their evening with lots of laughs and excitement. Hand out some fake poker chips and let your guests try their luck at the tables. Be sure to have some great prizes for your guests to win. The prizes should be something that you find useful and that your guests will hold on to for many years to come. This will create lasting impressions every time they go to use the give a way item that you provided to them for hitting the jackpot.

Place Your Bets with Our Casino Night Decorations

Hit the jackpot with the casino themed decorations and party favors that you will find at We have all of the traditional red and black card suit decorations that you would expect at a poker party, along with some that you might never have seen before.

Start the party out right by decorating your event space with the many decorations that we have available. Place some poker centerpieces on the tables and hang some card suit ceiling decorations up above. Then you can tie some poker themed balloons to all of the centerpieces and hang a Poker night banner over the doorway.

Do not forget to hand out some exquisite beads and necklaces to all of your guests. This will really get them into the gambling mood. In addition you could purchase some poker night hats and visors, or maybe even a playing card tiara.

If you look hard enough you might even find some large paper slot machines and blackjack party sets. These are a great way to set up your very own casino in your event space. You can scatter some playing card confetti around the tables to create a real poker night party atmosphere.

If handing out casino party favors are more your style we even have some chocolate favors bags that are themed specifically for your poker night party. So do not shop anywhere else. Party Express has everything that you need to have a successful and fun casino night party.

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