How To Throw the Funkiest 1970’s New Year’s Eve Themed Party!

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So New Year’s is rapidly approaching us. I know, you are thinking, “it’s only the beginning of September! I don’t have time to think about something that is four months away!” Before you know it though, it’s going to creep right up on you. Time is going to slip away and you are going to be left without an inkling of an idea of what theme, let alone what décor you plan to use for your party. Don’t stress! We have the perfect party theme for you! Ladies and gentleman, dig out those old bellbottoms and platform shoes because, the 70’s are here again!

Disco Ball Party HeadThe 1970’s was a time known for the disco fever. Your party guests will get feverish upon arriving at your epic hot, and trendy, 1970’s New Year’s Eve Party! The first step in throwing your groovy party is the venue décor. 1970’s were known for their disco balls, colorful dance floors and their bright tie-dyed attire. Pull out all the stops when decorating for this one of a kind event.

The first thing you want to envision is your party venue. Where is this party going to be held and how many people do you plan on attending? How you decorate for this party is going to rely heavily on the space you have and the amount of people attending. You don’t want a huge space with a large amount of people to be poorly decorated with a spars amount of party décor. It’s better to have more party décor and a weaker attendance than to have a weak amount of party décor and a strong attendance. You don’t want people showing up to your advertised 1970’s event and thinking, “what makes this a 1970’s party? There is nothing groovy here!” So let’s start decorating.

How To Make Your Own Disco Ball

Start with the dance floor. People are going to want to relive the 70’s when they arrive and that means 1970's Dance Floor Decorationsyou are going to have to have a space for boogieing all night long. This can be something as simple as blocking a part of flooring off for dancing. The best way to recreate a disco ball, without having to actually buy one, is to set up some funky colored lighting around the venue. Multi-colored stage lighting fixtures that move, spin, and shine off rays of brightly colored light can be rented or bought. These lights are a must to be able to smoothly pull off this type of event. Relying on the run of the mill, normal, everyday, overhead lights of your venue is not going to cut it. Your venue needs to be transformed into a disco club straight from the 1970’s! That means, the overhead lights must be out and the colored stage lights must be on and moving!

If people are going to be dancing all night long there needs to be seating for everyone. Consider how many people plan on coming to your party. This is going to be linked with how many tables and chairs you may need and how you can arrange the seating within the space of your venue. Once you have the layout of the seating decided, its not enough to just have plain tables. Dress them up! Find your tables the best 70’s themed and brightly colored tablecovers. Next you have to consider the table centerpieces. Tablecovers are a great start but, if your guests aren’t out on the dancefloor, they are going to be at their table. Which means, the seating of your event is the most highly viewed, and in some cases, the most critiqued. You could outfit your whole venue in the same table centerpiece, but it gives the place more contrast if you alternate between two different table centerpieces. The last thing you can do to spice up your table tops, is to delicately lay some disco ball beads down the middle of the tables, on both sides of your centerpieces, to give your guests a welcomed feel and a little something extra to remember the night by.

Disco dance floor decorations

The dance floor and your tables are going to be the most important things to decorate in your 1970’s themed venue but there are other aspects of your venue that are important to decorate as well. Consider hanging some disco ball whirls from the ceiling to give your venue the feel of having a real, old time, disco ball hanging. Have a section of your venue set aside solely for taking pictures to remember the night by. Get some funky disco themed party photo props and a colorful looking backdrop for guests to take pictures in front of. Adorn your walls with some disco shadow silhouettes and your doorways with a shimmering bead curtain. The multitude of your decorating capabilities are endless!

Party FoodAfter all the venue décor planning has taken place, it’s time to think about your party food menu. Center the food on items that were popular of the 1970’s time era. For your main dish, give your guests pineapple chicken and rice with carrot cake as their dessert. On the side, make a cheeseball or a cheese log with pineapple and ham in it. Whip up a batch of the famous Watergate salad that never misses a chance to shine at a salad bar. Another easy addition to the menu can be an iceberg salad with ranch or green goddess salad dressing. For drinks, it is suggested that you serve water for those guests who prefer it. Other drinks can include punch, tea, and of course, soft drinks. For your tableware, get some cups and plates that match your 1970’s theme and fully pull together you party décor.

This should go without saying but, the music that you are playing for the guests to dance to needs to be music of the 1970’s time era. Get a great DJ that can liven up the crowd and knows what to play. You don’t want a DJ who mixes music from other decades mistaking that it is from the 70’s. Paly some of the Dee Gees Stayin’ Alive, YMCA by the Village People, or even Hotel California by the Eagles. Music takes people back in time and lets them relive memories. It also helps to create the mood of your party. Getting the music selection for a party right is crucial.

Disco Fever Party KitThe most important thing to get for your New Year’s Eve 1970’s party is of course the New Year’s Eve party kits. If there are no New Year’s kits, you just have a 1970’s themed party and that’s a bummer. New Years is a night that people don’t forget easily. Don’t make the mistake of falling for a New Year’s kit that does not do your party justice. The Disco Fever Assortment was designed specifically with the thought of a 1970’s party in mind. It’s unique design and artwork perfectly captures the essence of disco fever. The men all get a disco fever hat. The ladies all get a metallic fringed, disco fever tiara as well as a shimmering, slick, pair of silver beads. All party guests also receive a disco horn to sound as the clock strikes midnight. The value of this kit is white hot and was made with you and your party guests in mind! New Year’s Eve kits help to solidify the memory of your party in party guests mind. Not having a kit or having the wrong kit can be a costly mistake.

Parties are a fun and fantastic way to properly bring in the New Year. It’s best to always start your planning early to ensure you can get ahold of all the party products you desire. Planning a party can be a time consuming process but the moment the clock strikes midnight, you look around and see all your happy party guests, all the planning and time spent is well worth it!

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