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Why is black and gold the most popular color theme for New Year's Eve? Black and gold portrays class, elegance, and style. That is why Party Express has such a large selection of wholesale black and gold party hats, costume accessories and beads!

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black and gold new years eve top hats with stars popping out of the plastic and gold happy new year bands
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Item #: 88831BKGD25 -

New Year, New Goals, New Wishes. Wish upon a star and keep it with you all evening with these New Year Star Toppers. Made of a plastic material and a printed band, they are guaranteed to be a bright inexpensive hit. Light weight throughout the night and easy for all to wear as a one size fits most. These hats come in bulk sizes of 25 pieces at wholesale price. Need something for the ladies? Pair this topper with the Black & Gold HNY Regal Tiara. ...

new year party hats in black gold and silver that have champagne glasses and horns printed on them
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88801-50 -

This New Year Tymes Hat Assortment is sure to get the party started! Pass one of these wholesale party hats out to everyone at your New Year's Eve party and watch them all go wild with excitement! These fun New Year's Eve hats are black with silver and gold designs and silver lettering which reads Happy New Year! for all to see.  Including the New Year traditions of images of clocks, horns, champagne, confetti and music notes, this party favor is filled with New Year's Eve celebration....

new years eve tiaras with champagne glasses, clocks, and horns printed on them
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88802-50 -

Celebrating New Years Eve with your office or company? Need decorations for your lounge, bar, restaurant, or country club? Try the New Year Tymes Tiaras! These tiaras are designed with images of clocks, party horns, streamers, champagne flutes, and musical notes on a black background. Printed in script across every tiara are the words, Happy New Year. In the pack of 50, there are 4 different, yet coordinating, designs that will add variety and an extra level of fun to any party. The band of...

Black Small Round Beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50570-BK -

Dress up or dress down your New Years Eve or even Mardi Gras event with some party favors that are not only festive but are extremely versatile for any occasion or class of event. The Small Round Party Beads can be used at some of the most high class events as well as even the most laid back and relaxed events. These all black beads can easily match just about any party color scheme and can be worn alone or layered with other colors for a over the top look and feel. The beads themselves are 7...

Party Beads - Small Round (Pack of 144) party, favors, beads, round, gold, new years eve, nye, st. patricks day, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50570-GD -

Spoil your party guest rotten with drippings and elegance of gold and riches for New Years Eve this year. There is nothing more versatile than some party beads. Beads are perfect for throwing to a crowd. handing out to guests, and even using as part of your decorations. Gold is a traditional color that can fit into almost any party theme or color scheme and leaves your guests feeling like they are a high-roller for the night. The beads come in a pack of 144. The beads are 7 millimeters wide...

Black and Silver Small Round Beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50570-BKS -

Party beads are a versatile party favor that not only gets people involved in the party theme but leaves them remembering the night by. The Small Round Party Beads in black and silver are two classic colors that easily fit into a New Years Eve party as well as even Mardi Gras. The beads themselves are 7 millimeters wide while the stand of beads are 33 inches long. These can easily fit over the wearers head without getting caught on thins such as glasses and hair styles. This item comes in a...

Black and Gold Small Round Beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50570-BKGD -

You can never go wrong with sticking to the classic colors of pure black and sparkling gold for an event like New Years Eve. The Small Round Party Beads are a versatile item that can not only be used as a party favor but to also decorate a party space! The beads come in a pack of 144 and come in and assortment of gold and black beads. The beads alone are 7 millimeters wide and 33 inches long. These can easily fit over the wearers head without getting caught on glasses or messing up hairstyles....

Silver plastic tiara with feathered bottom and gold stars and accents.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60256 -

Women love to feel like they are a descendent of royalty. Treat all your ladies right and get them the Plastic Light-Up Star Tiara! Once they place this tiara on their head they will instantly be transformed in a Hollywood princess. The tiara is made out of molded plastic and is cascaded in gemstones along with marabou trim. On each end of the tiara there are combs included that help to keel the tiara in place on the wearers head. This product comes in a pack of 6. The tiaras are a one size...

Black top hat that is made of a satin material.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60839-BK -

Satin Sleek Top Hats are perfect for your next upscale event.  Give your guests a party favor that they will enjoy wearing time and time again.  The Satin Sleek hats are made of a luxurious fabric material.  Available in a variety of colors, there is certain to be a hat that fits in with the theme of your event.  The Black Satin Sleek hat is great for a timeless New Year's Eve celebration, a Hollywood themed party, or a 20's themed event.  Consider offering your guests...

Sequin Gold Bow Tie with Amber LEDs. This Sequin Gold Bow Tie will class up any outfit.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA11792-GD -

The LED Amber Lights Sequin Gold Bow Tie can be a beautiful piece to be worn at any cocktail party, themed event or a New Year’s Eve party. Can’t go wrong with this LED Amber Lights Sequin Gold Bow Tie. Can be given to your guests to help light up the night. They will love the glitz and glam look. Men can wear it around the neck and women can wear it in their hair. Comes in a pack of 12 with the dimensions 6” x 6” x 2.25” of sparkle. Be sure to view our full selection of New Year's Eve Party...

Gold or silver sequinced suspenders made of elastic material.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60812 -

Need a little sparkle on your next costume? These Sequined Suspenders are perfect for dressing up any costume at your New Year's Eve party. Available multiple colors, you will have no trouble finding a pair that matches. With our one size fits most flexible design, these work great for anybody! Sold bulk in packs of 12.  Your guest will just admire these inexpensive suspenders.  Match with a Glitz 'N Gleam Fedora! ...

Gold sequined suspenders made of elastic material.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60812-GD -

New Year's Eve is almost here.  You have planned the perfect event. The decorations have been carefully selected. The party favors match the decor perfectly. As you finished up the planning for your next event, don't forget to get something fun for your servers!  What better way to set the wait staff apart from the crowd than with a fun accessory. The sequinned suspenders are the perfect wearable for the evening. These gold suspenders will look great no matter if your staff is...

Wholesale Black and Gold New Year's Eve Costume Accessories

Black and Gold New Year's Eve Party Supplies are a time honored tradition for a New Year's Eve Celebration. Party goers love the elegance and class that our Black and Gold New Year's Eve Hats, Tiaras, and Beads bring to a party. Once your guest put on that stunning New Year's Eve Tiara they will feel like absolute royalty. Most of our Party Favors are Made in the USA with great attention to quality and style. Whether you are having a New Year's Eve Event in a Grand Ball Room, or in the back room of a local restaurant. The New Year's Eve Party Supplies that you will find at are sure to be the perfect match for you event.

Bulk Black and Gold Party Hats, Tiaras, and Beads

Party favors are designed to encourage fun and a party atmosphere at your New Year's Eve Event. The type of party favor that you select decides the feel of the night. When you select black and gold party hats in either felt velour, foil, or plastic you are making a choice on the style of the evening. A black velour party hat with a foil band state quality, whereas a plastic hat is more fun and relaxed. If you want something a little more in the middle go with a black foil party hat with gold glitter and accents. Then you can let your guests decide what type of evening it is going to be.