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Why is black and gold the most popular color theme for New Year's Eve? Black and gold portrays class, elegance, and style. That is why Party Express has such a large selection of wholesale black and gold party hats, costume accessories and beads!

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Plastic molded black high hats that stand super tall.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60023 -

The Black Plastic Super High Topper is the perfect wearable for any event. These cheap party hats are extra tall. Your guests will be sure to stand out in the crowd with a 7½" tall hat. The options of ways to use these inexpensive wholesale hats is limitless. Choose super high hats for a magical evening filled with fantasy. You could also use these for a circus themed event or a classic themed New Year's Eve party. No matter how you choose to use them, be sure to pick up plenty of wholesale...

Plastic molded material shaped for the traditional top hat.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 66624 -

Party hats are the perfect party favor for any event. The black plastic toppers are a classic choice. These inexpensive hats are plain black party hats. They would be perfect to decorate to your specific party needs. Or you could wear them just as they are! Pick up packs of these hats for New Year's Eve, Halloween, or even a Casino themed event. We also have all of the wholesale party decor you need to complete your event! ...

Black suspenders with adjustable straps.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60805-BK -

Get your party moving and grooving on with some 1920's inspired suspenders! The Black Suspenders are great for a New Years Eve party as well as a 1920's themed celebration. Get your wait staff looking classy and sleek with these all black suspenders. This is a one size fits most item and can be adjusted to the wearer. The suspenders come in a bulk pack of 12 to ensure all members of your staff are ready to go. When throwing a special event, its best to keep you staff looking tip top shape and...

Black velour derby made with plastic material and covered in a velour coating.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 66999 -

The Black Velour Derby Hat is the perfect hat for so many different types of occasions. A classic black derby is the perfect wearable for your servers for New Year's Eve. This classy derby is the perfect addition to any British themed party. Your guests will love wearing these hats to bring their inner Sherlock Holmes to life. We also have a great assortment of party supplies that will match your decor. Choose from additional party supplies for your servers or select a plenty of fun and...

Velour fedora made of plastic material and velour coating.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 66820 -

Lets turn back the clock for just a bit with the Black Velour Fedora! These soft to the touch velour hats will make your party guests feel like they have stepped right into the 19'20's. This year for New years Eve, bring back the day in age when gangsters ruled the streets and watching a flapper do her dance was a treat. This hat is a one size fits most item and comes in a bulk pack of 24. The hat is made out of a molded plastic material and covered in velour to give it that extra pop of...

Black velour topper made of molded plastic material with a velour coating.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 66634 -

These Black Velour Toppers are the perfect accessory for any black tie only event! Break out your coat tails and bow ties because this party is going to be fancy! Your outfit will be the talk of the town! These black toppers come in bulk packs of 24. These hats are perfect for New Year's Eve parties or any other type of event throughout the year! Each inexpensive piece is made from molded plastic and includes a velour coating. ...

Black Bulk Party Beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50570KBK -

Beads are that tiny party favor that always makes a big impact no matter what the event is. You could be celebrating New Years Eve or even Mardi Gras but neither are complete without the beads! The Bulk Small Round Party Beads in black are great for adding to just about any event or even color scheme. This item comes in a pack of 720 giving you plenty of beads to go around. The beads themselves are 7 millimeters wide by 33 inches long. Beads are the perfect item to throw to a crowd, hand out...

Green Bulk Party Beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50570KGD -

Give your guests a party they soon wont forget! New Years Eve and even Mardi Gras is bouncing with high energy levels and lively party guests. Make sure your party is ready to take on anything and everything your guests have to throw at it with plenty of party favors. The Small Round Party Beads in bulk is just what you need! These beads come in a massive pack of 720 ensuring that you never run out! The beads are 7 millimeters wide and 33 inches long. The golden color of these beads is a...

Plastic molded chairman hat with velour coating and a gold band that reads "Happy New Year".
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88106-GD25 -

Make a huge statement with this fancy hat! The Chairman Gold Hat is one hot New Year’s Eve party favor. This wholesale hat is shaped like the fedoras only on the smaller rim size. This style has opened the doors to different themed New Year's Eve events such as 1920’s, gangster, and many more. Don’t settle for the same hat every year. Mix it up with our factory made chairman. Comes bulk in packages of 25 hats. One size fits most. Need something for the ladies? Pair this with...

Black fabric fadora with white thin strips and a silk black band.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60234 -

The 1920's were full of gangster and flappers. This day in age is long gone but we can still celebrate it! The Gangster Hat is great for making every gentleman, or member of your wait staff, feel like a clone of the rough and tough Clyde. The hat is a one size fits most item making it great for anyone to wear. This hat comes in a bulk pack of 12 to give each of your staff their very own for the night. People love a great party favor for the night, you can go wrong with this realistic and one...

Gold plastic glittered tiara with various sized stars deplayed.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60639 -

When there is a celebration as big a New Years Eve happening, the party favors and wearables better match the excitement in the air! The Glittered Metal Star Tiara is a perfect touch to making your big event one to remember. This tiara is a great addition to a birthday party, New years Eve, awards night, or eve Mardi Gras. This is a one size fits most item and comes in a bulk pack of 6. The tiara comes with 2 attachable combs to make the item comfortable to wear all night long as well as...

Gold plastic tiara with glitter and a swirly design.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60641-GD -

Crown the royals at your party. Grab the Glittered Metal Tiara. This tiara is beautiful and elegant in every way. Each inexpensive piece is made of metal material that includes glitter for sparkle. Have this on hand for any crowing moment such as a Medieval themed party. This party favor will be adored by all of your guests. Each tiara is a comfortable one size fits most adults. ...

Wholesale Black and Gold New Year's Eve Costume Accessories

Black and Gold New Year's Eve Party Supplies are a time honored tradition for a New Year's Eve Celebration. Party goers love the elegance and class that our Black and Gold New Year's Eve Hats, Tiaras, and Beads bring to a party. Once your guest put on that stunning New Year's Eve Tiara they will feel like absolute royalty. Most of our Party Favors are Made in the USA with great attention to quality and style. Whether you are having a New Year's Eve Event in a Grand Ball Room, or in the back room of a local restaurant. The New Year's Eve Party Supplies that you will find at are sure to be the perfect match for you event.

Bulk Black and Gold Party Hats, Tiaras, and Beads

Party favors are designed to encourage fun and a party atmosphere at your New Year's Eve Event. The type of party favor that you select decides the feel of the night. When you select black and gold party hats in either felt velour, foil, or plastic you are making a choice on the style of the evening. A black velour party hat with a foil band state quality, whereas a plastic hat is more fun and relaxed. If you want something a little more in the middle go with a black foil party hat with gold glitter and accents. Then you can let your guests decide what type of evening it is going to be.