Proud to Party in the USA - Patriotic Party & Decorating Tips

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Patriotic Proud 4th of July!

On the night of July 4th, the skies of America are lit up with explosions of color. It’s easy to throw together a party with splashes of red, white, and blue everywhere. It’s important to truly capture the deep patriotism Independence Day signifies however. Bring People together in a space that embodies America, then, now and forever.

When thinking back on all the years of celebrating Independence Day with family and friends it’s easy to remember that being outdoors was a large part of the night and watching the fireworks was always best when you had a small snack to accompany the viewing with. A snack station is never a bad decision when hosting a celebration.

The Snacking Table:

Since the viewing of the fireworks takes place once the sun has gone down and dinner

Snacking Tabletime has passed. It’s a great idea to compose a fireworks snacking station. Make this a place people can easily access and grab a quick bite to enjoy the fire works with.

Cover the table in a rectangular deep blue tablecover. Once the tablecover is in place, attached some blue metallic table skirting around the edge to hide the table legs. Since this is a snack table for viewing the firework there needs to be some shine included!

Once the base of the snack table is compose it’s time to add in some flare! Use the Stars and Stripes Fabric Bunting to create the main focal point of this display. Drape the bunting along the front of your table display and on top of the metallic table skirting. The metallic table skirting creates a great backdrop to the bunting. Above the table display, hang the Glittered USA Streamer. There is nothing more patriotic than “USA” spelled out in large letters and doused in silver glitter!

Make your snacks something that is easy to eat while moving, sitting, and viewing the fireworks. The snack table should not be composed of messy meal fashion food. These snack should be something that can be eaten with one hand and carried around while mingling and talking with other guests.

You can’t go wrong with hotdogs and popcorn! Get the Plastic hot dog Holders as well as the Plastic Popcorn Boxes. Both of these items make displaying the food festive and allows party guests to run up, grab what they want, and keep moving without making a mess. Add in the Patriotic Cupcake Stand to display some treats for the sweet tooth addicts!

Its best to keep the majority of your snack table dedicated to space for the snacks but to really boost the mood of the party add in some great wearables! Party guests love when they get to take an item home that they can remember the night with. Opt for going with the White Plastic Skimmer with Red White and Blue Band for the men. For the ladies, get them a Miss Liberty Tiara!

If this is going to be a family style party, include a nice vase of some Fabric American Flags for the children to grab for the night. Favors help to in immerse party guests into the theme of the party and keep them coming back year after year.

The Photo Station:

Patriotic Photo Booth SignsPeople love being able to take pictures to look back on, post to social media, and remember events by. Especially for a holiday as big as Independence Day. Make your patriotic party something for people to remember easily with a picture perfect photo station!

Start off with making your backdrop. Layer together the Patriotic Stars as well as the Patriotic Stripes backdrop. Together, these backdrops make it look like you are standing in front of a large American Flag. Next set up some Patriotic Photo Props to have your guest step right up and turn themselves in to Lady Liberty or Uncle Sam. These props work best if you place them on a table top and have people step up behind the prop.

Handheld props are another great way to get people entranced into the party theme and interacting with others. Get the Patriotic Fun Signs for guest to hold as they step up to the photo booth. Not only do these props allow for each person to put their own twist on their pictures, they also get people talking, laughing, and making memories together.

Holidays such as the 4th of July are major moments that are best if they can be enjoyed with family and friends around you. Make each holiday one to remember with festive décor, favors, and good eats. Planning your party may be a daunting task but will be well worth it when at the end of the night you look around and see each guest mesmerized by the magic exploding in the sky.

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