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The mariachi is playing, senoritas are dancing, and there are bright colors swirling around you as you walk down the street of the celebratory town of Puebla! You are in the heart of celebrating Cinco De Mayo!

Unfortunately, you may not be in the town of Puebla to celebrate Cinco De Mayo but you can certainly bring the celebration anywhere you are located! Cinco De Mayo stands to commemorate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French empire in the Battle of Puebla marking this day, a day of celebration.

Your Cinco De Mayo celebration needs to be splashed and dripping with vibrant colors. Doused in different shapes, designs and styles, and radiating with festive, upbeat, and fast paced mariachi music. Of course, having a spot of tequila available for guests to indulge in is always a great idea as well.

Since this is going to be a festival of dancing and celebration, party favors and costume pieces for guest to adorn while dancing is not something that can be skipped on. Make a dancing/photo prop station!

The Photo station:

Cinco de Mayo Photo Booth IdeasGuest love to be able to capture the fun and memorable nights of a celebration. Taking pictures has become a huge part of today’s lifestyle. Scrolling endlessly through your pictures at the end of the night does not hold the same meaning and remembrance if they all look the same. Give your guests the opportunity to mix things ups a bit with a photo station set aside of props and wearables that can be worn to make dancing and taking pictures an event to remember!

Before setting up tables and other decorating elements, there needs to be a backdrop created. Start by choosing a clean section of a wall to make this on. If this is going to be an outside celebration and there are no walls readily available, you can make one out of chicken wire and some wooden post.

Staying away from a direct color scheme for a fiesta is something you want to strive for. Cinco De Mayo is all about color and flare. Use tissue fans layered together to easily create bold and popping colors for a do it yourself backdrop.

Simply choose the tissue fan colors that stand out to you the most. Open the fans and attach to the wall using the included string. This can be done using your choice of tape or thumbtacks. Make sure to layer the fans together instead of arranging them side by side. You want to eliminate any parts of the wall behind them from peeking through.

On the sides of your tissue fan backdrop, use the drop fringe garland to hide the edges of the tissue fans and make a seamless transition from the photo backdrop with the rest of wall. To do this hang the garland vertically from the top to the bottom of the backdrop edge. If there is access length to the garland, drape the extra garland length and pin in the desired position and location. Once the brightly colored backdrop is in place, it’s time to set up your table for the photo prop.

Cover the table in the fiesta tablecover and wrap it with a black table skirting to hide the table legs from party guests. On the front two corners of the table, tape in place some brightly colored tissue flowers and drape a fiesta streamer across the front of the display. On top of the table place the fiesta photo prop. This prop is great for guests young and old to step up behind and quickly turn themselves into a mariachi band member riding a donkey!

The Party Wearables:

Cinco de Mayo costume accessoriesBeside your photo prop, set up another small table for the party wearables. These items can be something that people wear to make dancing a step up from the rest or for wearing in pictures to make lasting memories.

For this table you are going to want to use the same fiesta tablecover that was used before for the photo prop table. Cover your table in the fiesta table cover and again, wrap the legs with the black table skirting. Keeping the same table décor throughout the party helps to maintain consistency with so many colors being used.

If at all possible, find a flat cardboard box to set on the top of the table to display items on. Wrap the box with the fiesta tablecover and band with the fiesta party tape. By adding different levels of height, you are allowing your wearable display to neatly showcase all items to choose from without chances of table top clutter.

On top of your table put together a display of wearables as well as noisemakers. Use the sombrero, felt Spanish hat, and the Piñata headband. Add in the red, white, and green maracas as well as the fiesta fun party maracas to make some noise with! Guests will have a blast with the chili pepper and the margarita Fanci frames as well. For a more delicate touch for the senoritas, add in the fiesta fan and the Day of the Dead flower headband!

With all the dancing, lively music, and photo snapping, guest are bound to get a little hungry and thirsty. It’s a great idea to have a refreshment station set up close by with some water, spicy eats, and of course a bit of tequila! Use the fiesta plates and napkins to keep messes at bay and allow people to move and mingle with the rest of the party crowd while taking a quick snack break. Add in the margarita shot glasses for making a quick swig of something cold easy and festive!

In the middle of the tabletop, add in the tissue chili pepper to warn your guests of the spicy food they are about to eat.There is nothing worse than being caught off guard with a mouth full of fire! Next, on the front of the table display add some fiesta cutouts to give a colorful pop.

With music, food, family and friends, Cinco De Mayo is a party worth celebrating! Don’t be afraid to be bold, and daring. Play around with color, shapes, and different designs to create your own party styles. Adding in color and design is the best way to really capture the festivities of this Mexican holiday!

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