Explosive 4th of July Party Foods and Patriotic Decorating Ideas

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Explosion of Shimmer Celebration!

Boom, clap, crackle! Nothing beats sitting out under the stars of the night sky watching fireworks for the 4th of July paint the sky with their flashing light and bold colors. Opting for the usual red, white, and blue color scheme for your party is not enough to captivate your audience. It’s time to throw some shimmer, glimmer, and shine into the mix!

Adding focal points to your party venue helps to give the room a uniformed look rather than spreading all your decorations sporadically and haphazardly. The best areas to give the most detail to are the places where people congregate and will be spending the majority of their time at.Let’s layout the food or your hors d'oeuvre station.

The Food Table

People typically come to parties for the food, drinks, and to mingle. The best way to make an impression on someone is through their stomach. Let them indulge on some scrumptious food while admiring the décor.

Start with a rectangular or round midnight blue or white tablecover. Choosing to go with a solid colored tablecover in a darker shade, gives you a strong base color that allows you to then get creative with the rest of your décor without making the room look too busy.

Behind your table add a red, white, and blue shimmering metallic curtain. This creates a great backdrop and fully puts the theme of shimmering explosion into perspective.

To help slightly break up the flow of a solid metallic backdrop you can add and stager together some Patriotic Star Fans in the upper left hand corner of the curtain. To do this, slightly pull the metallic fringe to the side, hang the fan in the desired position on the wall behind the curtain. Then carefully replace the metallic fringe back to its former position nonchalantly falling behind the fan and coving the thumbtack holding it in place.

To tie in the look of your metallic backdrop with the table, add the Metallic Tassel Garland in red, white, and blue to the edge of the table. This helps to spread the look of shimmer throughout your display and make the décor flow seamlessly.

Before decorating the top of the table keep in mind the style of food you will be serving and how much of it you will be serving. If the food selection is going to be more of a finger food type, decorating a little more heavily will be fine.If the food serving is going to be more of a meal fashion, it will be best to keep the decorating low to avoid unnecessary clutter and slowing of serving.

An easy way to add a festive look to your party is to make some red white and blue cupcakes an place them in the shape of a star with the design of a flag on the dessert table.

Opt for placing a flag cascade centerpiece in the top right hand corner of the table on the opposite side you decided to place your star fans. To add a little more to the centerpiece try placing the Patriotic Tissue Centerpiece beside it or staggered in front of the cascading centerpiece.

On the right side of the table, sitting on the floor, include a cooler to hold and festively distribute those cool drinks. This allows there to be more room to display food on the table top. Try out the Inflatable Patriotic Hat Cooler for this!

On the left hand side of the table, under the star fans, add some party favors for your guests to pick up and enjoy the whole night! Party favors make everyone feel welcomed and included in the festivities. People tend to reach the most for wearable items. Try the Foil Patriotic Hi-Hat. This hat is covered in a foil material that has a light reflective attribute to it making it fit right into the shimmering theme. Keep the hats stacked so as the guest are picking up their food plates, the can easily take a hat off the stack and place on their head to wear the remainder of the night.

To make things even better, included a standing display of the Star Beads to shimmer beside the hats. People can then choose between a hat, a set of beads, or opt for both!

The Overall Room:

Now that you have the main focal point of the room, you want to avoid heavily saturating the the rest of the party space with too many items while still making the room look cohesive and thought out. Use the 3- Tier Shimmering chandelier to add to a corner or two in the room. In front of, or to the side of the chandeliers, use the Flag photo/balloon holder to hold down some festive balloons of your choice.

For the guests seating, try to stay with the same midnight blue tablecover that was used for the food service table. Keeping the same tablecover throughout the venue gives the space a uniformed look. On the top of these tables keep the décor low. People want to be able to look across the table and see who they are talking to without an item obstructing their view.

Since the table for the food display was a rectangle, opt to go with round tables for the guest seating. Round tables help to bring your guests together and encourage talking and mingling.

Try sprinkling some red, white, and blue star confetti in the middle of the guests table to break up the solid color of blue and add a pop of delicate shine. In the center of the table using a 3-D Foil Star Centerpiece is a great a great way to add a touch more to your table tops and really bring out a splash of shimmer.

Overall this is a baseline of the endless possibilities that could go into an Explosion of Shimmer celebration! Don’t be afraid to get creative and add a few personal touches and additions to the party décor.While this is an explosion of shimmer party, you want to be weary of going overboard with the sparkling items. Make sure you included a few items to tame the shine as well!

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