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Bright Colored New Year's Eve Party Kits. Save over 50% off of retail pricing by purchasing from

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Party kit for new years eve that has white fedora party hats with tiaras, horns, and beads all in bright colors
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 86156-50 -

The Caribbean Swing Assortment for 50 is the perfect party kit for a fun and colorful New Year's Eve event. The white velour fedoras are adorned with beautiful, bright foil bands. All of the vibrant tiaras are decorated with a stunning white plume. This is a kit that will take your NYE party to the next level! Your guests will love how classy they feel as they dance across the ballroom wearing these party favors. Decorate the venue in a matching assotment of colors. Metallic garland always...

Centurion New Years Eve Party Kit for 100
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88474-100 -

Each person has a style that's all their own. Let your guests show the their style with this Centurion Assortment for 100 at your New Year's Eve party. With an array of assorted colors and designed hats this kit is sure to decorate your event. The ladies will enjoy the different colors of tiaras available. Keeping at wholesale price while including Deluxe Noisemakers, Soft-Twisted Poly Leis, Serpentine Throws, Assorted Balloons AND a Happy New Year Banner! Your guests will be sure to thank you...

assorted mixed colored fedora new years party kit that also includes tiaras with black feathers, horns, and beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 86162-50 -

The Chicago in Color is a classy and colorful kit for New Year's Eve. Each party kit includes stunning black fedoras with assorted colored bands and matching plumed tiaras. Your guests will also enjoy the horns and beads that are also included! We have plenty of matching decor that will look stunning with these party favors. Choose from our great assortment of Multi-Colored NYE decor. Balloons are always a great addition to a New Year's Eve party. We have a great selection of wholesale party...

large nye party kit with an assortment of colorful party hats, tiaras, and horns
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88026-100 -

Are you looking for an inexpensive NYE kit for the bar or bowling alley New Year's Eve event? The Colorama is an exciting kit that includes a terrific selection of bulk party favors. Each kit includes a variety of 50 plastic derbies and toppers in an assortment of colors. Each hat also is adorned with a bright "Happy New Year" band. This kit also includes a colorful array of 50 fringed tiaras. We have also included horns and serpentines for your guests to enjoy. Consider adding a few packs of...

bright colored nye party kit for 50 with bright colored nye hats, tiaras, noisemakers, horns, and beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88263-50 -

Be sure to include color, flair and excitement as you entertain your guests this New Year's Eve. The Entertainer Assortment includes party favors that are the perfect mix of fun and classy. This colorful party kit includes 25 two-tone hats - each hat beautifully transitions from black at the bottom to a shimmering color at the top and is then complemented by a matching color band . The color variety includes purple, blue, green, red, and pink. Each wholesale party kit also includes 25 plumed...

assorted color new years eve party kit with gold accents that shows hats, tiaras, horns, and beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88570-50 -

Are you looking for a classy New Year's kit full of assorted colors? Look no further! The Gold Coast party kit is a stunning assortment of NYE party favors. Not only does this wholesale party kit have all of the shiny gold accents that everyone loves, it is also bright and energetic! Your guests will be sure to enjoy the bright hats, tiaras, beads, and horns. The horns that are included in this kit have gold tassels to give your event even more of an upscale look. Decorate the ballroom in...

a large assortment of NYE party favors like top hats, balloons, noisemakers and tiaras
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88805-50 -

Make your New Year's Eve a colorful night with the Grand Deluxe Assortment. This party kit is packed to the max with all of the vibrant favors that you are looking for to set your event apart. Each New Year's Eve kit includes a wide variety of party favors. It includes an assortment of 25 assorted colors and styles of hats, 25 colorful plumed tiaras, 30 horns, 20 plastic noisemakers, 25 beads, and 50 balloons. Wow! What a great selection! This inexpensive kit really has it all. Pick up some...

party kit for new years eve that has happy new year all over bright colored hats, horns, and tiaras
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88279-50 -

Are you looking for a New Year's Kit that is fun and exciting? The Midnight Madness Assortment is a colorful and fun. These crazy colorful printed hats are sure to amp up the atmosphere for the night! Each kit includes 25 hats, 25 tiaras, 25 beads, and 50 horns in an assortment of colors. Build on the excitement of the evening by including a mixture of decorative wholesale party supplies. Sparking banners, metallic garland and centerpieces are inexpensive party decorations that will add lot of...

traditional assorted colored new years eve party kit with hats, noisemakers, tiaras, and beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88582-50 -

Create a magical night for your guests with the Midnight Magic Assortment. The black plastic toppers with assorted colored bands create an enchanted feel. The colorful fringed tiaras complement the hats with a bit of sparkle. One look at this kit and you feel like you have stepped into a New Year's Eve magic show. Decorate your venue in an assortment of matching colors. Choose from bright bulk packs of garland, sparkling centerpieces, and giant balloons. Our wholesale pricing makes it easy to...

black nye party kit with bright colored accents on the hats and tiaras
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88839-50 -

The Midnight Party Assortment is perfect for adding some color and sparkle to your celebration but still keep thinks dark and mysterious! This kits is a great choice for New Years Eve parties that are looking for some color but not too much that is takes away from the classic color of black. This kit holds enough pieces for 50 people to party all night long. The items in this kit are all one size fits most making them great for everyone one of your guests to wear all night long. This item does...

bright colored NYE party kit with top hats, leis, noismakers, and beads
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88780-50 -

Its time to party the night away with color and class for New Years Eve! The Legacy Assortment is perfect for throwing an all time favorite New Years Eve party. With its colorful style, you will have people coming back year after year to party the night away. The items in this kit are all one size fits most. The plastic toppers are perfect for the men to wear while the tiaras are loved by the ladies. This assortment have enough pieces in it to get 50 people partying all night long. Get your...

assorted colored party kit for 100 people with stars on the hats
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 88906-100 -

Bring vibrant colors and fun excitement to your New Year’s Eve celebration with the multi-colored Gem-Star Deluxe Assortment kit for 100. The multi-colored Gem-Star Deluxe Assortment is an easy way to ensure that 100 of your guests have all of the party supplies needed to make New Years Eve a night to remember. The items in this kit are all one size fits most. The colors included in this kit are red, blue, yellow, green, and purple and are present in approximately equal quantities. Get your...

Multi-Colored New Year's Eve Party Packs

Ring in the New Year with style and class when you include New Year's Eve party supplies and bright colored New Year's decorations that you will find at Party Express. We are your one stop shop for everything New Year's Eve! You will find multi-colored New Year's Eve Party Hats, Tiaras and Horns sold in cheap bulk prices. We have all of the party favors that your need to throw the largest 2018 New Year's Eve party on the planet!

The best way to plan your New Year's Eve Bash is to start with a party kit. So go ahead select the perfect party kit for you. You will find hundreds of designs and styles all at extraordinarily low factory direct prices. Maybe you want to select a velour Fedora Kit like the Chicago in Color. Or possibly you would rather stay a little more traditional with our bright colored glittered Hi-Hat kit, The 42nd Street. Either way you will feel like you are in Downtown Manhattan with these quality, yet inexpensive, party favors. Our party kits are sold in packs for 50 or 100 people. So make sure you get enough for the whole crowd to enjoy the fun and excitement that wearing a party hat or tiara brings to the party!

Do not forget to head over to our decorations section after you select the best new year's eve party kit for you and your guests. We make it simple to shop for cheap decorations at Party Express. Simply select the Shop by Color option and take a look at all of the metallic chandeliers, whirls and wall cutouts that match the party kit that you selected. We even have dozens of different types of confetti to toss on the table or throw in the air! Party Express is here to make sure that you ring in the New Year right! So take a look around, let your imagination roam free. You won't be sorry when you see the people running through the door to celebrate at your business this New Year's Eve!

What is Your Perfect New Year's Eve Party Kit?

Add some color to your New Year's Eve Party this year with our Multi-Color New Year's Eve Party Kits. These Party Kits are sure to light up and room and put a smile on your patrons faces. You will find over thirty different Multi-Color New Year's Eve Party kits in this section of Looking for a traditional New Year's Eve Party Kit? Take a look at The 42nd Street. Maybe a Party Kit with some flare from the 1980's is more your style. If so, take a look at the Rockin' New Year. Our Bright Color New Year Eve Party Favors are the perfect solution to create and exciting and enjoyable New Year's Eve for all of your Patrons. Only at will you find such a wide array of New Year's Eve Party Hats, Tiaras, Horns and Beads. All of our New Year's Eve Party Kits are Made In The USA. Party Express is proud to provid you with high quality American Made Party Supplies at an unbeatable Wholesale Factory Direct Price. No matter what you style is is sure to have the New Year's Eve Party Kit For You. Our Multi-Color New Year's Eve Party Kits are Sold to You at Wholesale Factory Direct Pricing, so you are always getting More Party For Your Dollar.