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Call it the luck of the Irish that you found Party Express for all of your St. Patrick's Day party planning needs. We have all of the bulk green and gold party supplies, hats, decorations, party beads, and tableware that you need to have a one of a kind St. Patrick's Day event.

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Embossed Foil Shamrock Cutouts (Pack of 12) Embossed Foil Shamrock Cutouts, shamrock, st. patricks day, green, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
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Item #: 30803 -

Make sure to have plenty of luck everywhere. There can never be enough shamrocks at your party. Add the Embossed Foil Shamrock Cutouts to your party supplies. This decoration is perfect for your St. Patrick's Day party. Simply hang these on your walls, tables and so much more with tacks or double sided tape. This decoration is lightweight and easy to use. Each inexpensive piece is made of green foil material. Comes with assorted sizes of three and a half, six and nine inches. Packaged in...

Fanci-Fetti Shamrocks (Pack of 12) shamrock, 3 leaf clover, clover, green, fanci-fetti, confetti, st patricks day, st pattys day, celtic
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30633 -

Never underestimate the brilliance of some high shining Fanci-Fetti! The Fanci-Fetti Shamrocks may be small in size but will pack a punch anywhere it is used. This can be spread along a table top, over the floor, or even used on table centerpieces and inside some clear balloons. Any where you would like and extra touch of shine and color, this item can be spread. Put it every where throughout your party to keep the awesome Irish theme flowing all throughout your party space. The fetti is made...

Felt Leprechaun Hat w/Ears (Pack of 6) Felt Leprechaun Hat with Ears, leprechaun, party favor, st. patricks day, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30739 -

Your wait staff will look great wearing this unique hat. Turn your whole staff into leprechauns with the Felt Leprechaun Hat with Ears. This party favor is unique in design with the traditional shaped leprechaun hat.Each hat includes a black band with gold accent and a green shamrock.Comes with two large ears attached to give an authentic look. Your St. Patrick's Day party will be shouting "lucky" with this item. Made of inexpensive felt material for a soft feel. Comfortable wear as a one size...

Flags & Shamrocks Banner (Pack of 12) St. Patricks, banner, flags, irish, all weather, celtic, shamrocks, leprechaun
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30523 -

St. Patrick's Day is not complete without properly representing the Irish flag. Get your celebration the Flags & Shamrocks Pennant Banner! This banner features tiny replicas of the traditional flag of Ireland. Under each flag is a tiny metallic shamrock that lightly twist and turns in the breeze. The metallic shine of the shamrocks create a light reflection that bounces off its surface. This banner runs 16 inches wide by 12 feet long. This is an all weather material making it great for indoor...

Gleam N Flex Shamrock Garland (Pack of 12) Gleam N Flex Shamrock Garland, garland, shamrock, decoration, st. patricks day, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30662-G -

Decorate your venue with the Gleam 'N Flex Shamrock Garland. This great decoration is easy to use in many different areas. Add this to compliment your centerpieces, wrap around banisters and so much more. Perfect for any St. Patrick's Day party. Each inexpensive garland is overflowing with assorted sized shamrocks. Measures 25 inches long. Made of metallic material. ...

Glittered Leprechaun Hat Glasses (Pack of 12) Glittered, glasses, hats, green, irish, leprechaun, st. pats, party
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30361 -

Make a bold statement at your St. Pats celebration! Get the Glittered Leprechaun Hat Glasses! These glasses are doused in emerald green glitter that lightly sparkles as the wearer moves about. The frames of the glasses are made out of a plastic material and adorn two leprechaun hats to bring a little luck to the celebration. There are no lenses in these glasses. The glasses are a one size fits most product making them great for anyone to wear. This item comes in a pack of 12. Order your...

Glittered Shamrock Boppers (Pack of 12) Glittered Shamrock Boppers, boppers, party favor, st. patricks day, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30779 -

Don't forget to have party favors at your party. The Glittered Shamrock Boppers are fun and one of a kind. This party favor is perfect for your St. Patrick's Day party. Simply hand out to your guests during your event. Each inexpensive headband is covered in felt material. Attached is wired spirals leading to foam clovers. Comfortable wear as a one size fits most. ...

Glittered Shamrock Boppers (Pack of 12) Glittered Shamrock Boppers, boppers, shamrock, st. patricks day, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30772 -

Make sure your guests feel shimmery throughout your party. Add the Glittered Shamrock Boppers to your party supplies. This fun party favor is one of a kind. The ladies will love the look and the feel of this inexpensive item. Each piece has a cloth covered headband for comfort and two springing shamrocks. The shamrocks are made of green glittered fabric with marabou feathers. Perfect for any St. Patrick's Day party. ...

Glittered Shamrock Boppers w/Leprechaun (Pack of 12) Glittered Shamrock Boppers with Leprechaun, leprechaun, shamrock, st. patricks day, party favor, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30782 -

Having young guests at your St. Patrick's Day party? They are sure to love the Glittered Shamrock Boppers with Leprechauns. This fun party favor is perfect for children at your party. Simply hand out to them during the event. Each inexpensive headband is covered in felt material. Attached is two clovers and a character-like leprechaun. Comfortable wear as a one size fits most. ...

Glittered Shamrock Hair Clips (Pack of 12) Glittered Shamrock Hair Clips, party favor, shamrock, st. patricks day, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30774 -

Is your staff looking for something special at your St. Patrick's Day party? Add the Glittered Shamrock Hair Clips to your party supplies. Simply hand out this party favor to your staff and enjoy the night. This inexpensive item is easy to wear and light weight. Each piece is a shamrock made of glittered green material. Measures 3 inches tall for the perfect fit. ...

Glittered Shamrock Photo/Balloon Holder (Pack of 6) Glittered shamrock, Shamrock, Photo Holder, Balloon Holder, St. Patricks Day, Irish, Green, Balloons, Wholesale party supplies, Inexpensive party decorations, Cheap, Bulk, Party goods
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30429 -

When St. Patrick's Day rolls around, there is nothing like having plenty of green lingering about to make things festive! St. Patrick's day is a day full of festivities, music, and of course great party decorations! the Glittered Shamrock Photo/Balloon Holder is a perfect addition to any celebration. The holder can be used for weighing down balloons or proudly displaying pictures. These are also great for using as a table centerpiece to show off pictures without guests needing to pick up and...

Green and White Pageant Garland (Pack of 12) St. Patricks Day, green, white, garland, tissue paper
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55180-GW -

Liven up your St. Patricks Day decorations with this Pageant Garland. This green and white garland is a perfect mix between two iconic colors for St. Patrick's Day. The garland is made entirely out of a tissue paper material making it easy to hang just about anywhere you choose. When extended the garland is 7 inches wide by 14 feet, 6 inches long. This item does come in a bulk pack of 12. This can be hun along your wall, from the ceiling, or over doorframes for an added look. ...

Shop And Save On Bulk Shamrock Supplies, Perfect For St. Patrick's Day

You are going to be one lucky party person this St. Patrick's Day! Simply start to browse all of the green party favors that your mind can imagine at our online store. As you browse through all of the Happy St. Patrick's Day party favors you will feel like you are in Ireland looking over the misty cliffs at the raging waters below. Or maybe you just climbed up the steps of Blarney Castle to get the gift of gab from the Blarney stone. No matter what you heritage is, you will be Irish for a day will all of the bulk green party beads, hats, and decorations that you will find right here at

The leprechauns will be jealous when you walk into the room wearing your green four leaf clover sunglasses, or sporting that luck clover headband. You might be chasing that pot of gold, but those little leprechauns will be chasing you wondering when you got all of those amazing St. Patrick's day costume accessories. One thing about St. Patrick's day is that you can never have enough green on your head, around your neck, or over your face. So pick out some St. Patrick's day swag and let the good times roll on the one day of the year when everyone is Irish.

Wholesale St. Patrick's Day Party Favors

St. Patrick's Day is a chance for everyone to be Irish For A Day. Show your Irish Heritage by decorating with some of our St. Patrick's Day Party Favors. You will find hundreds of Inexpensive Party Supplies to meet all of your event planning needs this St. Patrick's Day. So whether you are look for a Green Shamrock Centerpiece to place on your tables or you need some quality Plastic Derby Hats to hand out at your Party, is the only place to shop for high quality yet inexpensive Bulk St. Patrick's Day Party Supplies. We have all of the Green, Gold, and Shamrocks that you could ever imagine. So go ahead and browse our St. Patrick's Day Decorations and Costume Accessories, you will not be disappointed.

You've got the luck of the Irish! Shop St. Patrick's Day decorations, party supplies, party favors and more fun items. For a lot less green you can top off your St. Patrick's Day look!