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Call it the luck of the Irish that you found Party Express for all of your St. Patrick's Day party planning needs. We have all of the bulk green and gold party supplies, hats, decorations, party beads, and tableware that you need to have a one of a kind St. Patrick's Day event.

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Custom Imprinted Green Felt Topper Custom Imprinted Green Felt Topper, custom, green, topper, party favor, st. patricks day, party favor, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 60742HTGPC -

A custom hat goes a long way. Go above the businesses in your area and make your party favors extra special. Grab the Custom Imprinted Green Felt Topper. This topper is loved by everyone. Each inexpensive piece will have a heat transferred decal with your company logo. This hat has a felt coating for a velvet feel. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day. ...

Custom Imprinted Satin Sleek Derbies Custom Imprinted Satin Sleek Derbies, custom, derbies, green, st. patricks day, party favor, hat, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 60835PPC -

The Custom Imprinted Satin Sleek Derbies is a wonderful hat for all. This party favor comes green and great for any St. Patrick's Day event. Every leprechaun will be excited to see this fun hat. Simply hand out to your guests at the door. Each inexpensive piece can be custom imprinted with your company logo. This satin material hat includes a sleek band for added flare. One size fits most adults. ...

Custom Imprinted Satin Sleek Topper Custom Imprinted Satin Sleek Topper, custom, topper, hat, party favor, new years eve, st. patricks day, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 60839PPC -

Is elegance the look your going for? The Custom Imprinted Satin Sleek Topper is sure to deliver an elegant expensive look without breaking your budget. This party favor is a favorite among guests and sure to leave a lasting impression. Each inexpensive piece is made of satin material with a silk like band. Direct imprint of your company logo will make this top hat one of a kind. Perfect for any St. Patrick's Day event. Comfortable one size fits most wear. ...

Customized Shamrock Party Bead
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 30574PPC -

Make sure your customers have an item that they will keep to remember your party. Grab the Custom Imprinted Shamrock Beads for your guests. This party favor is imprinted with a logo or design of your choice. Simply pick out your wording or logo with a color and we'll do all the artwork. Each set of plastic beads is 33 inches for a one size fits most. The plastic medallion measures 2.5 inches by 2.75 inches in size. This shamrock is great for your next St. Patrick's Day celebration. ...

Custom Irish Felt Hat for St.Patricks Day
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 30770HTPC -

Get a special party favor for the gentlemen at your St. Patrick's Day party. Create the Custom Irish Felt Hat to match your business. This perfect hat will be one of a kind and sure to not match anyone else's once your logo is added. You can choose for your logo to be directly imprinted as one color or fully colored with a custom shaped heat transfer. Each inexpensive piece is a one size fits most. Made of plush material for a soft feel and comfortable wear. Minimum order requirement of one...

Custom Plastic Derbies with Direct Imprint Custom, St. Patricks Day, direct imprint, hat, derbie, favor, party
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 66977PPC -

Custom Plastic Derbies with Direct Imprint

Custom Plastic Derbies with Imprinted Band st. patricks day, custom, plastic, derbies, hat, imprinted band
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 66977APC -

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, there is sure to be a lot of green party favors floating around. With all the green showing up around town its important to make your business stand out from the rest of them. Try out the Custom Green or Black Plastic Derbies with Imprinted Band. Easily have your logo printed on the hats band to have your business name travel with the wearing through town. The hats band is printed with full coverage print on a cardstock band. The band itself is 1.5 inches high...

Custom Saint Patricks Day Hairy Headband Custom Saint Patricks Day Hairy Headband, custom, st. paticks day, headband, party favor, green, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 60277HTPCSP -

Get all hairy at your St. Patrick's Day party. Add the Custom Saint Patrick's Day Hairy Headband. This party favor is one of a kind and sure to be spoken about. Each inexpensive piece is heat transferred with your companies logo. These headbands can be handed out to many party goers with a minimum purchase of 200 bulk pieces. One size fits most. ...

Custom Shot Glass with Beads Custom Shot Glass with Beads, custom, shot glass, beads, party favor, pride, new years eve, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 50778IPC -

Promote your business and have a little fun with these Custom Imprinted Shot Glasses with Beads. This pack of party favors is assorted in colors of blue, gold, green, orange, pink and purple. With rainbow like colors these beads can be added to your next New Year's Eve party that's pride themed. Each inexpensive piece has a string of beads that measures 33 inches. Attached is a perfect sized shot glass that holds up to 2.5 ounces of fluid. Simply fill the shot glass up with your guests...

Custom imprinted band on a green velour material derby hat.
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 33999APC -

Make your guests feel lucky with the Custom Velour Derbies with Imprinted Band. Present this to each person as they enter your venue for an extra blessing. This party favor will be loved the whole way to the end of your St. Patrick's Day event. This hat is covered in the traditional green color velour coating for a velvet feel. Made of plastic material for a durable wear. Each inexpensive piece is the perfect fit for all the adults at your party. ...

Green velour topper with a customer card stock imprinted band.
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 33737APC -

Have some fun with your St. Patrick's Day hats. Customize the Velour Toppers with Imprinted Band. Each inexpensive hat can be printed on the band with a unique design and your business logo. The band is full colored and wrapped around the bottom of the hat just above the rim. This party favor can be ordered with a minimum of 150 pieces. Perfect for guests of all ages. ...

Deluxe Dual Green LED Cocktail Stirrer. This LED Green Cocktail stirrer helps illuminate those night time drinks.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA11433-GN -

Guests will enjoy their drink with style. The LED Deluxe Dual Green Cocktail Stirrer can help light up your New Year’s Eve party cocktail drinks. The LED Deluxe Dual Green Cocktail Stirrer will illuminate your cocktail drinks the whole way to the bottom of the glass. The green light stirrer once activated has a constant light up feature and measures 6.75” tall. Having a themed party? May be you want to add more green to your St. Patrick’s Day event and have the guest’s cocktail drinks glow...

Shop And Save On Bulk Shamrock Supplies, Perfect For St. Patrick's Day

You are going to be one lucky party person this St. Patrick's Day! Simply start to browse all of the green party favors that your mind can imagine at our online store. As you browse through all of the Happy St. Patrick's Day party favors you will feel like you are in Ireland looking over the misty cliffs at the raging waters below. Or maybe you just climbed up the steps of Blarney Castle to get the gift of gab from the Blarney stone. No matter what you heritage is, you will be Irish for a day will all of the bulk green party beads, hats, and decorations that you will find right here at

The leprechauns will be jealous when you walk into the room wearing your green four leaf clover sunglasses, or sporting that luck clover headband. You might be chasing that pot of gold, but those little leprechauns will be chasing you wondering when you got all of those amazing St. Patrick's day costume accessories. One thing about St. Patrick's day is that you can never have enough green on your head, around your neck, or over your face. So pick out some St. Patrick's day swag and let the good times roll on the one day of the year when everyone is Irish.

Wholesale St. Patrick's Day Party Favors

St. Patrick's Day is a chance for everyone to be Irish For A Day. Show your Irish Heritage by decorating with some of our St. Patrick's Day Party Favors. You will find hundreds of Inexpensive Party Supplies to meet all of your event planning needs this St. Patrick's Day. So whether you are look for a Green Shamrock Centerpiece to place on your tables or you need some quality Plastic Derby Hats to hand out at your Party, is the only place to shop for high quality yet inexpensive Bulk St. Patrick's Day Party Supplies. We have all of the Green, Gold, and Shamrocks that you could ever imagine. So go ahead and browse our St. Patrick's Day Decorations and Costume Accessories, you will not be disappointed.

You've got the luck of the Irish! Shop St. Patrick's Day decorations, party supplies, party favors and more fun items. For a lot less green you can top off your St. Patrick's Day look!