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Stand out in a crowd this New Year's Eve by wearing bright colored New Year's Eve party hats, multi-colored tiaras, and assorted color beads. Once you are all decked out in your New Year's Eve Costume accessories grab some bright colored horns and noisemakers to blow this December 31st.

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Headwear that comes with a red, purple, green or blue headband and reads "Happy New Year" with curled ribbon.
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Item #: 80733 -

The Glittered Happy New Year Headbands are perfect if you're looking for a fun and shiny way to celebrate New Years Eve. With bold, colored lettering and curled, gold and silver ribbons, these headbands are sure stand out. These headbands are sold in bulk packs of 12 and come in assorted colors. The colors are blue, purple, green, and red. This headband is a one size fits most item making is perfect for anyone and everyone to wear. Instead of settling for your average tiara this year, make a...

Assorted color printed card stock top hat with gold band and "Happy New Year".
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88152-25 -

These Gold Coast Hi-Hats are enough to make anyone feel like they are made of solid gold! Pass these hats out to all of your friends on New Year's Eve and watch the party begin! These fancy high hats come in a variety of colors but all have a gold band around the brim with gold lettering that reads Happy New Year across the front. This party favor is a one size fits most adults. Comes in bulk packs of 25. ...

Red fabric headband with  hair like material standing straight up.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60277 -

Looking to make a wild and crazy statement? Sometimes you have to think outside the box for large celebrations and events like a big game and other sporting events. The Hairy Headband is a one size fits most item and comes in an array of colors to choose from. Simply choose the color that works best with your event. The colors that are available are blue, green, orange, pink, red, and yellow. The band itself is made out of a stretchy fabric material while the hair included is faux. This item...

happy new year tiara with a big bright colored feather
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88881-50 -

Celebrate New Year's Eve like no other party ever has, with these Happy New Year Bird Of Paradise Tiaras. These unique tiaras are a beautiful addition to your party supplies for all the guests to enjoy. The Happy New Year Bird Of Paradise Tiaras are sure to be a hit with their assorted colors and feathers. Your New Year's decorations won't be the same without these tiaras at the party. This item comes in a pack of 50 and is one size fits most. Make sure to get them in bulk to hand out to...

Party glasses with prismatic assorted colors "Happy New Year" on the front.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 80565-MC -

Party favors are continuously changing. Spice up your own party with the Happy New Year Eyeglasses. These eyeglasses are perfect as party favors for your guests! With a one size fits most, you’ll be sure that your guests will be pleased. Each inexpensive piece has a main color of black with prismatic colored “Happy New Year” in either purple, blue, silver, gold, red, or green. Don’t worry though, every wholesale pack includes all six colors. Add to your tables for New Year’s Eve and watch your...

Black headband that reads "Happy New Year" in white and fun hair standing straight up in chunks of red, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 80730 -

The Happy New Year Hairy Headband is a fun, bold way to ring in the New Year. The black band, with Happy New Year written in bold, white font, fits most. The colorful hair that stands straight up from the band is a great way to show that you and your guests are ready to have some fun. Each party favor comes with sections of hair in 6 different colors. Sold in bulk packs of 12. The Happy New Year Hairy Headband is great at uniting larger parties in their quest for a fun and bold New Year's Eve...

A headband filled with color and states "Happy New Year" in a unique candle way.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 80734 -

Bring in the New Year with a unique party favor for all! With each letter of the phrase Happy New Year! on its own individual star and each star with its own individual arm branching off the band, this headband is definitely 3D. Your guests will really stand out from the crowd with this party favor atop their heads. Each inexpensive piece is made of fabric material. Sold bulk in packs of 12. It's perfect for fun New Year's Eve parties hosted in restaurants or bars. ...

Multi-colored pack of headbands with top hats that reads "Happy New Year" with curled ribbon.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 80770-ASST -

The Happy New Year Headbands are a fun twist on a classic piece of fashion. On top of each headband is a miniature top hat with Happy New Year written in glittery letters. Each party favor piece also features curled, colorful ribbons cascading down from the top of the band. These top hats headbands come in a variety of colors so every party guest can match the headband to their party outfit. This party favor is great for New Year celebrations hosted at restaurants, bars, or casinos. These...

Blue, green, red, and purple stars with bells and gold tinsel attached to a metal hair clip.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 80769 -

The Happy New Year Star Hair Clips are that small, subtle pop of color and expression that you could be looking for. These fun hair clips come in four different colors and are decorated with gold fringe at the base. These hair clips would make any New Year's Eve party fun and lively as they dance on their springs. Sold in bulk packs of 12. These make great party favors and accessories for your next event. Small favors like these are great to hand out at large events such as those hosted in...

Traditional party hats in various colors that reads "Happy New Year" and includes confetti accents.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88666-50 -

There is nothing better than an assortment of color and a pop of silver for your New Years Eve celebration. The Headliner Hat Assortment has everything you need to make your party guests enjoy their night counting down to the stroke of midnight. The hats are all one size fits most and comes in assorted colors. This item does come in a bulk pack of 50. Each hat has a small string of elastic attached to secure the wearable to the wears head while keeping the hat comfortable fore the wearer to...

Four different shaped tiaras in different colors with silver confetti and words of "Happy New Year".
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88667-50 -

The Headliner Tiaras come in a variety of designs and colors that will jazz up any New Year's Eve party. Happy New Year is written in silver, glittery letters across the tiaras. Each color of tiara is cut differently in shape. The flexible headband will ensure a comfortable fit for you and your party guests. Sold in a bulk 50 pack. These affordable party favors can really brighten up a party. ...

Black plastic topper with the words "Happy New Year" and stars that cover all the colors of the rainbow.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 88634-25 -

These High Society Toppers will have you dining with rich and famous on New Year's Eve! This shiny black party favor has a multicolored band on it that proudly exclaims Happy New Year! to everyone. Don't get caught with anything less than this distinguished looking hat as the ball drops and a new year has begun! Perfect for a big blowout bash or just a small gathering. Be part of the upper echelon with this incredible hat. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 25. ...

Bright Colored New Year's Eve Costume Accessories

Multi-Colored New Year's Eve Party Supplies are sure to brighten up ANY New Year's Eve Celebration. Party goers love the bright colors and energy that our Assorted Color New Year's Eve Hats, Tiaras, and Beads bring to a party. Once your guest put on that snazzy New Year's Eve Boppers they will be smiling from ear to ear. Most of our Party Favors are Made in the USA with great attention to quality and style. Whether you are having a New Year's Eve Event in a Grand Ball Room, or in the back room of a local restaurant. The New Year's Eve Party Supplies that you will find at are sure to be the perfect match for you event.

Wholesale Assorted Color New Year's Eve Party Hats, Tiaras, Beads, and Horns

Are you shopping for discounted New Year's Eve party supplies in bright colors? If you are, then we have great news for you. has a huge selection of bright and assorted colored New Year's Eve party hats, horns, beads, and tiaras all at deeply discounted bulk prices. New Year's Eve is a time for celebration so use the party favors that you get from Party Express to let the celebration go late into the night, or at least until midnight. Grab a large foil horn and let everyone know that the new year is now!