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It has never been easier to plan a New Year's Eve Party! If you already selected the colors for your event then click one of the links below that matches your party style. Here you will find all of the New Year decorations and favors broken out by color making for an effortless shopping experience.

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Plush marterial top hat in either blue, purple or red attached to a black headband.
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Item #: 80731-asst -

The Sparkling Top Hat Headbands really show off a great sense of style at any party. Sold in bulk packs of 12, with three different colors per pack, these top hats are perfect for fun and variety. Your guests will love the new twist on a classic piece of fashion. The Sparkling Top Hat Headbands are great for New Year's Eve parties and any other multi-colored event. Each hat has a sparkly glint to the base color and a black bow sitting just above the brim of the hat. Be fresh and fun at your...

Star Cascade (Pack of 12) Star, Cascades, Silver, Black, Hanging Decor, Ceiling Decor, New Years Eve, Awards, Wholesale party supplies, Inexpensive party decorations, Party goods, Bulk
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Item #: 50753-BKS -

Create a star studded event for this year's New Year's celebration. Beautiful hanging decor is sure to look fabulous in your venue. The Black and Silver Star Cascades will be the perfect decoration to catch your guests attention. Cascades look great hanging above the dance floor or the stage. Bring the look together with matching metallic balloons and sparkling silver centerpieces. Make sure you pick up some fun party favors for your guests as well! We have all of the inexpensive party...

Star Cascade Centerpiece (Pack of 6) star, cascade, centerpiece, table, decoration, black, gold, party,
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Item #: 50553-BKGD -

Have your table tops shinning bright this year for the stroke of midnight! The Star Cascade Centerpiece is a perfect way to add a final touch on your guest seating for the night. The stylish colors of gold and black bring a classic touch and style to your New Years Eve celebration. The centerpiece is made entirely out of a shimmering metallic martial that lightly gleams in the party lights! When standing this centerpiece is 18 inches tall. This item comes in a bulk pack of 6 for all tables at...

Star Cascade Centerpiece (Pack of 6) star, cascade, centerpiece, table, decoration, multi-color, party, fireworks, display, bulk, table decor, party supplies, New Years Eve
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Item #: 50553-MC -

Every event demands a decorative focal point. The centerpieces will surely be the star of your show with the Star Cascade Centerpieces. A brilliant display of Blue, Red, Green, and Gold, this stunning decoration will inspire excitement throughout your venue. Totaling 18 inches tall, it is certain to stand out on each table. Each centerpiece bursts with a brilliant display that resembles fireworks falling through the sky! The Star Cascade Centerpieces are a terrific addition to any birthday,...

Star Cascade Centerpiece (Pack of 6) star, cascade, centerpiece, table, decoration, black, silver, party, new years eve, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
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Item #: 50553-BKS -

Need something special to top off you table just right? The Star Cascade Centerpiece is just what you need to make the night a memorable one. Perfect for New Years Eve as well as an awards night, this classic piece of décor is versatile and ready for anything. The centerpiece is made entirely out of a metallic material and bounces light off its surface when hit. The centerpiece does come with a lightweight, clear, plastic stand that attaches at the bottom to make standing and displaying easy....

Star Cascade Centerpiece (Pack of 6) Star Cascade, Table Centerpiece, New Years Ideas, Black and Silver Decor, Wholesale party supplies, Inexpensive decorations, Cheap centerpieces, Awards Night decor, Every day decorations
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Item #: 50553-BKW -

New Year's Eve will look terrific with plenty of bulk shiny star decorations. Party Express has all of the inexpensive star decorations you need to transform your venue for the evening. Choose from our great selection of bulk metallic stars that you can hang on the wall, dangle from the ceiling, or adorn the tables. The Star Cascade Centerpiece will create a stunning focal point for your guests. Each of these 18" tall centerpieces has a glorious cascade of black and silver stars descending...

Metallic silver hanging cascade fountain.
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Item #: 50758-BKS -

Include the Star Cascade Fountain in your New Year's Eve decorations for a night you'll always remember. This inexpensive metallic black and silver hanging decoration is unique and would look beautiful spread throughout the room. With the Star Cascade Fountain, you can create a one of a kind night under the stars. You won't go wrong in your party decor with this lovely decoration hanging around. Once hung this decoration measures 8 feet in length. Packaged in bulk of 12 allows you to spread...

Ceiling decoration with black and gold metallic tassels and metallic gold stars.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57527-BKGD -

Dazzle and wow your party guests on New Year's Eve with the elegance of black and gold! Get the Star Cascade Hanging Colum! This hanging column is made out of a shiny metallic material that shimmers and shines as people walk by. The whole column is made out of frayed, black and gold streamers that give the product fluidity. This column comes in a pack of 12. Each column, when hanging, is 3 feet tall. Order your hanging columns on bulk along with the rest of your party day supplies! ...

Chandelier decor with black and silver accents and stars.
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Item #: 54753-BKS -

Create a stunning atmosphere in the club with inexpensive party decor. Wholesale party decorations have all of the flair and excitement you are looking for to turn even a boring Tuesday evening into something spectacular. The bulk Star Chandeliers look incredible hanging above the dance floor. Each chandelier measures 35". As the elegant chandelier drops from the ceiling, this inexpensive hanging decoration comes into full form with a dazzling pairing of black and silver stars bundling...

Chandelier decoration with black and gold metallic material including stars.
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Item #: 54753-BKGD -

Stunning chandeliers add a grand decorative effect to any room. Glamorous decorations don't have to be expensive. Party Express has all of the bulk party supplies you need at great wholesale prices. The Star Chandeliers are no exception. The black and gold metallic accents on these inexpensive chandeliers are extravagant. Each of these gorgeous centerpieces is 35". They are the perfect decoration for an awards night party, New Year's Eve event, or every day decor! ...

Star Glasses (Pack of 6) Star Glasses, party favor, halloween, new years eve, 80s, 1980s, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
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Item #: 66504 -

Hollywood is home to many famous movie stars and celebrities that you may just get a chance to sneak a glimpse of as they walk down the carpet on awards night. With the stars being out there are sure to be some blinding moments! Make sure your awards night themed party is ready to go with the Star Glasses. These deep black glasses are sprinkled with bright white tiny stars that brighten the frames and bring the feeling of Hollywood and stardom alive. This is a one size fits most item and comes...

Star Gleam N Burst Centerpiece (Pack of 12) centerpiece, black, stars, new years eve, halloween, inexpensive, wholesale, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50806-S -

Add the stars to your table with this Silver Star Gleam 'N Burst Centerpiece. This funky centerpiece is an explosive decoration. Simply place this centerpiece on your table to be an enjoyable focal point or sit around your event with balloons attached. This inexpensive item stands approximately fifteen inches tall.Comes packaged wholesale in pack of twelve pieces. Use this at your next New Year's Eve or Halloween event. Available in other colors schemes to match all of your party ideas. ...

Plan Your New Year's Eve Party By Color offers more Color Options for your New Year's Eve Party Favors than you can possibly image. We offer products for the traditional Black/Gold or Black/Silver New Year's Eve Party, all they way to the pyschedelic Neon Party Favors for that dark lit Bar or Bowling Alley. We make it easy for you to plan your New Year's Eve Event. You select Color Scheme and then start shopping. It is so easy to order your New Year's Eve Party Supplies from Party Express that we will have you coming back year after year. Be sure to take a look at our Bulk New Year's Eve Party Kits before heading to the checkout. Our Party Kits are a Party in A Box and are sure to save you a bundle by ordering in bulk!

If you need any suggestions when it come to planning your special events do not hesitate to give our fine event specialist a call at 1-800-455-7280. We are alway here to help and provide quality event planning ideas. Because happy customers are returning customers! No Matter what you color selection might be for your New Year's Eve Party Favors and Decorations, Party Express is sure to impress!

Order Wholesale Party Favors in Bulk

At you will find deeply discounted New Year's Eve party favors and decorations sold in bulk packages to save you money this year. You will be able to save time and money by browsing through our color specific party supplies. That way you can look at just the decor and favors that matches the specific colors that you selected for your special event. Our wholesale New Year's party supplies include hats, tiaras, banners, balloon bags, whirls, centerpieces, cutouts, and hanging decorations.

There are no minimums at You can order as little as one pack of party hats, or we can send you a truckload of them! You decide the number guests that you are having and then the size of your event space, then you can select the appropriate number of decorations and favors that you will need to have one serious New Year's Eve Bash! All of our New Year's Eve party favors are made from the highest quality material and showcase the best artwork and designs! The best part about buying your decorations from Party Express is that over half of the items that we offer are Made in The USA. So you are not only throwing a party, you are supporting domestic manufacturing.

Get ready for the New Year by selecting the all of the colorful whirls, banners, cutouts, signs, and costume accessories that your guests will need to have a splendid New Year Party. So select you colors for your event, then head on over to appropriate color section to find the perfect decorations that will compliment your party. We have everything you need to decorate and celebrate the new year in style. If you are looking for the ease and convenience of shopping in one place for all of your event planning needs, then you found it here at!