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Item #: 00910
Availability: In Stock
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Dirt Floor Backdrop (Pack of 6)
  • Printed: One Side
  • Size: 4 feet by 30 feet
  • Material: Printed Plastic
Retail: $149.94
Price: $74.97
You Save: $74.97 (50.0%)


    Give your guests the feeling of walking into a cold, dank, and dark dungeon. The ground crunches as you walk across the dirt floor and the light dims the farther you venture in. Get the Dirt Floor Backdrop for your Halloween party to transform your party space! This backdrop is great for taking pictures with as well as creating a overall style for the party. The backdrop is made of a thin plastic material making it easy to be hung just about anywhere. This item comes in a pack of 6. Each backdrop is 4 feet by 30 feet. Order your backdrops in bulk along with the rest of your part day supplies!