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party centerpiece that looks like a palm tree
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57336 -

Liven up your party with some jungle fever! The Jungle Palm Cascade Centerpiece is the perfect table centerpiece for any jungle themed party or even a Luau themed party. The centerpiece is made of a shiny metallic material that glistens and shines as it sways in the light. When standing, the centerpiece is 18 inches tall. This product comes in a pack of 6. Getting all your party guests to a tropical island for your luau party is most likely an unrealistic goal. However, transforming your venue...

bright colored centerpiece that looks like palm leaves
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59945 -

A Luau isn't complete without palm leaves. The Palm Leaf Cascade is a funky decoration for your event. Made from metallic material flowing with variety of colors, this decoration is sure to brighten up your venue. Once hung from the ceiling, this wholesale leaf cascade measures approximately 24 inches. The colors with this this piece is blue, hot pink, light pink, green, light green, purple, turquoise, copper and gold. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 12 pieces. This decoration is also great...

Multi-colored paper lanterns in various sizes.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54557-ASST -

Are you looking for something that will catch peoples eye and light up a room? If so these lanterns are for you. The Paper Lantern Assortment comes in a variety of colors and sizes making them easy to group together to create large pops of color in a room. They are packaged in groups of 6. Setup and cleanup are easy with these. They unfold and collapse in a breeze making them easy to store and reuse again for another celebration. They are easy to hang making them versatile for any venue. When...

12" Tissue Pineapples (Pack of 24)
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55105-12 -

20" Tissue Pineapple (Pack of 6)
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55105-20 -

3-D Palm Tree Centerpiece (Pack of 12) 3-D Palm Tree Centerpiece, new years eve, luau, summer, decoration, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54713 -

Every luau needs a palm tree or three. The 3-D Palm Tree Centerpiece is a cardstock material that stands 11.75 inches tall. Simply assemble the palm tree and use as a centerpiece for your tables. You could also use this wholesale item as a decoration around your venue. The extraordinary artwork on these centerpieces really helps the palm tree to stand out. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 12 pieces. Check out all the great other luau items for your party. ...

3-D Plastic Tiki Bar Sign (Pack of 24) luau, tiki, hawaiian, tropical, bar, sign
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54619 -

Show your guests where the refreshments are being held with the 3-D Plastic Tiki Bar Sign! This sign is perfect for that Luau party or the summer celebration you have been planning to have. This colorful sign shows your guests where to go but also helps to add color and design to your festivities. Each sign is 12.5 inches wide by 19 inches long. This product comes in a pack of 24. Since this product is made out of a plastic material, it can easily be hung and used time after time. Order your...

3-D Plastic Tiki Yard Sign (Pack of 6) 3-D Plastic Tiki Yard Sign, decoration, luau, new years eve, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk, outside
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54245 -

Don't forget to decorate the outside of your luau venue. The 3-D Plastic Tiki Yard Sign is perfect to have quite the entrance. This decoration will be a great way to get your guests even more excited with a grand welcome. Each inexpensive piece is made of molded plastic and is attached to a wooden stake. Simply push into soft soil. Measures 17.5 inches by 11.25 inches. Check out all the other great luau themed items. ...

3-D Surfboard Centerpiece (Pack of 12) 3-D Surfboard Centerpiece, luau, new years eve, summer, decoration, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54715 -

Let your guests take their mind to the peaceful sport of surfboarding. The 3-D Surfboard Centerpiece is a reminder of the peaceful rides taken on waves and enjoyed by many. This centerpiece is a great addition to any luau themed party. Whether it's a summer event or New Year's Eve the luau theme is always a big hit for party goers. Once assembled this centerpiece measures 12 inches. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 12 pieces. Add some palm trees, leis and so much more to finish off your luau...

3-D Tiki Wall Torch w/Flame (Pack of 24) 3-D Tiki Wall Torch with Flame, torch, luau, new years eve, beach, flowers, decoration, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 52160 -

Torches are a well-known item used at all luau parties. Don’t let your luau go without out one. Grab the 3-D Tiki Wall Torch with Flame. This decoration is great to add to your walls for added flare. Each inexpensive piece is printed on both sides so all of your guests can see.Printed with great details of a real life looking torch and bright beautiful flowers. Made out of durable card stock material.Measures sixteen and a half inches. Comes completely assembled so just attach to your walls...

Assorted sized paper accordion fans in lime green, pink, and light blue
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53325 -

Take your New Year's Eve party to the neon level! The Accordion Paper Fans are perfect for any neon colored event. Each pack comes packaged with assorted colors of neon pink, lime green and turquoise. Simply hang these up among your venue on your tables, from your ceilings or on your walls to keep the neon colors popping. This inexpensive decoration comes in assorted sizes of 8 inches, 12 inches and 16 inches. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 60 pieces. Check out all the other great neon NYE...

Assorted sized accordion paper fans in orange, pink, and yellow
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53326 -

Accordion Paper Fans are a traditional decoration for parties. Use these at your Easter, New Year's Eve, or any other event. These fans are make out of a tissue paper material that is light weight. This inexpensive decoration comes in assorted colors of orange, neon pink and yellow. They are also assorted in sizes of 8 inches, 12 inches and 16 inches. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 60 pieces. Don't forget all the other decoration necessaries for your Easter party. ...