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Item #: P724-X
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Launch some confetti into the air with these CO2 Loaded Confetti Blasters!

Size - Multi Color - 18" / Gold & Silver - 12"

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    • Silver

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    What to make an impact at the party? Supply all of your guests with a confetti cannon by purchasing them in bulk. These confetti cannons launch confetti over 20 feet in the air! There are not fireworks in these cannons they work by using a compressed air cylinder that releases when you twist the bottom. They are so easy to use and affordable that everyone will be loving the excitement that comes with shooting off one of our confetti cannons!

    Our compressed-air Confetti Cannons are perfect for big parties and celebrations like New Year's Eve. The are easy to operate, simply hold with both hands and twist the base of the unit; the confetti will blast into the air with a nice "pop"! These large Confetti Cannons are non-pyrotechnic; instead, they use compressed air to fire the confetti, which means no smoke or hot tubes after they are used! Our Confetti Cannons can be used indoors or outside, and will shoot confetti over 20ft. into the air!

    * Ground Shipping Only

    * Not Eligible For Returns