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Welcome your guests to the jungle by selecting some discounted bulk jungle party supplies and decorations available from Party Express. You guest can pretend they are on a safari by wearing the leopard and zebra print hats and headband boppers. They will feel like they are in the Sahara with all of the animal print tableware, banners, wall signs and more.

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Safari Instant Mural for a Themed Party
Price: $38.97
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53046 -

Instantly bring together the jungle and the wildlife of the safari with the Safari Insta-Mural! This mural beautifully captures the magic of the safari ecosystem and wildlife interacting with one another in their natural habitat. The mural is made out of a thin plastic material can easily be hung just about anywhere. The mural is 5 feet by 6 feet. This item comes in a pack of 6. This item can easily be hung with double sided tape or thumbtacks. This item is great for using as a photo backdrop...

Spring Leaf Garland  made from tissue material.
Price: $25.50
Availability: Closeout Item
Item #: 54240 -

The season of spring brings back new life to the outside world. With beautiful flowers and greenery, it feels like a completely new world each year. Bring the new scene to your venue with the Spring Leaf Garland. This decoration is easily hung from your ceilings, walls and more. Each inexpensive piece is light-weight due to being made of tissue material. Measures seven inches by twelve feet. Comes packaged wholesale in a pack of twelve individual pieces. ...

Orange and Yellow Tiger Headband
Price: $33.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 60505 -

Add the perfect costume accessory to your jungle animal themed party! The Tiger Headband is perfect for multiple uses. Us it at a luau party, a jungle themed party, or even a Halloween party! The headband is made of a felt material making it comfortable to wear for the duration of the party without irritating your head. This product comes in a pack of 12. The headband is a one size fits most product. Order your party headbands in bulk along with the rest of your party day supplies! ...

Tiger Print Tablecover printed with a realistic tiger look.
Price: $51.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54063 -

Let your decorations be as strong as a tiger. Add the Tiger Print Tablecover to your party supplies. This funky table cover is great for your next safari themed event such as New Year’s Eve. Each inexpensive piece is printed delicately with the colors of a tiger’s stripes and fur. Simply fully open and place on your tables with a centerpiece. This decoration measures four and a half feet by nine feet. Printed on one size of thin plastic material. Comes packaged wholesale in a pack of twelve...

Tissue Grass Mat table decoration
Price: $53.82
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55640 -

Grass can be a great add to many different types of events. So add the Tissue Grass Mat to your party supplies. This decoration is unique and perfect to accents different areas around your venue. Add to the base of centerpieces, on your floor and more. Perfect for any sports, luau, spring, summer themed party and more. Each inexpensive piece measures fifteen inches by thirty inches in size. Made of tissue material. Comes packaged wholesale in a pack of thirty-six individual pieces. ...

Tropical Leaves Whirls (Pack of 72) Tropical Leaves Whirls, tropical, jungle, leaves, whirls, luau, decoration, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Price: $25.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53589 -

Travel to the jungle and admire the tigers, gorillas, elephants and most of all, the plant life. Bring the Tropical Leaves Whirls to your party for a unique look. This decoration is lightweight and easy to hang. Each inexpensive piece has a hook attached for a quick hang. Included in each pack is whirls that does not include leaves that measures 17.5 inches long and ones that includes leaves measuring 32.25 inches long. Your guests will feel lik they are walking under the tress in the jungle....

Tropical Palm Leaves for a Luau
Price: $41.94
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54556 -

Looking for the perfect piece of greenery to add to your party? Get the Tropical Palm Leaves! These are perfect for a luau themed party or even just a summer party. Get creative with them and use them as a luau accessory, décor under the party tableware as a placemat, or even just to have laying around. These leaves have a multitude of versatile uses making their decorating capabilities endless. This product comes in a pack of 12. Each leaf is 13 inches long. Order your party day leaves in...

Paper cups printed with a white and black zebra print.
Price: $28.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 58217 -

It's time to stay hidrated! Keep your party guests sipping on those tasty beverages all night long with some party cups that pack a punch! The Zebra Print Beverage Cups are perfect for a jungle themed party or a luau celebration. Serve drinks that give guests a chill or drinks that make them toasty, because these cups can handle both hot and cold. The cups come in a pack of 12 and can hold up to 9 Oz of fluid. These cups can add a great contrast of funky and creative, yet classy and refined to...

Zebra Print Table Cover
Price: $51.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57847 -

Traveling the world is something most people want to do, so visit the safari at you party. Add the Zebra Print Tablecover to your party supplies. This decoration is great for a safari or around the world themed event. Your guests will simply love this decoration. This table cover is easy to use and clean up. Simply remove from packaging and place on your tables. Each inexpensive piece is designed to replicate a zebra. Measures fifty-four inches by 108 inches. Check out all the other great...

Bulk Safari Theme Party Supplies and Decorations

It's time to head out on a jungle safari and let your guests view the astonishing sights of the wild right in your own event space that you are having the jungle themed party. When you start placing items like the Jungle wall backdrop up and accenting it with the jungle insta-view that looks like you are peering out of a window into a wild jungle your guests will feel like they are in Africa. We have all of the animal cutouts to hang on the wall like a Giraffe, Elephant, Monkey, and event a Tiger. Make sure everyone is wearing their safari hats for this outing, that way the party goers look the part for this event.

It is hard to tell what you could come across at a safari-themed party, so stay on the lookout for all of the animals in the will. But do not fear. The animals are just your guest wearing zebra glasses or a monkey headband. Everyone will love having the chance to see their favorite animals and dress like they are on a wild safari with a safari hat.