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Set the right ambiance for your party by selecting some of our light up and LED party decorations.  Here you will find light up decorations from modern looking orbs to traditional centerpieces.  So turn the lights down for your event and let our Light Up Party Decorations do the lighting for you.

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Blue LED Glitter Lamp (Pack of 12) Blue LED Glitter Lamp, Glitter Lamp, Glitter Lava Lamp, Themed parties, Blue Lava Glitter Lamp
Price: $50.78
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA10792-BL -

Having a Themed Party? The Blue LED Glitter Lamp is a glamorous way to brighten and help any themed party room.  This beautiful Blue LED Glitter Lamp will illuminate the right amount of lighting for the guests to enjoy your themed party. Comes in a pack of 12 with the dimensions 1.75” x 6” for just the perfect amount of glitter and glow. After you made your selection for a themed party. Be sure to continue to view our full selection of Light up decorations or Party Theme Ideas for an...

Submersible LED Lights - Waterproof
Price: $17.86
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA11446-BL -

Light the way to a dazzling party with these Submersible LED Lights!  These LED Lights are are fully waterproof and can be used in centerpieces or aquariums to add a little glow or even for an outdoor event in ponds or fountains.  Grab up some Submersible LED Lights available in a variety of colors to create the look you like!

Cinema light box mini marquee with lettering.
Price: $61.15
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA12281 -

This bright white LED Cinema Light Box Mini Marquee is a wonderful item to have to make an announcement for a Birthday party, wedding day or just to say: Congratulations”. The possibilities are endless. The LED Cinema Light Box Mini Marquee comes with a set of black letters, numbers and symbols and a whole set of emojis to show some expression. To activate your LED box connect the USB cord provided and flip the switch located on the side of the sign for a steady white function only. Not near a...

Color Changing LED Snowman Decoration. This Color Changing Snowman is the perfect table top Holiday decoration.
Price: $55.80
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA11753 -

The first snow of the season brings a sense of purity and beauty. When the first snowflake falls every child is ready to go outside and build the traditional snowman. Add the Color Change LED Snowman Decoration to your party supplies. This decoration is great for any winter themed party such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Each inexpensive piece lights up and the lights move slowly from color to color. Simply activate by flipping the switch on the bottom of each snowman. Replaceable batteries...

Craft String Lights
Price: $32.18
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA12204-W -

Ready to party? You can have fun decorating with these LED Craft String Lights, the possibilities are endless. Decorate with pure joy and spruce any event you are planning. The Craft String Lights are the perfect glow for a wedding, Christmas or other winter events/parties, birthday parties, New Year’s Eve parties, and many more!

Pink Deco Star Light Table Decoration great for any themed party
Price: $42.59
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA12319-MLT -

This fun shaped LED Light up Star can add flare to the center of any table. Brighten up a  birthday party with this star shaped LED color changing light. This LED star light can even light up a pathway for a wild pool/deck party. The dimensions of this star light are 4.5”x 4.5” in Depth and is available in a pack of 12. For more ideas view our full selection of Light Up Party Decorations to light up the party room. ...

Deluxe submersible light with remote.
Price: $39.25
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA12142-MLT -

Light up the decoration at your party that everyone will be talking about. Add the Deluxe Submersible Light with Remote to your party supplies. These lights are perfect added to centerpieces. Simply fill a glass vase with some water, add the submersible light and some beautiful flowers for a unique look. With a color changing effect of ten different light colors, each inexpensive piece is perfect for any multi-color themed party such as New Year’s Eve. Replaceable batteries are included for...

Fiber Optic LED Flower Centerpieces (Pack of 12) LED Fiber Optic Flower Centerpiece, Fiber Optic Centerpiece, Flower centerpiece, Luau themed party, themed parties
Price: $35.71
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA10820 -

Grab up some LED Fiber Optic Flower Centerpieces for your next Hawaiian theme birthday bash or backyard picnic!  These LED Fiber Optic Flower Centerpieces are just the beauty that all of your party table tops need, whether your hosting an elegant evening or planning to pick a pig and dance the night away!  Each glimmering LED Flower Centerpiece measures 11.5 inches tall and features 8 different LED color functions.

Fiber Optic LED Pyramid Centerpieces (Pack of 12) Fiber Optic LED Pyramid Centerpieces, Fiber Optic Light up centerpieces, Centerpieces, Light up centerpieces, themed parties
Price: $62.31
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA10789 -

Grab up some of these vibrant, yet subtle Fiber Optic LED Pyramid Centerpieces for your next event!  No matter your theme or reason to celebrate, these Fiber Optic LED Pyramid Centerpieces will bring the decorations together.  

Fiber Optic White LED Centerpiece. These white LED Centerpieces add an elegant touch to evening party tables.
Price: $54.31
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA11160 -

Get your tables glowing with the Fiber Optic White LED Centerpiece. This unique decoration is perfect for any table top such as table settings, buffet tables, bar tops and more. Simply activate this centerpiece on the bottom and place to light throughout the night. Batteries are included for quick and easy use. The batteries are replaceable to use this centerpiece for events throughout the year from Valentine’s Day to New Year’s Eve. Comes packaged wholesale in a pack of twelve individual...

Floating LED Roses. These LED roses are perfect for illuminating water for any lovely evening.
Price: $36.64
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA11404 -

Happy Star Light Up Pillows. This Happy Star Light Up Pillow is perfect for the kiddos who are scarred of the dark.
Price: $48.31
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA11971 -

Want to make a fashion statement? Give a bedroom some glow! The LED Happy Star Light up Pillows is perfect. The LED Happy Star Light up Pillow can be used to watch a movie, or just lounge around with some friends and be comfy. Can make a great birthday or Christmas gift as well. The LED Happy Star Light up Pillows is comfy and soft! To activate your pillow press on the front of it and watch the colors glow and pulse. After 10 minutes the lights will turn off and hopefully you will...

Wholesale Light Up Centerpieces

Nothing sets the party mood more than walking into a room filled with tables and there is a single light in the center of every table in a dark room.  This awe inspiring moment does not have to be expensive to achieve, or even difficult for that matter.  Simply select from our vast selection of light up table centerpieces and place one on every table.  We have LED centerpieces to fit any holiday or theme party.  You will find light up Christmas Tree centerpieces, LED Easter Eggs, and even light up Pumpkins.  We also have non holiday specific centerpieces like multi-color light up table decorations and lighted orbs of all sizes.  Select the right light up table decoration for you from the dozens of LED and Glow party decorations available right here at

LED Party Decorations

You do not have to place our light up party decorations solely on tables as centerpieces.  We also have light up furniture and floating orbs.  Select from our light up string lights for Christmas, Halloween, or just an everyday party.  Place glow sticks in luminary bags and place them around the event space.  You can even place light up pillows on couches for that extra little touch.  You will find light up party decorations for 1970's disco parties to neon light up the night parties.  You be the party planner and let us supply you with the party supplies.