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Are you looking for a great idea for the upcoming New Year's Eve Party? We how about planning a 1960's themed party full of tie-dye, peace signs, and hippie decorations. has everything you need to plan a successful 1960's themed party.

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60s Bus Centerpiece (Pack of 12) 1960s Decor, Bus Centerpiece, Groovy decorations, 3-D table decor, Inexpensive centerpiece, Cheap party supplies, Wholesale decorations, Party Bus
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Item #: 57326 -

Bring the party bus to your next event! The 3-D centerpiece table bus that is! These inexpensive table decorations are the perfect accessory for a 1960's event. The hippie bus is a staple of this era and a decoration that your guests are certain to enjoy. Each 3-D centerpiece measures 9¾". Choose a brightly colored plastic table cover to match. The 1960's hanging decorations will look terrific for your event as well! Party Express has all of the wholesale party decorations that you need for...

60s Peel N Place (Pack of 12) Peel N Place, Wall Clings, Clings, Peace Love Groovy, Hippee decor, Cheap flower power, Wholesale party supplies, Inexpensive decorations, 1960s decor, Peace signs
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Item #: 54365 -

Decorate your walls in a bunch of groovy colors! The 1960's Wall Clings will look great for a retro party or as every day decor. These wall decorations channel their flower power to take you back to the days of the 1960's. Each sheet of clings includes 5 different wall clings. Clings are inexpensive and easy to put up and take down. We also have a great selection of additional wholesale party decorations that will match the theme. Mix and match from all of our hanging decorations, party...

60s Street Sign Cutouts (Pack of 48) 60s Street Sign Cutouts, decoration, new years eve, halloween, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
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Item #: 54501 -

Add the 60's Street Sign Cutouts to your event. Perfect for your 60's themed event such as New Year's Eve or Halloween. These signs will help your guests get through the night with 60's slang. Each sign is made of card stock material that measures 4 inches by 24 inches. Printed on 2 sides with different designs. Hang this inexpensive decoration on your walls or tables. Make sure your event is time traveling back to the 60's and check out all the great 60's themed items. ...

60s Yard Sign (Pack of 6) 1960s Decor, Cheap Yard Sign, Peace Love, Peace Signs, Hippie Decorations, Wholesale party supplies, Inexpensive party goods, Special Event, Anti-War Sign
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Item #: 54916 -

Are you planning a 1960's event? The '60's Yard Sign is a great accessory for any hippie event. Yard signs are the perfect decoration to show your guests your stance on peace, love, and war. These bright and colorful signs will look terrific outside of your venue. Each 12" x 15" sign features sayings that will transport you back to another time. Add in colorful banners and window signs to decorate for your event. We have all of the wholesale party supplies you need to transport your venue back...

Brick Wall Backdrop (Pack of 6) Brick Wall, Brick Backdrop, Inta-themes Brick Wall, Backdrops, Photo Props
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Item #: 20208 -

Need a brick wall? Brick walls are expensive! With this Brick Wall Backdrop however, you get the look of a real brick wall without the construction and cost of a real one! This insta-theme will be perfect for any Christmas or winter themed party to give your venue a rustic feel. The backdrop it made to look like real red brick. It comes in a packs of 6 and is 4 feet by 30 feet. If Christmas is not what you are celebrating, this backdrop will also do great for any 20's themed party! When the...

Daisy Headband (Pack of 12) Daisy, flower, headband, spring, summer, 60s, medieval
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Item #: 60350 -

Flowers have a way of adding class and elegance to just about anything. Get the Daisy Headband to add the perfect floral touch to a spring or summer celebrations. This headband would also be great for a 60's themed party. The headbands are adjustable to fit perfectly on any wearer. Just tight it slightly to the desired fit. This product comes in a pack of 12. Order your flowered headbands in bulk along with the rest of your party day supplies! ...

Fanci-Fetti Peace Signs (Pack of 12) Fanci-Fetti, Peace Sign, 1960s Decor, Wholesale party supplies, Cheap peace signs, Groovy decorations, Cheap decor, Retro supplies
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57820 -

As you finish planning your retro themed event, you are sure to be looking for some fantastic finishing touches. The 1960's are all about vibrant colors and happy decorations. So why not top it off by sprinkling colorful peace sign fanci-fetti on your tables? Fanci-fetti is a terrific twist on traditional confetti. These confetti pieces have a colorful metallic finish. Mix the peace signs with the flower fanci-fetti to create a fun mix of colors and shapes. Not only is fanci-fetti a great...

Vibrant colored round accordions made of tissue material.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59540 -

Let the fiesta begin! Make sure your venue is overflowing with bright, beautiful colors. Grab the Fiesta Accordion Paper Fans. This decoration is easy to use and take down at the end of the night. Simply hang from your ceilings, tables, or walls. Comes with an assortment of plain bright orange and patterned paper fans. The fans come in a bulk pack of 60 and all have a string attached to make hanging anywhere you choose a breeze. Comes in assorted sizes from nine to sixteen inches. Each package...

Flower Whirls (Pack of 30) spring, summer, flower, whirls, 1960s, 60s, flower power, flower child
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57569 -

Take a step out of todays day in age and back to the 1960's! The 60's were a time of peace and of course the flower child decked out in flowers and tie-dye. The Flower Whirls are the perfect hanging piece of décor for your party celebration. The whirls are 3 feet long when hanging. This item is made entirely out of a metallic material that bounces light off its surface in a bling sheen. The whirls come in a bulk pack of 6 with 5 whirls per packaging. This item comes in the color of hot pink,...

Glittered Microphone (Pack of 12) Glittered Microphone
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57339 -

Everyone knows a song from the 50’s! Grab the Glittered Microphone so your guests can practice their lip sync skills at your party. This fun party favor is great to hand out at the end of the night once you’ve used it as a decoration around your venue. Each piece is fun and girly covered in pink marabou feathers and a pink glittered fabric mouth piece. The handle is made of black plastic material. Add to your centerpiece as an accent and to be used when your party guests are ready. Each...

Groovy Streamer (Pack of 12) Groovy Streamer, groovy, 60s, decoration, new years eve, decades, streamer, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53405 -

The Groovy Streamer is a must have at your party. Perfect for any 60’s themed New Year’s Eve or decades event. This party decoration is designed to replicate the laid back feeling of the 60’s. Each inexpensive piece once assembled should read “Groovy”. Letters are printed in colors of blue, pink, purple, yellow, green and orange. Included is a funky red flower and a tie-dyed peace sign. Made of durable card stock material to hang all night long. Each wholesale piece measures seven and a half...

Hippie Bus Photo Prop (Pack of 6) 60s, hippies, photo prob, hippie van, hippie bus
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Item #: 57950 -

Do you want to get mellow? Become a hippie and chill out! The Hippie Bus Photo Prop is great for taking pictures at any 60's themed party. The prop makes it look like you are popping your head out of the sunroof of a trippy old hippie van. This product comes in a pack of 6 and the dimensions are 3' 1" x 25". Photo props are the perfect way to give your guests lasting memories of the party you threw. When its time to get trippy, order your photo props in bulk along with the rest of your party...

Ideas For a 1960's Theme Party

It's time to get groovy and start planning for your 1960's themed party. Let your hippie side show and dig deep for that old tie dyed T-Shirt. If you don't have all of those goodies left from the 1960's do not fear, Party Express has you covered!

Let the party supplies and costume accessories that are offered at be your guide to planning a 1960's themed party. You will find all kinds of peace sign favors, tie-dyed decorations, and hippie costume accessories. Party Express has everything that you need to turn your event space into a psychedelic dream. You can start out by hanging tie-dyed banners over every entrance way. This will let your guests know that they are about to walk through a time warp to the 1960's. Once inside they will see peace sign whirls hanging from the ceiling and maybe even some hippie bus centerpieces on the table full of little snacks and goodies.

Look The Part in Tie-Dyed Hippie Costume Accessories

Your guests have to look the part when they are dancing the night away at your special event. So hand out some groovy costume accessories to them as they walk in the door. Some great ideas include peace sign beads, tie-dyed bandanas, or mod tops. You could go really crazy and turn all of your guests into hippies with our hippie costume kit. Your hippies will have everything they need to look and dress the party for this one of a kind party.

Make peace not war this New Year's Eve and throw an 1960's party that your guests will never forget. The 1960's might be a blur to them now, but your party is sure to stay fresh in their minds. They will be getting their groove on all night light as they are sporting tie-dyed colors and peace signs. So do not hesitate. Start planning your 1960's themed new year's eve party today!