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Call it the luck of the Irish that you found Party Express for all of your St. Patrick's Day party planning needs. We have all of the bulk green and gold party supplies, hats, decorations, party beads, and tableware that you need to have a one of a kind St. Patrick's Day event.

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Green Glittered Top Hat for St. Patricks Day
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30802-G -

Give your staff a special look for your St. Patrick's Day event. Add the Green Glittered Top Hat to your party supplies. This party favor will be enjoyed by your staff. Each inexpensive piece is light weight and easy to wear. Made of plastic material with a glitter coating. Comfortable fit for a full head size. This top hat can also be used as a decoration around your venue. Add to tables or bars with some beads or other St. Patrick’s Day items for a festive look. Comes packaged bulk in a pack...

Green Glitz N Gleam Bow Tie accessory for St.Patricks Day
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30702 -

Fancy up your St. Patrick's Day party. Add the Green Glitz 'N Gleam Bow Tie to your party supplies. This fun party favor is great for your staff or guests. Simply hand out at the beginning of your party and enjoy the evening. Each inexpensive bow tie is made of fabric and metallic sequins. Measures 4.25 inches by 7 inches. Elastic band is attached for a one size fits most. ...

Green Glow Neon Novelty Glasses. These Green Glow Neon Novelty Glasses are perfect for glow in the dark parties.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PA11580 -

Party like a rock star! These Green Glow Neon Glasses are the best way to light up and glow at any party. These fun glow glasses are a perfect way to be seen at a club or a concert for you and all your friends to stand out in a crowd. Let the glowing party begin! To activate your green glow neon glasses, simply bend the stick until you hear it crack. This will release the chemical within the glow stick. Immediately it will start to GLOW! Then you have approximately 6-8 hours once...

Green Hat with Beard for Christmas
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 20810 -

Every Christmas party needs some elves! Dress your elves up with our Green Hat and Beard. This festive hat also comes with Elf ears attached! This is such a humorous costume accessory for your wait staff or bartenders for Christmas. Don't forget to pick up some wearables for everyone else as well. We have a great selection of inexpensive Christmas party hats and headbands as well! Decorative beads are always a fun favor for your guests. Pick up a bulk pack of red and green beads to pass...

Green Light Up Cowboy Hats (Pack of 6) Cowboy, western, hats, party favor, new years eve, decoration, green, inexpensive, wholesale, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: P305-G -

Cowboy up!  Light Up Cowboy Hats are a great addition to any western themed event including New Year's Eve.  Made from a fabric material the sequins on this hat gives it an extra shine along with the light up components.  Coming bulk at 6 pieces, this inexpensive item it sure to be a blast for your guests.  The gentlemen and ladies will be talking about this party favor for events to come.  The light up cowboy hat comes one size fits most.  This hat offers...

Green Light Up Fedoras (Pack of 6) Light Up, Glow in the Dark, LED, New Years Eve, St. Patricks Day, Mardi Gras, Party Hats, Light up hats, Fedoras, Sequin Fedoras, Party Supplies, Wholesale Party Goods, Bulk Packs, Inexpensive party supplies
Availability: In Stock
Item #: P312-G -

Every event is more fun with party hats. Think of how much more fun the hats will add to the event if they light up!  Green Light Up Fedoras are the perfect addition for Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, or New Year's Eve. Your guests will look terrific gliding across the dance floor in light up party favors. Each bulk pack includes 6 fedoras. These great bulk packs make it convenient to pick up packs of purple and gold to mix in for Mardi Gras. You could add a pack of gold fedoras for...

Plain green derby molded with plastic material.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 33978 -

Grab all the green you can for your St. Patrick's Day party! The more green you have the less likely you will be to get pinched! The Green Plastic Derby is a traditional styled derby hat that is made out of bright green molded plastic. Since the hat is made out of molded plastic, these hats are light on the head when worn for an extended amount of time. This lightweight hat is perfect for wearing all night long for the extent of the whole party. This hat is a one size fits most item making it...

Green Velvet Derby Hat for St.Patricks Day
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30741 -

Bring the luck to your St. Patrick's Day party and add the Green Vel-Felt Derbies. This fun party favor will look great on your guests and/or wait staff. Simply hand out before or throughout your event. Made of a foam core then covered with a velour coating that gives your hat a felt feel.Includes a silk-like material band as a beautiful accent. Each inexpensive piece fits most full head sizes. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of twelve.Also great for other green themed party such as New Year’s...

Green Velvet Fedora for St. Patricks Day
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30743 -

Cover your party in the color green for luck. Add the Green Vel-Felt Fedoras for your party supplies. Perfect for any New Year's Eve event or St. Patrick's Day. This party favor is great for guests of all ages and/or your staff. The inexpensive fedora is a one size fits most. Simply hand out before or during your event. Each piece is made with a foam core and finished with a vel-felt fabric covering. Attached is a silk-like band for an extra elegant look. Comes packaged in a wholesale pack of...

Green Velvet Top Hat for St. Patricks Day
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 30742 -

Give a little extra and your guests will see your party as extraordinary! Add the Green Vel-Felt Top Hats to your party supplies. This hat is perfect for your St. Patrick's Day event. Hand this out to your staff or guests for all to enjoy. The party favors will surely be great for all. This inexpensive item is made of a foam core with fabric covering. Comfortable wear for adults with a full head size fit. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of twelve. Also great for any green themed New Year’s Eve...

Green alpine hat with velour material and a fun green feather.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 33939 -

The Green Velour Alpine is a must have at any St. Patrick's Day celebration. This unique party favor is one of a kind and will be loved by everyone. Simply hand out to your guests or wait staff. Each inexpensive piece includes a beautiful feather. Made of plastic material covered in velour material. Perfect for the average adult head size. Also great for an Oktoberfest event. ...

Plain green derby with velour material for St. Patricks Day party favors.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 33999 -

Bring some elegance to your St. Patrick's Day party. The Green Velour Derby hats are inexpensive yet holds a sense of beauty and class. Simply hand this party favor out to your guests or staff. Each hat is the traditional green color. Made of plastic material and covered in velour coating. Comfortable fit for any full head size. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 24. ...

Shop And Save On Bulk Shamrock Supplies, Perfect For St. Patrick's Day

You are going to be one lucky party person this St. Patrick's Day! Simply start to browse all of the green party favors that your mind can imagine at our online store. As you browse through all of the Happy St. Patrick's Day party favors you will feel like you are in Ireland looking over the misty cliffs at the raging waters below. Or maybe you just climbed up the steps of Blarney Castle to get the gift of gab from the Blarney stone. No matter what you heritage is, you will be Irish for a day will all of the bulk green party beads, hats, and decorations that you will find right here at

The leprechauns will be jealous when you walk into the room wearing your green four leaf clover sunglasses, or sporting that luck clover headband. You might be chasing that pot of gold, but those little leprechauns will be chasing you wondering when you got all of those amazing St. Patrick's day costume accessories. One thing about St. Patrick's day is that you can never have enough green on your head, around your neck, or over your face. So pick out some St. Patrick's day swag and let the good times roll on the one day of the year when everyone is Irish.

Wholesale St. Patrick's Day Party Favors

St. Patrick's Day is a chance for everyone to be Irish For A Day. Show your Irish Heritage by decorating with some of our St. Patrick's Day Party Favors. You will find hundreds of Inexpensive Party Supplies to meet all of your event planning needs this St. Patrick's Day. So whether you are look for a Green Shamrock Centerpiece to place on your tables or you need some quality Plastic Derby Hats to hand out at your Party, is the only place to shop for high quality yet inexpensive Bulk St. Patrick's Day Party Supplies. We have all of the Green, Gold, and Shamrocks that you could ever imagine. So go ahead and browse our St. Patrick's Day Decorations and Costume Accessories, you will not be disappointed.

You've got the luck of the Irish! Shop St. Patrick's Day decorations, party supplies, party favors and more fun items. For a lot less green you can top off your St. Patrick's Day look!