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In order to have a New Year's Eve party that tops all others, you need to have the right decorations. That is why at Party Express, we have developed a full line of Black and Gold New Year's Eve Party Decorations. You will find glittery banners to hang from the ceilings and shiny centerpieces to place on your tables. We have thousands of different decorations that are sure to impress your guests and make your event space absolutely delightful.

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Foil star cutouts
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Item #: 55840 -

Stars always seem to light the night. Let the stars shine at your party with the Foil Star Cutout. This decoration will look great on your walls, tables and ceilings. Add with double sided tape to your walls and tables. Or hang with string from your ceilings. Each inexpensive piece measures 15 inches in size and will definitely be see by everyone. Perfect to shine throughout your New Year's Eve party. ...

Foil star cutouts
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Item #: 55837 -

Foil Star Cutouts are simple and versatile decorations for parties or venues of all sorts. These stars make great wall, table, or hanging decorations New Year's Eve or awards night parties. Each inexpensive piece is pre-punched with a hole for hanging. Printed on both sides for a perfect hanging look. This decoration measures five inches in size for a simple yet elegant look. This piece will shine throughout your event under the right light fixtures. ...

Foil star cutouts
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55838 -

Add shine to every corner of your venue. Grab the Foil Star Cutouts. This decoration is great for your walls, tables and ceilings. Available in colors of gold, silver and black. Each inexpensive piece is lightweight and easy to use. Simply attach with double sided tape or hang with string. Made of durable shiny foil material to be used all night long or even for years to come. Measures nine inches in size. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of thirty-six pieces. Perfect for your New Year's Eve...

Forever Young! Tassel Streamer (Pack of 24) Forever Young, Tassel, Streamer, birthday, party, celebration, over the hill, happy birthday
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59851 -

Getting old is something that happens to each and every one of us. We cant escape it or freeze time so we might as well keep a positive outlook on it! Keep the feeling of being forever young alive with the Forever Young! Tassel Streamer for your next birthday celebration. This gold and black streamer is the perfect coloring to be able to match with just about any birthday party color scheme. The streamer comes in two sections. One strand is 13 inches by 9 feet long while the other strand in 13...

Glistening Gold NY Decorating Kit (Pack of 1)
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 80888-GD -

Glistening Gold NY Decorating Kit (Pack of 1)

Gold glittered dot vertical hanging stringer
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 53307-GD -

Grab the Glittered Dot Stringers for your next event. This decoration will match any gold color schemed party. Whether it's New Year's Eve or any other party add this to your party supplies. Each stringer is six feet long and comes with decorative glitter dots. The dots range in size from three centimeters to 5 centimeters. Simply hang this decoration from your ceiling and enjoy your event. Make sure your venue is ready for your extravagant New Year's Eve party. ...

Assorted sized gold star cutouts with glitter.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57857-GD -

Glittered Foil Star Cutouts can be added to many different events. Whether is New Year's Eve or any other event, these stars are a great decoration. These stars are printed on both sides. One side of the star includes glitter to glimmer throughout the evening. Use these to decorate your tables, walls and so much more. The size of these stars range from 5 to 12 inches. Check out all the great New Year's Eve items for your event and make sure you have all that you need. ...

Assorted sized star cutouts with glitter.
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 57857 -

Glittered Star Cutouts are great decorations for a New Year's Eve party or a Hollywood party. Sold in black and gold or black and silver combinations, you can find a pack that works best for your party's theme. The Glittered Star Cutouts are great as table, wall, or hanging decorations. Each inexpensive piece is made of foil material. Printed on both sides with one side including glitter. Sold in a bulk pack of 72, there are plenty to share with your guests and to spread around your party...

Gold Gleam N Tinsel Garland (Pack of 1) Garland, Tinsel Garland, Gold, Shimmering Decor, Cheap, Party Favors, Party Supplies, Wholesale party goods, Inexpensive, New Years Eve, Awards, Hollywood, Christmas, Hanging Decor
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55281-GD -

Garland looks great for any event. Tinsel garland has that gorgeous gleam to it that comes to mind when you think of glimmering lights at Christmastime. Gold tinsel garland will easily transform your event into a sparkling wonderland. Drape tinsel garland from your ceiling or dangle it around your doorways. This would be an excellent and inexpensive decoration for a New Year's Eve event. Elevate the dimension of the room by adding in matching Mylar balloons. Don't forget to pick up some...

Gold Metallic Garland (Pack of 12) New Years Eve, St. Patricks Day, NYE, Decoration, Decor, Black, Gold, Garland, metallic, inexpensive, wholesale, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 50509-GD -

Don't forget to bring the garland to your event. The Metallic Garland is one that is fun and will bring the shine to your event. This decoration is perfect for a New Year's Eve or St. Patrick's Day party and so much more. Made of a metallic material, this inexpensive item is each to hang and take down. Simply hang amoung tables, ceilings or even walls. Comes bulk in a pack of 12 pieces. Don't forget all the great New Year's Eve items we have that will match this perfectly. ...

Gold Metallic Tassel Garland (Pack of 12) Gold Metallic Tassel Garland, decoration, new years eve, st. patricks day, wholesale, inexpensive, bulk
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59927-GD -

The Gold Metallic Tassel Garland can be used for multiple types of events. Add this decoration to your Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day or New Year's Eve party. Simply hang this item along your walls, table edges and so much more. Each inexpensive piece includes gold metallic foil tassels. Measures 9.75 inches by 8 feet. Comes packaged bulk in a pack of 12 pieces. Check out all the other New Year's Eve décor. ...

Hanging gold paper lantern
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 54570-GD -

Everyone loves the elegant look of hanging lanterns. Get the Gold Paper Lanterns and make a statement at your next party! These lanterns are great for a multitude of events. Use them for a special anniversary, New Years Eve, a wedding or maybe even prom. There are so many ways to use this product you can't go wrong with it. This product comes in a pack of 6. Each lantern is 9.5 inches wide. Order your party day lanterns in bulk along with the rest of your party day supplies! ...

Wholesale Black & Gold New Year's Eve Decorations

Party Express makes it easy to decorate your space. Just select a Black and Gold Decor and take a look at all of the New Year's Eve Decorations available to you in this category. Black & Gold New Year's Eve Decorations are used all around the country for all kinds of events. Whether you are having a Great Gatsby New Year's Eve Party or no theme at all, Black and Gold Decorations will bring any event come to life. Be sure take take a look at our wide selection of Confetti that can be spread all around your tables. Are you looking for something to hang from the ceiling? Look no further than our selection of New Year's Eve Whirls. No Matter how you would like to decorate your space for New Year's Eve. Party Express is your source for top quality and excellent priced Black and Gold New Year's Eve Party Decorations.