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Are you looking for a great idea for the upcoming New Year's Eve Party? We how about planning a 1960's themed party full of tie-dye, peace signs, and hippie decorations. has everything you need to plan a successful 1960's themed party.

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Plastic beads molded in the shape of weed leaves.
Price: $12.54
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59882 -

Time to hang and be groovy! Planning a themed party? Let’s get your Groovy 60’s or 420 party started. Gift your guests with Weed Beads as you greet them at the door. The Weed Beads measure at 33” what a fun way to accessorize you and your guests. To go along with you Weed Beads add our Glittered Weed Glasses, nothing will be a BUZZ kill! Be sure to view our full selection of 1960's Party supplies and make it a Groovy one! ...

Cookie cutters in the shape of weed.
Price: $50.34
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59242 -

Having a Groovy 60’s Party? Get your party started right! These Weed Cookie Cutters are a great item to have, help you create that 60’s theme party you have always wanted to have. Your guests will be ranting and raving about the weed shaped cookies for years to come.  Don’t stop at the cookies. Have some weed shaped ice in your guest’s drinks as well, with the Weed Ice Mold.  Be sure to continue to view our full selection of the groovy 1960’s party supplies and show your inner...

Ice mold designed to make ice in the shape of weed leaves.
Price: $27.60
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 59932 -

Themed party time?  Have a bar set up at your party, add some fun Weed shapes to your guests drinks at a Groovy 60’s party you have been planning. Guests will love this cannabis leaf shape ice cubes in there drink. The Weed Ice mold is a soft and flexible material to mold 8 ice cubes. You may even want to make finger jell-o in the shape of cannabis leafs. Be sure to view our full selection of 1960’s party supplies for your guests to have loads of fun. ...

Ideas For a 1960's Theme Party

It's time to get groovy and start planning for your 1960's themed party. Let your hippie side show and dig deep for that old tie dyed T-Shirt. If you don't have all of those goodies left from the 1960's do not fear, Party Express has you covered!

Let the party supplies and costume accessories that are offered at be your guide to planning a 1960's themed party. You will find all kinds of peace sign favors, tie-dyed decorations, and hippie costume accessories. Party Express has everything that you need to turn your event space into a psychedelic dream. You can start out by hanging tie-dyed banners over every entrance way. This will let your guests know that they are about to walk through a time warp to the 1960's. Once inside they will see peace sign whirls hanging from the ceiling and maybe even some hippie bus centerpieces on the table full of little snacks and goodies.

Look The Part in Tie-Dyed Hippie Costume Accessories

Your guests have to look the part when they are dancing the night away at your special event. So hand out some groovy costume accessories to them as they walk in the door. Some great ideas include peace sign beads, tie-dyed bandanas, or mod tops. You could go really crazy and turn all of your guests into hippies with our hippie costume kit. Your hippies will have everything they need to look and dress the party for this one of a kind party.

Make peace not war this New Year's Eve and throw an 1960's party that your guests will never forget. The 1960's might be a blur to them now, but your party is sure to stay fresh in their minds. They will be getting their groove on all night light as they are sporting tie-dyed colors and peace signs. So do not hesitate. Start planning your 1960's themed new year's eve party today!